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Hi wonderful people!

I hope you are all doing great. And I wonder if you are looking for some hair care advice, because that is what brought you here in the first place. And gladly, I am here for the exact same reason. Just because, men as well as women, all are searching answers for their questions about hair care. whether it is about hair color, haircut, hair removal or hair loss. Almost everyone is facing different kind of challenges when it comes to hair.  

But not to worry anymore, there is a solution for everything. You just need to find the right one. my name is Carmella Eddie and I am a professional hair stylist, anesthetist and a former member of Cosmo studios. I am a certified fashionista, after attending few workshops and being a certified member of Pureo-luxy hair care campaign, that works for awareness of daily hair care routine and multiple hair problems people are facing in daily basis.

I have gained a lot of experience about people’s problems and their solutions while working at savvy hair salon with various nail technicians, hair experts, massage therapist, makeup experts and estheticians.  After leaving savvy’s, I worked as a volunteer at Pureo-luxy hair care campaign, which made me feel great about helping a lot of people.

So this is exactly why I am here, introducing myself to you because I want to help every single person out of the problems they are facing regarding to their hair, facial hair or body hair. Hair loss, hair removal and damaged hair make you worried sick because they are most important and representable part of our body after our face. 

As I told you earlier, I am Carmella Eddie, what I didn’t tell you yet is that, I am not just a fashionista, I am also a family woman, as well as working woman. It’s just that, I now have 9-5 job due to which I am not much active as a volunteer anymore because I like spending more time with my kids before they grow up.

So I kept thinking about, what to do with all my knowledge, I couldn’t keep it to myself when there are thousands of people out there with their countless queries. So i came to a decision that why not use technology, which is trending these days. Everyone seems to find solution to their each and every problem on internet. So why not choose the right medium to help people out.  

My mission of starting this blog is to address people, hear out their problems and help them with various natural remedies, authentic solutions and exactly when you need to see your dermatologist. I am going to answer anything you ask me. You can always leave comments or email me if you need me to write about something specific and I will try my best to answer all your queries.  

My vision is that people shouldn’t take their hair care lightly because hair could make your personality as well as ruin it. eyebrow hair, body hair, facial hair and your head full of hair, all of them need to be treated differently but very carefully. 

My goal is to provide and spread all my knowledge and information I gained during my experience. I will try to write useful, informational as well as entertaining blogs for you to find solution to all your problems without getting bored. If I get your support and you like my blogs, I will make sure to not disappoint you and will grow my pace of blog posts, but for now I am starting with hair care.  

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog and find it useful, let me know in comments. See you.

Have a good day and stay fit!