Like the phoenix, mullets have risen from the ashes of fashion fads every decade. It’s also worth noting that the mohawk cut has been popular since prehistoric times. Now is the time when style-conscious individuals are fusing the two trends to create many iterations of the mohawk mullet.

There are seemingly unlimited permutations of this trendy hairstyle, but picking the right one might be challenging. Don’t worry, though, because that’s exactly why we’re here. Here are a few examples of modern mohawk mullet hairstyles to get you inspired.

Check out the options, and make a statement. Here, we’ll examine several of the most promising Mohawk Mullet hairstyles for guys, each of which has the ability to provide a noticeable improvement to your overall appearance and attract a lot of attention. It’s recommended that you don’t shave the sides of your head down to the skin if you want to keep this style. Keep a small amount of length so it can keep up with the roughness of the mohawk mullet.

What is mullet? 

The mullet has been both lauded and mocked for decades, but when all is said and done, it is undeniable that it is a classic haircut that continues to come and go in fashion. But if you weren’t alive in the ’80s, your curiosity is understandable. For those who may not know, please explain the mullet.

Do you want to know the history of the mullet haircut? What the heck is the big deal about a haircut, anyway? You’ve found the proper location, then. This is the one and only mullet hairstyle manual you’ll ever need, and it’s fantastic! Get yourself something to eat, settle back for a while, and prepare to learn all there is to know about the haircut that will generate headlines for years to come.

Let’s back up and answer the million dollar question first. First of all, let’s define this mullet thing. A mullet haircut, in brief, is one in which the hair on the top and sides is trimmed short while the back is left longer.

What is mohawk?

A mohawk is a type of haircut in which the hair on either side of the head is shaved short, leaving a wide band of longer hair in the center of the head. Even while mohawks are most often associated with punk rockers from the 1980s, celebrities like David Beckham and Mr. T have also rocked the look. It has been worn by a wide variety of people over the years, from Scythian warriors in 600 BCE to American paratroopers in World War II.

Popularity among punk and hardcore music fans in the 1980s is largely responsible for its notoriety. Although it takes its name from the Mohawk people of North America, its square patch at the back of the head is more reminiscent of the traditional style of the Pawnee people.

What is the difference between mullet and mohawk?

Mullet Mohawks date back to the early days of the country music scene. In the 1980s, it became a staple of the punk music scene. Later, in the 1990s, it made a comeback, this time with a more athletic spin as a result of the popularity of the sport among professional football players.

Whether you love it or despise it, there’s no denying the timeless quality of the design. To complete your punk rock getup, you can even go for a 20th-century mullet that resembles a Mohawk. Hair is shaved short in front and sides, creating what is known as a mullet, a popular men’s hairstyle. Furthermore, the rear and center sections are kept uncut. 

Your hair seems to be combed or groomed in the center of your head most of the time. When you let it go, it will drape along your back. There isn’t much to it. The sides would be kept short, while the rear and center would be kept rather long. You can let it grow out for a punkish appearance if you want to.

The Mohawk mullet can then be styled in any way you like, be it with braids, beads, curls, or nothing at all. One’s hair serves as a blank canvas. Below are 21 examples of Mohawk mullet hairstyles for men that we hope will serve as inspiration for you. Punk style isn’t complete without the terrible mohawk and mullet combo. The fading sides reveal skin, drawing focus to the top, which is noticeably long and hated. Complete the image by growing out your beard.

Difference between a mohawk (hairstyle) and a mullet (heraldic charge), which can be a star with straight edges and generally five or six points, or a fool, or a hairstyle in which the hair is kept short on the top and sides and long on the back. Why, then, is the mullet so reviled? Simply said, its popularity peaked between the years of 1982 and 1992, making it an out-of-date hairstyle.

The mullet was trendy at the time, and few people gave it a second glance for being ridiculous. The mullet, on the other hand, was a hybrid of two polar hairstyles (business in the front, party in the back), making it easy to mock in the future. And, Hawk, how do you style a mullet anyway? Tellum, often known as a reverse mullet (also referred to as a frullet) In the same vein as the mullet, the vellum (or reverse mullet, or frullet) is a popular hairstyle. Vellum is the reversal of mullet, which is a common male hairstyle.

