The trend of wearing jet-black hair with a fiery red undertone is continuing to gain popularity. You should plan on spending at least five or six hours on a home multi-color dye job. The top layer, which is black, is colored first, followed by the red layer. Even if you’ve never done it before, dying your hair black is a simple process.

There’s a lot more prep work involved in getting the red layer since you’ll need to bleach your hair first. Before starting, make sure you have everything you need. Amazing! How do you know if this haircut will actually work for you, though? Can you tell me what shade you’ll go with? How do you replicate that appear in your own space?

Good news: you’ve found the correct location! To those who have never tried an underlayer hair color before, we know it might be difficult to know where to begin. So many color schemes are available! Also, please explain the concept of “peekaboo hair.” Or hidden in the spotlight. And how exactly do you achieve that domestically? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.

What is underlayer red and black hair?

What Is Underlayer Red and Black Hair and How to Dye: Guide

Blondes with short, curly hair; black hair with a red underlayer. A dark underlayer or undercut is an option for short blonde curly hairstyles. Dyeing the hair’s underlayer, if possible, raises the question of whether layered hair as a whole dark brown at the base of the hair Brown is one of the most universally flattering colors.

The dye produced nice, understated results, which I enjoyed. Hair dye hues, highlights, and streaks of purple dye. Hair Colors: Red Brown, Cool hair with blue highlights and red streaks. Hair color for short black hair with blond highlights. To uncover the base layer, make a line from the nape of your neck, behind one ear, around the back of your head, and to the other ear.

Capsize is mostly determined by the measures and backdrop color. Short hair with thick side bangs and a subtle ombre effect. The warm weather months are the perfect time to show off this nail art design. Place a piece of foil just under the top layer. How to make red hair blonde.

How to dye bright red under black hair?

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Step 1. Straighten your hair out

You should get ready for the bleaching process before beginning. Bleach, sometimes known as a hair lightener, involves harsh chemicals that react with peroxide to strip the hair of its natural color. This may be more challenging to accomplish if your hair is darker. You need to evaluate your hair’s health before bleaching black hair because the process takes longer and requires more bleach.

Step 2. Get your stuff together

Now that your hair is healthy and ready to bleach, you may start collecting the necessary bleaching materials.

Step 3. It’s time to whiten

Put on that old T-shirt you’ve been hoarding and get to work; you’ll need all the supplies you can get. You should put up your barrier once you’ve made sure your area is clean and ready and your clothing is safe. Most of the time, petroleum jelly is used for this.

Step 4. Bleach should be mixed

Powder bleach and the creme developer will be the two components you blend together. To determine the correct amount of developer to add to the bleach, read the instructions on the bleach packet. To succeed, you must strictly adhere to the guidelines.

Step 5. Conduct a strand test

Apply the bleach mixture to a small section of hair using the tinting brush. Prepare to wait by starting a timer. Maintain a regular hair inspection schedule. Turn off the timer when you’ve achieved the desired color on your hair.

Step 6. Use a toning agent

Your hair is ready for the toner once it has acquired the desired lightness. Use a toner sparingly, and only when necessary, to remove unwelcome yellow, orange, and red hues. You should combine the toner and developer as directed on the box, then apply the resulting solution to your hair.

Step 7. You should treat your hair to a deep condition

Because bleaching can be so harsh on your hair, it’s important to keep it well-hydrated before and after the process. You can try a hair mask, protein treatment, deep conditioner, or some other product. For the first week, at least, you should try to keep from combing your hair too much or using heat styling equipment.

How to dye underlayer of the hair properly? 

What Is Underlayer Red and Black Hair and How to Dye: Guide

Putting red dye in your hair could be a fun way to bring some vibrancy to your life. Red is a stunning color, but it also has a lot of energy. It’s a symbol of life, energy, and enthusiasm. Red hair can be styled in a variety of ways, but if you’re the adventurous type, trying out a new shade of red could be a lot of fun.

Given that red works well with so many others, it can be difficult to know where to begin. If this is your concern, I have some suggestions for how to pick the right shade of red. If this is what you’re thinking about while putting together your next ensemble, then read on for our breakdown of each of these possibilities, which cater to any and all fashion tastes.

If you want to go for a daring appearance like pink streaks through dark roots, or if you want to go for a more understated look like light blonde highlights through dark strands, go for it!

Step 1. Relax and don your protective gear

Wrap the person in a hair cape or a towel and have them sit in a comfy chair. Keep in mind that you’re in the presence of chemicals. They risk serious harm if the bleach or dye comes into contact with their skin or clothing. Besides being a potential fire hazard, it also has the potential to leave a noticeable stain. Concern for safety is priority number one. Please observe these safety measures to avoid creating a mess.

