Everyone wants smooth and silky hair that enhances their personality regardless of gender. Whether you are male or female, you always bought hair products that provide you with long-lasting shine. The oil that comes out of the hair is the biggest nightmare of most people around the globe. No matter you are working in which field, oily hair will not only disturb you physically and mentally but also affect the other people near you.  

As to the researchers, there is a specific amount of oil(sebum) that every healthy scalp produces to protect your hair from any type of damage. If your hair is more likely to get oily then there must be some factors involved like your environment, hair type or hygiene routine, etc. 

If oily hair after a day is your problem too then you must read this article to know general fixes and treatments to prevent greasy hair within 24 hours.  

Why does my hair get oily after a day? 

You are going somewhere but your hair is greasy, it will not only upsets you but also ruin your day. The excessive production of sebum can be caused by over washing of hair or the hair products you use. The hair products you use regularly may increase the shine and smoothness of the hair but also cause hair to become oily. 

There are many other causes like you have any hormonal imbalance that makes your hair oily within 24 hours, try some home remedies but if the condition persists; you should visit any dermatologist for complete recovery. Because this oily behavior of hair can also cause hair loss issues and inferiority complex.  

What are the factors that cause hair to become oily?

Most people think that daily washing of hair can reduce oil from the hair but daily washing from chemical products can also cause excessive greasy oil. Nowadays it’s a common issue that is happen to a person of any age. 

Scientifically, the sebaceous gland excretes the oil or sebum from the scalp and constantly does it unless you perform any remedy or proper treatment for the oil.  

1. Check your hair type 

If you have straight hair, you are more likely to attack by sebum because straight strands of hair easily catch the oil and dirt from the environment. While curly or fluffy hair tends to prevent any mixture of dirt and oil. 

You can remove the dirt and oil by simply washing your hair with your favorite products, if that oil appears again within a day then it will be the biggest trouble for you. 

2. Oily accessories 

Excessive use of hats or hair towels without washing can also cause your hair to become oily after washing. As the towel or hat absorbs oil in it, so if you use it many times without washing can lead to greasy oil. 

3. Excessive washing of hair 

Another reason for oily hair is overwashing. Yes, it’s right. Again and again, washing of hair with shampoo will send a signal to the brain to produce more sebum. Sebum that protects the hair will now become cause to damage them.   

4. Hair products being used 

Maybe the reason behind your oily scalp is the hair products you use. These products are best for shiny long hair but may lack some ingredients that make hair oily. The usage of these products can cause greasy hair. For example, directly using conditioner without shampooing the hair, will also make the scalp oily. Using dry shampoo daily can also make your hair rough and ugly. 

5. Environmental factors  

The humidity in the air and air pollution can also cause greasy hair within a day. This environmental factor can ruin your scalp health and cause itching, dandruff, and headache too.  

6. Check your diet 

According to dieticians/ nutritionists, if you consume an excessive amount of dairy and glucose products per day, your skin and scalp will more tend to be oily and greasy. Add Vitamin B to your daily routine to prevent the hair to become oily.  

If your hair remains oily after washing them you may have a skin disease; seborrhea. Try some home remedies discussed below but if the problem still exists then you should contact the doctor.  

7. Oil prevention techniques  

There are many dermatologist-approved shampoos are available in the market that allows your hair to look oil-free and silky shiny like always. These doctor-recommended shampoos will clear the dead cells, oil, and dandruff from your scalp and make your hair look smooth and strong. But if you are in hurry then try some general quick fixes mentioned below.  

Why Does My Hair Get Oily After a Day Guide to Fix

What are the quick hacks to prevent from hair hair get oily after a day?

After a daily workout, your hair may become oily because of sweating and humidity. You do not want to wash your hair daily then apply these quick fixes to make your hair oil-free instantly.  

  • Apply dry shampoo to the roots and hair, it will absorb the oil and make the. Look fresh. As excess of everything is bad, so do not make it a habit because it will cause irritating on the scalp.  
  • Try baby powder or any talcum powder into your hair and it will remove the oil from the scalp. This technique is the same as dry shampoo, so do not make it a routine.  
  • Oil-absorbing sheets are available in the market that is used to fix oily skin. If you are in hurry try this hack to dry the scalp.  

What are the home remedies to prevent from hair hair get oily after a day?

There are many ingredients available at home that can reduce the oil from your hair without buying expensive shampoos and products. Oily hair is not an issue anymore, you can easily cut the oil off from your beautiful hair.  

  • Use hair oil like tea tree oil or peppermint oil to reduce grease and dead cells from your hair and skin. Just add a few drops of oil into a bucket full of water and pour on your hair. 
  • The usage of green tea for a month can also help your hair to produce less oil and grease. You can also make a hair mask to easily use it.  
  • Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the best sources of balancing the PH of hair and scalp. It ensures the health and smoothness of hair while breaking the oil off the hair. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, add ten teaspoons in a bucket full of water and soak your hair for a few minutes. After that just rinse and dry them with a clean towel. 
  • Wash your scalp only once per day with recommended shampoo. Use a clean hair towel, combs, hats, and pillows to avoid any oil transfer. 
  • Aloe Vera can be used for any skin and scalp type. It reduces hair fall, frizz and grease, and dirt in hair.  
  • Add vitamin B in your daily routine to  
  • All these remedies are already tested and easily performed at home without any long procedures. But if the issue persists then do contact any dermatologist for complete recovery.  

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to why does my hair get oily after a day?

Is oily hair normal?  

It is normal to have oily hair because the scalp produces oil to make hair healthy and shiny. You can clear that oil by washing your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. 

What is the No Poo movement? 

Excessive use of shampoo for washing hair can cause different hair issues. So no shampoo campaign was held to ensure that hair remains in healthy condition with pure water.  

Which shampoo should use to reduce oil from hair?  

Shampoo having tea tree oil should be used for oily hair. Different brands offer different oil-free shampoos like Neutrogena Anti Residue shampoo, Redken Scalp relief oil detox shampoo, and bumble and bumble Sunday shampoo, etc. 

Can oily scalp cause hair problems? 

If your hair continues to become oily after washing then it can cause you some hair-related issues like itching, hair loss, etc. As the excessive oil in the scalp can close the pores that prevent the growth of new hair, so try to reduce the oil from the scalp.  

How do I quickly fix my oily hair before going somewhere?  

Use dry shampoo to instantly dry wash your hair but if you don’t have it then use corn starch or baby powder to reduce the oily effect in hair. 


It is normal to have oily hair after two-three days of washing but if oil comes out the next day of washing then your hair may have oily build-up. There are plenty of solutions and remedies available on the Internet that reduces scalp oil. But if your problem still exists then we recommend you to visit any dermatologist for proper medication.  

Do not hesitate because it’s just an oil coming out of glands that protect hair from damage Just use quick hacks if you want to get rid of it and enjoy your day without any complexes. Remember do not wash and brush your hair unnecessarily, add vitamins to your diet for our prevention.  

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