The classic mullet is characterized by hair that is long all over and cut longer in the back. The current iteration of the mullet style is characterized by short, tapered sides, shorter front hair, and longer rear hair. The Australian drill scene is largely responsible for the widespread adoption of the mullet among Australian and New Zealand male teenagers.

In May of 2021, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un outlawed mullets and skinny jeans. The Mullet of Today What Is It? The modern mullet is characterized by a long mullet (i.e., a long body of back hair and short side hair) and medium-length hair on the top and front. The shorter front hair is what gives this cut its modern name, but the rest of your hair is free game.

How to choose between mohawk and mullet for you? 

The mullet hairdo from the 1990s is back, and it’s not going away any time soon. Initially adopted by athletes and celebrities as a statement against the standard haircut of the day, the faux Hawk has since become the norm. However, in today’s world, mullets are typically shorter on top and longer at the back. It is common practice to fade or trim the shorter sides for a more modern appearance.

The modern mullet is also distinguished from its forebears by the fact that it can be done in a variety of ways and complements a wide range of hair types. A mullet can take numerous forms; some examples are a mullet with permed hair, a mullet with curly hair, or a mullet with an undercut.

The origin of the term “mullet man” to describe a certain type of hairstyle is mysterious. However, the name may have been inspired by the Beastie Boys. In 1994, the band released a single titled “Mullet Heads.” In it, people with mullet haircuts were shown alongside an explanation of the style.

The mullet was a popular men’s haircut throughout the 1980s. Although the short-in-front, long-in-back haircut has been the subject of some ridicule, it is making a comeback. The mullet, with its distinctive silhouette and carefree air, has recently gained popularity among football players, musicians, and fashionistas. You can get down to business in the front and have fun in the back with the mullet.

A man with this haircut is one who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd and who doesn’t take life too seriously. It’s also a style that works well for many different types of faces. The mullet style looks especially good on naturally curly hair. The curl’s inherent volume and bounce help to smooth out the abrupt front-to-back length difference. Keeping hair long at the back is a great way to showcase your curls and not draw attention away from your beautiful face.

For those who want a more nostalgic vibe, this outfit is reminiscent of rock icons and movie stars from the 1970s and 1980s, making it a good choice for those who favor a similar aesthetic. Do you ever wish you could go for multiple haircuts simultaneously? The mullet-mohawk style has made this possible.

This hairdo defies the laws of physics, allowing you to maintain your locks at any length you like. But if you want a true mullet to look, cut your hair shorter on top than it is at the back. People with straight hair or hair that is short should apply gel to give their roots some lift. Other options include leaving it natural or working sea salt spray into it to achieve a shaggy appearance.

20 best mohawk and mullet hairstyles for men

The mullet is a classic men’s hairstyle that has had a recent resurgence in popularity due to its cool, retro vibe. One of the most recognizable ’80s hairstyles for men was the mullet, which was popularized by the phrase “business in the front, party in the back.” The mullet is an excellent way to upgrade your image, whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

There are various chic mullet haircuts to choose from, depending on whether you’re going for a retro or trendy style. While short hair and a mullet fade may appeal to guys who desire a low-maintenance appearance, others may prefer a lengthier mullet with tapered sides. The mohawk mullet, an edgier variation that has been adopted by punk dudes and baseball players alike, has emerged as a new fashion trend. There are various variations of the mullet, making it difficult to settle on a single style.

1. Wild, Wavy, and Curly Hairdo

The mullet style looks especially good on naturally curly hair. The curl’s inherent volume and bounce help to smooth out the abrupt front-to-back length difference. Keeping hair long at the back is a great way to showcase your curls and not draw attention away from your beautiful face. For those who want a more nostalgic vibe, this outfit is reminiscent of rock icons and movie stars from the 1970s and 1980s, making it a good choice for those who favor a similar aesthetic.