Step 2. Wrap it in braids, hit the bleach, and keep a close eye on it.

The next step is to make a center part in your hair and braid each side separately. The amount of hair you’ll be tipping is the hair that’s left at the very end. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more hair you leave at the end of the braid, the more vibrant the hue at the tip of the person’s hair will be.

Further, only individuals with sufficiently long hair to braid can use this method. Use rubber bands to fasten the braid’s ends together. Rubber bands are my go-to because they’re so convenient to use and dispose of after usage.

Step 3. It’s time to wash the bleach out of your hair and dry it with a towel

When your hair has reached the appropriate lightness, you can rinse off the bleach. Do not undo the braids, as you will need them as a guide while applying the dye.

Hair should be dried with a towel. My go-to hair dye is Beyond the Zone Color Jamz, and it’s best used on wet hair. However, for the greatest results, always refer to the product’s instructions. There is a rainbow of hues available, each with its own unique effects.

Step 4. Use the dye or paint

Please re-don your protective gear. To keep from getting my hands dirty in the middle of a task, I opt for disposable gloves. A new pair of gloves will do the trick when I return to the washing machine. Extra aluminum foil should be used to cover the hair when coloring it. Ensure that all of the hair is tucked away. Uneven results are certain if the dye doesn’t make direct contact with the hair.

Step 5. Waiting for the hair dye to set while wrapped in foil

Wrap your hair in aluminum foil and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes.Even more impressive outcomes are possible by leaving the dye in the hair for a longer period of time.

Step 6. It’s time to get the hair ready for a new day by washing, conditioning, and drying it

The dye should be washed off after the allotted time has passed. Because the color will leave a stain on your hands, please put them back on. Hair should be washed until the water is clear.

Step 7. Let your hair down and be proud of it

You should drape an old towel over their shoulders. Use a product on their hair, like a heat protector, hair mousse, or a smoothing serum. As a result, their hair will be safe from the blow dryer’s heat. Now dry the ends of your hair completely using a blow dryer. If you don’t like blowing your hair dry, to begin with, that’s fine; just be sure the dyed ends are completely dry.

7 black hair with red underlayer ideas

What Is Underlayer Red and Black Hair and How to Dye: Guide

The contrast between black hair and crimson highlights is striking. Many people prefer to make a statement by incorporating bright red highlights or go for a more subtle style by incorporating copper or auburn highlights.

We think this color scheme is great because it breathes fresh life into a darker shade by adding dimension and brightness. Not sure if you can pull off this outfit style. If you want to see some examples of how to style black hair with red highlights, scroll down! In addition, you’ll learn how to maintain the vibrancy of your hair color with simple, at-home care.

1. Straight and long

This haircut is perfect for those who want to make a statement without compromising their personal style. Good For A woman who values sophistication and understatement would benefit greatly from this hairdo. The available hairdos are quite varied. You have some creative leeway in deciding how loudly or softly to feature the color red in your design.

2. A black man with red roots

A wolf cut or shag can really benefit from a dash of crimson at the roots and a full coat of black color. To create depth, try layering on some red accents underneath. 

3. Undulating brown hair with red highlights

Women who sport this haircut should expect to seem both sophisticated and on-trend. Ideal For: This style is perfect for the professional woman who also wants to look great in relaxed settings. The reddish undertones in the wavy brown haircut are a striking visual.

The right hairstyle may do wonders for your first impression. It’s possible to wear this cut in any season. You can wear this hair either long or medium. To keep it looking excellent, regular care and maintenance are required. The hair’s style is elevated with the addition of gold stripes. To style, either wear it open or pull it back into a ponytail for a professional appearance. The loose, wavy style is perfect for a laid-back vibe.

4. Ombré Hair Color, Red and Black

This one has more in common with Ariel than Harley, but it’s still gorgeous. The mesmerizing way in which the ombré fades from red to black has us completely fascinated.

5. Red Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

If you have a defined face shape, this cut will accentuate that by giving you a more refined appearance. Consists of everything you could want or need. If you’re a lady between the ages of 13 and 50, this is the cut for you. She’ll have a fiercely contemporary appearance. It works for both petite and tall ladies. The short length makes it simple to style and cares for. Having a crimson hue beneath the brown hair gives the hair a new depth of movement.

6. Knotless Ombré Braids

You can still rock the red and black hairstyle even if you don’t wear your hair in braids. This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: if you’re not Black, don’t try this hairdo.

7. Reddish highlights in a mane of dark brown curls

For regular working women, this is one of the few possible haircuts that require minimal upkeep. You may pull it back into a ponytail or a bun or braid it with ease. It’s versatile enough to wear to the office or out on the town. An understated feeling of danger comes from the red undertones. This cut requires minimal effort to keep looking good.

10 stunning underlayer ideas to try 

What Is Underlayer Red and Black Hair and How to Dye: Guide

Hairstreaks may be the appearance you didn’t know you wanted if you want to experiment with a new color for your hair but aren’t into a drastic transformation. Streaks in the hair can make a statement, especially if you choose a vivid hue and daring cut, or they can be worn more casually.

The beauty of this style is that you may customize your highlights, whichever you like. We’re currently obsessed with hair streaks, so we thought it would be fun to compile several ideas on how to wear them, from understated to daring. Finding out how to color streaks in hair can be a challenge, so you may want to consult a professional for assistance.

1. A blue underlayer peeps through the black hair

Black hair with a blue underlayer is a great example of the trend toward dark hair colors. This cut is perfect for adding an air of mystery to any ensemble. Adding some depth to your black hair with a light blue or navy blue underlayer is another option.

Adding a layer of light blue or navy blue to your original hair color is a more conventional take on the blue underlayer hair trend. In addition to being suitable for a wide range of occasions, this cut works well with any complexion. If you’re in the mood for some risk, you can always go with a bold blue.

2. Blue underlayer blonde

Look no further than a blonde with a blue undertone if you want a daring new hair color that will get you noticed. Anyone who sees this will immediately be drawn to its striking color scheme.

Start by dying your hair pale blonde to achieve the ideal blue base color. Then, tint your hair a dark blue color using a blue hair dye. Highlights are another option for bringing out your hair’s natural shine. Last but not least, complete your look with a strong blue lip color or eye shadow.

3. A blue underlayer, brown-haired person

Blue beneath layers is a great new option for hair color! A cool and refreshing appearance is achieved with this shade. Start by dying your hair brown for the finest effects. The next step is to cover the top of your hair with a blue underlayer. You have the option of using either a permanent dye or a temporary dye. Ensure you use a substantial amount of blue to achieve a rich hue.

After you’ve added the blue base coat, it’s important to keep it out of direct sunlight and chlorine. The blue hue of your underlying layers will be dulled by these factors. You should always pre-wash your hair with a shampoo that protects against chlorine and sunshine before you go into a full-scale hair washing routine.

4. Hair color blue with white streaks

The trend of dying one’s hair blue is one of our all-time favorites. A fun alternative to dying your entire head of hair blue is getting blue streaks. Don’t forget to try to go for two days without washing your hair. If you give the dye a little more time to set, it will be more bright and have more pigment.

The in-between days are perfect for using a dry shampoo, such as Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo, for giving your hair a little boost. Oil and grease will be soaked up by this dry shampoo, yet your newly dyed hair won’t be compromised.

5. White cotton candy on a black background

When it comes to hair color, less isn’t always more. Cotton candy peekaboo highlights are your move for a fun and colorful peekaboo style that pops against jet-black hair. Your colorist will use strokes of pastel pinks, blues, and lilacs to create fantasy-colored wefts that are concealed just below your top covering of dark hair.

6. Assault of the eye with hot pink and orange

Peek-a-boo highlights in fiery pink look great on any hair color. When combined with another vivid hue from the same color family, like burnt orange, it creates a dynamic effect. When layered up to just below the shoulders, the result is jaw-dropping.

7. Bright bubblegum pink with shiny platinum

If you’re still in the mood for pink but want something a little more subdued, how about bubblegum pink with a layer of platinum blonde on top? If you want to create this style, bear in mind that the bleach you’ll need to use can be damaging and dry out your hair, so you’ll need a strong moisturizing system on hand to protect your hair from looking like a straw.

Both the shampoo and conditioner in the Biolage Professional Hydra Source line use a cutting-edge formula designed to mimic the moisture-retaining capabilities of the aloe plant and maintain a healthy moisture level in your hair.

8. Topaz on a background of violet

A violet base with a turquoise highlight is a striking alternative to standard purple hair. In the same way that white blonde enhances a honey tint, this tone brightens the foundation color.

9. A Dull Blue Over Black

While pastel hues like pink and blue continue their meteoric rise in the fashion world, we can’t help but be pulled to darker tones. This gray-blue tone on top of a black base is a sophisticated approach to drama that avoids the use of flashy colors. These subtle accents are nearly invisible unless viewed in direct sunlight.

10. Sheer Drapes in a Variety of Colors

Take advantage of two hairdo fads at once by sporting a colored curtain fringe. Coloring only your bangs is the least-committal approach to test out the “e girl with black hair” style if you want to adhere to a more natural appearance.

How to care for red hair? 