2. Modern Day Mullet for the Hipster Set

This is, without a doubt, the nicest haircut you will ever see, and it demonstrates conclusively that you can pull off the hipster look with virtually any style you want. Very long strands are used to create the style, with the sides and top faded out and clipped short. The long mullet is made from the long hair that is left at the rear of the head.

3. Original Vintage

The nice part about these styles is that they can easily be achieved with your own natural hair by some imaginative trimming with scissors. In this instance, the crown is trimmed with shears so that it is shorter than the back, and the strands that lie behind the crown are pushed back to create the mullet.

4. Classical and Prolonged

In case your hair grows out, this is a great style for you to try out because you won’t have to sacrifice too much length. They just need to be evened out in the back, then trimmed shorter on top and styled forward to cover your forehead by an inch.

5. The Newest Mullet

The short sides and back of a modern mullet for men make them easy to style in a hurry. Upgrade your mullet with a perm if you have straight hair. This will give the appearance more depth and substance.

6. Fade Your Mullet

A faded haircut is a terrific accessory for a mullet. It makes the style more current and contemporary, and it’s easier to keep up. Considering how the attention now lies solely on your crown and back, a small amount of a texturizing product applied to those areas won’t hurt at all.

7. Fading Mullet

One of the most typical variations of the mullet haircut is a curly mullet fade. If your hair is straight, though, a mullet perm is your salvation. It stands out as a strong and clear statement. Therefore, you need only apply a texturizing product to the curls to emphasize the texture. Androgynous cuts can also be achieved with this style.

8. Shaggy Haircut

The shaggy mullet is a hybrid of the mullet and the shag. A fuller appearance is achieved by fluffing and tousling the hair. This makes the modern shag mullet a wonderful option for folks with fine, limp hair.

9. Curly Mop Top

Do you ever wish you could go for multiple haircuts simultaneously? The mullet-mohawk style has made this possible. This hairdo defies the laws of physics, allowing you to maintain your locks at any length you like. However, keep the top of your head a bit shorter than the bottom for a more genuine mullet feel and because it is easier to style. People with straight hair or hair that is short should apply gel to give their roots some lift. Other options include leaving it natural or working sea salt spray into it to achieve a shaggy appearance.

10. An Example of a Mohawk Mullet

This shaggy variation on the mullet uses a multiplicity of layers to frame the face, as opposed to the standard mullet’s single, unattached layer. This look is a dramatic throwback to the ’70s that nevertheless feels fresh and current. The versatility of the straight fringe or standard front cut with the jagged back is one of the many reasons why this hairstyle is so appealing.

11. Inappropriate Haircut for a Punk Rocker

Neither punk nor mullets have met their demise. This haircut is for the man who doesn’t mind making a statement and who isn’t afraid to do so with gusto. Skinheads are known for wearing their hair short and close to the head. Leave a bit more length near the top of your head so that you can spike it up with gel or clay.

12. Line Up Mullet.

Add some flair to your mullet to show off your personality. If you have a fade on the underside, a lineup is an old standby that can make a striking contrast between your long and short hair. You can ask your barber for a more complex design, such as a geometric form or minimalist lines, or even something three-dimensional, if you’re ready to let loose.

13. Styles for a Mullet in the Hair

Adding a pair of dramatic bangs to your mullet will give it a more editorial feel. It has a futuristic air because of the thick, straight across, blunt fringe. Ideal for oval faces, these bangs draw attention away from the unified appearance of the forehead and chin. The bangs should be blow-dried smooth, but the longer back section can be left undone since the style is all about contrast.

14. A Mullet with an Undercut

An undercut is a wonderful method to see if you like the mullet look without committing to the full style. If you shave the sides and back, it will look like your hair goes all the way down to your neck. Make a mullet by cutting your hair short on top and leaving it longer on top of your head. Collect your hair and pull it into a ponytail or bun to change your style in an instant.