Red hair, favored by Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, is the It color of the season. Keep in mind that red hair dye is among the most high-maintenance hues because it fades the quickest before you take the plunge and dye your locks. The prospect of maintaining your copper-colored hair may be daunting, but L’OFFICIEL simplifies the process.

You can obtain beautiful new hair color at the salon, but how can you keep it looking that way? You just need a few simple pointers to keep your dyed hair looking great without breaking the bank. When you color your hair, you expose your hair to chemicals that can dry it out, damage it, and even cause it to break. Not caring for your newly dyed hair properly can also cause it to lose its luster and shine.

1. Make sure you wash with a shampoo that will not dim your colors

To prevent your hair color from fading, it is essential that you use a shampoo designed to preserve it. If you have dyed your hair, you should only use a shampoo designed for dyed hair. It will shield your hair and restore its pH balance. You may prevent your hair color from fading fast by using a shampoo designed for colored hair.

In addition to restoring and repairing your hair, they help keep it hydrated and stocked with essential nutrients. Avoid using shampoos that include drying substances like sulfates and alcohol. They will rob your hair of its pigment and hydration. You should reduce the number of times per week that you wash your hair if you’ve had it colored.

2. After several washes, a woman frowns at her dry, frizzy hair

Save \sShutterstock If you color your hair and wash it frequently, the dye will wash away, and the color will fade. Overwashing robs hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, dull, and lifeless. Less frequent hair washing can help you avoid this. Additionally, this will help the hair color to last for longer.

3. Use the proper shampoo when you decide to use it

When washing your hair, it is best to use a sulfate-free shampoo designed for color-treated hair. In the same vein, try to choose shampoos that are low in sodium chloride and parabens. Color can “seep” out of the hair if you use harsh shampoo and damage the strands. Put another way, the more natural it is, the better.

The cuticles of your hair will stay in place better if you rinse with cold or lukewarm water after washing your copper-hued locks. The cuticles of your hair will open up when you wash it with hot water, releasing the color with ease.

4. It may be time to try out some new, cleaning conditioners

If you find that your hair needs more than just a refresh after using dry shampoo, you may find that co-washing with a cleansing conditioner like Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner does the trick. Hair that has been treated with a cleansing conditioner is free of buildups like grime and oil. Though it may seem backward to use a conditioner to clean your hair, the sulfate- and detergent-free nature of this type of product ensures that it does not dry out your hair as shampoo does.

5. To keep your locks in good condition, use hair masks and oils

Dyeing your hair a deep red, along with most other color treatments, can cause dryness and brittleness. Dryness causes a parched appearance in dyed hair and can also harm the cuticles. Dry, damaged cuticles will prevent the color from being “locked in,” as was discussed earlier. If you want healthy hair, you could try using hair oils and masks.

Watch These girls bleached and dyed the under-layer of their hair | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to what is underlayer red and black hair? 

Is there a name for dying just the hair’s underside?

Exactly what does it mean when your hair “peeks out”? The trending hair color complements the sought after cut. The hair is colored in two layers, with the bottom one being a different hue than the top one, creating a “peek a boo” effect.

When does black hair become red and why does this happen?

During a person’s lifetime, their melanin production genes may become active or dormant. Changes in the pigment-producing cells at the hair’s base could result in chromatic aberration and a corresponding color shift. In melanocytes, the amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin generated is regulated by separate genes.

Is there a reaction if you dye black hair red?

In no way will it work on chemically-treated hair. You can get the ends bleached to remove the black or use a color remover to achieve the desired result. Once your hair has been colored black, adding any additional color will only make the ends look darker.

Can black hair still be dyed red?

She explains that the red tones in dark hair reveal a warm underlayer when the hair is bleached. A gorgeous, vivid, natural-looking red requires tones like orange, and “that red can transform into orange, too.”

The question is whether or not naturally occurring red hair coloration on black hair is possible?

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed a change in the color of your hair from black to brown or vice versa. As we become older, many of us see that our once dark hair has turned red. For some, it becomes apparent after making a significant life change, such as relocating or just switching shampoos.


When it comes to hairstyles, there is no such thing as “out.” However, some styles, particularly in hair color, move through cycles of popularity. Since each season introduces its own set of coloring and highlighting ideas, we polled the industry’s best colorists to find out which hues they expect to remain popular next year.

They don’t have psychic abilities (at least, we don’t think they do), but they pay attention to what their customers want, and some of those customers just so happen to be influential cultural change-makers. If you’ve been thinking of dying your hair this new year, now is the time to do it. “Lorena Martinez, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, says anyone thinking about a new color should let their imagination run wild. “Since we’ve seen it all through the years, let’s update it with some fresh ideas.

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