15. Undercut Mullet.

Drop fade mullets are a hybrid of two popular men’s hairstyles. The faded section of your cut “drops” down behind your ear to create a stylish arc when you have a drop fade. You can keep the rest of your hair as long as you like, but a mullet will really spice up your new ‘do. The drop fade mullet combines the long layers of one cut with the short, tapered style of another. It’s not for the weak of heart, but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s one of the trendiest styles right now.

16. Traditional Mullet

The timeless mullet is as simple to achieve as it has always been. To achieve this style, your hair should be at least shoulder-length, and you should cut the top and front into a medium length. The result is a uniformly shaggy style throughout the back and front.

17. The Newest Mullet

This haircut is a more understated update on the traditional mullet. This indicates that the lengths of the front and rear hair are in less contact with one another. As a result, the haircut makes less of a proclamation and facilitates blending into the background.

18. Simple Decoration

The slicked-back appearance is a great complement to this mullet haircut, which is among the greatest of its kind. First, you need to let the hair in the front grow out, and then you can shave the sides into a fade. You may choose how much fading to use, making this a very adaptable style.

19. Fading Mullet

The fade is a hip and trendy update on the classic mullet hairstyle. The gentle fade may be done at any length, making it a versatile addition to your mullet, and it will flatter any face shape. This cut is great if you want to project an image of confidence and assertiveness.

20. Modified Length

This style is reminiscent of the popular mohawk haircut, with the exception that the hair on top is kept smooth and straight rather than spiked. It’s a new, badass look, thanks to the shaved sides. The shaved sides of this style may be cut to any length you like, which is another perk.

Watch Modern mullet with side taper | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the mullet vs mohawk

The mohawk and the mullet the what’s distinction between the two?

A mullet, on the other hand, is very similar to a mohawk. Both of these cuts have a long, centered section of hair and short, shaved sides. A mohawk, in contrast to a mullet, has a much shorter tail. In contrast, the hair on top of a mullet’s head is shorter than that of a mohawk.

What was the original name for mullets?

Henri Mollet, a French fashion icon of the ’70s, is credited with popularizing the hairdo. The “Mollet,” which had been anglicized to “Mullet,” had not been seen much outside of the French underground dance scene until it was revived by prominent television personalities like Pat Sharp.

What’s the story behind the moniker for that particular style of hairdo?

The term “mullet” wasn’t actually coined until 1994, thanks to the Beastie Boys’ song “Mullet Head.” While the mullet may have been first mentioned in literature by Homer in The Iliad, when he described the Abrantes, a group of spearmen, as wearing “their forelocks cropped, hair grew long at the backs,” the term wasn’t actually coined until then.

Explain the symbolism of the mullet cut.

The mullet was a staple of hairstyles throughout all subcultures, from metal and country to yuppies and punks, jocks, and bikers. Open-top vehicles are a common symbol of enjoyment and flamboyance, proclaiming to the public, “Hey, I party, and I adore riding in open automobiles.”

The mullet has a name, but who came up with it?

As the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, the Beastie Boys, an American hip-hop group, “possibly originated, and certainly popularized” the term “mullet” to describe this hairstyle in their 1994 song “Mullet Head,” which combined the epithet with a description of the haircut.


Can we all agree that the mohawk fade is a welcome departure from the typical male haircut? Crew cuts and fades have been so ubiquitous for so long that we were all ready for something new to enter the mainstream. And thank God, we now have the cool, urban fade with the mohawk in the front. Distinctive styling makes this hairstyle stand out. This is a daring move. It’s a good time, and it turns out to be a great style for most males.

Mohawks aren’t necessarily associated with subversive or punk subculture any longer, so ditch that notion if you have it. This staple of the fringe has now infiltrated the mainstream as a popular haircut. Incorporating the bold mohawk into a modern fade makes for a haircut that’s more than the sum of its parts. You’ve found the ideal location if you want to take a stroll on the wild side, or at least give the impression that you are.

Discover how to rock the trendy mohawk and fade hairstyle with the help of this comprehensive how-to manual. What sets this style of haircut apart, and what you need to know before obtaining one, as well as examples of it on real men like you, will be discussed. 

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