Even though the money piece has been around since the 1990s, it has recently been popular again thanks to social media influencers and fashion icons. This method of coloring is very adaptable, and it works well with any hair kind or length, so the money piece is a real winner.

The highlights and lowlights around the hairline are what really make this style pop and make your hair look lighter and brighter while also framing your face beautifully. You can go for a dramatic, high-contrast look or go for a more muted, everyday shade that will still give you a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

You can also try out a variety of color schemes, from subtle to eye-catching. If you want to add a pop of color to your hair without spending a fortune or putting in a lot of time, try one of these money-piece hair ideas.

What is meant by money piece hair? 

24 Trendy Money Piece Hair Ideas to Choose: Guide

The trendiest hairstyle right now is the money piece. The revitalizing effect of a show-stopping money piece is a major draw for fashionistas. Let’s have a look at the newest iterations of this style so you can choose anything out for your next salon appointment. Continue reading! For those who aren’t in the know, please explain the meaning of “money piece hair.”

Money piece highlights are an application of balayage that emphasize the brightness of the hair in the frontal stripes on either side of the face. Money pieces, as the highlighted bits are known, do a fantastic job of bringing out your natural glow and drawing attention to your features.

Check out some of the featured luxurious cash pieces from our collection to get ideas for your next salon appointment. Hair the color of a brown dollar bill. Add some highlights in a lighter shade of brown money to your dark hair and see if it doesn’t give it the brightness and sophistication you’re after.

How to get the money piece hair look?

A few years ago, I used to bleach my full head of hair every four weeks to keep the color looking fresh. In contrast, I try to keep my hair color as minimal maintenance as possible these days. Balayage has been my go-to technique for maintaining my platinum blonde hair between salon visits.

Nonetheless, Instagram led me to a highlighting method called “money piece hair,” which gives a quick boost of brightness without requiring any additional maintenance. The money piece technique is for you if you want your color to look like a million bucks with minimal effort. Celebrity stylist and Redken brand ambassador Ryan Pearl shared his secrets for achieving a stunning new look.

The face-framing highlights that were so popular in the ’90s have been replaced by the more contemporary money piece highlights. Money piece hair is achieved by having your colorist paint highlights into the hair, beginning at the scalp, along the strands that frame your face.

How to create bangs with face framing highlights in 3 easy ways?

There is one type of haircut that scares the majority of the population, and that’s bangs. There’s no reason for bangs to be intimidating. The truth is that curtain bangs can be really subtle.

When you look closely at a person with curtain bangs, you’ll see that the bangs seem to have a mind of their own, sometimes entirely separating for a genuine curtain effect and other times looking more piece-y all the way across. So, we asked celebrity hairstylist and R+Co Collective member Ashley Streicher all about making and maintaining the perfect curtain bangs because we, too, wanted a fashionable set.

1. Sound of bouncing curtains

An excellent foundation is the first order of business. You’ll need to specify exactly what you want from your stylist if you want them to give you curtain bangs. As an added bonus, if you can bring a picture of your ideal style, that will assist them in staying on track when styling.

People with very different hair textures and styles may successfully sport curtain bangs. Curls have a bad rap for not working well with fringes, but this example shows that curly hair can look amazing with a fringe.

2. Multiple explosions hearable behind closed doors

Curtain bangs are versatile and may be worn in a variety of ways besides splayed over the forehead. Wearing the fringe to the very margins of the forehead, as shown above, produces a carefree, playful appearance, especially when paired with a sloppy bun.

3. Modern curtain fringe

We understand that the thought of a curtain bang is terrifying, but Elsa Hosk shows that sometimes taking the plunge pays off. Hosk opted for a smooth style rather than a shaggy one in this case. Ends that flip inward and bangs that flip out create an appearance of sheer sophistication.

12 stunning money piece hair highlights ideas for women 

24 Trendy Money Piece Hair Ideas to Choose: Guide

You want to try something new with your hair this season, right? Now is a good time to learn about “money piece hair highlights,” also known as the face-framing hair color technique, which is enjoying unprecedented popularity among Hollywood A-listers and social media influencers.

If you want to frame your face with a different color to assist draw attention to your features, this is a terrific option. To get this on-trend style, just balayage a darker shade of hair color into your frontal strands and leave the rest of your hair its natural color.

A bold move would be to choose a large bill in a vibrant color like blue, pink, or red. Money piece highlights, which are usually just a few shades darker or lighter than the rest of the hair, have also become a popular choice among celebrities and style setters.

1. Styles that bring out the best in black hair and lots of money

Kerry Washington’s Wealthy Do for Her Hair Kerry Washington is living proof that black hair looks stunning with brown money piece highlights. They are useful for enhancing the visual appeal of a flat color by providing visual contrast.

2. Bangs that accentuate the money piece

Highlights in Jennifer Lawrence’s hair look like a money clip Jennifer Lawrence, whose hair is styled with long, wavy bangs, appears timeless and elegant in this cut. What a classic style!

3. Highlights in money piece style balayage

Money piece Perrie Edwards hairstyle Like singer Perrie Edwards, you can get a beautiful, effortless look by combining traditional balayage with front money piece highlights. This sleek style can go from everyday to formal with ease.

4. Styling your hair like a blue cash piece

Highlighted hair and cash piece by Meg Trainor. In search of a fashion upgrade? Now you don’t have to look much further than pop star Meghan Trainor for motivation. Whoever doesn’t want to go for a really bold color scheme should consider accenting with blue currency pieces.

5. Article about finances emphasizing brunettes

Highlights in Rihanna’s money-piece hair Singer Rihanna is giving brunette girls everywhere the hair color and highlight inspiration they need with her caramel money piece highlights. Curling your hair is also a great way to highlight the streaks.

6. Blondes are the focus of this financially rewarding article

Money items are not off-limits to blondes. Gisele Bündchen, the model, has a new lease on life thanks to her newly blonde bangs.

7. Piece of copper coin hair

Money piece highlights in Khloe Kardashian’s hair Khloe Kardashian, a well-known media personality, wore her hair styled with money piece highlights long before they became fashionable. The bold copper hue complements her skin tone and gives her hair a lot of depth.

8. Highlights from the pink cash piece

Hairdos inspired by Rachel McAdams’s “Money Piece” hairstyle Actress Rachel McAdams’ money piece highlights are seductive and incredibly bright in bubblegum pink. This throwback style is sure to turn heads.

9. Money pieces accent short hair

Money piece hairstyle Sandra bullock shines in a glamorous Old Hollywood haircut, complete with chestnut-colored money piece highlights. This is the very definition of brevity!

10. Fashion statement: the braided money piece

Money-piece hair highlights Margot Robbie, who had her hair in a money-piece highlight, wore it in two braids for a change of pace. The look framed her face and brought more attention to the highlights. Genius!

11. Colored highlights in the shape of red money pieces

Money piece hair highlights Olivia Wilde, who has eschewed the massive money piece hair look in favor of a reddish hue that brings out the beauty of her features and looks radiant. This style brings out her stunning green eyes.

12. Beautiful blonde hair accessory that’s worth a fortune

Fancy hair and cash for Cameron Diaz, who plays the role of Elena, shines with her multidimensional blonde money piece highlights since she is both sophisticated and subtle.

13. Hair color is brown with highlights that look like money

Money-piece highlights sound like a good idea for your dark brown hair. That would be more intriguing than anything else. If you want to add some dimension to your brown hair, a colorist can help, and this money-piece hair highlights suggestion might be the one you’d be showing them.

Finally, if you’d like something that looks a little more natural and seamless, you might inquire about a currency that’s made to resemble the faint brushstrokes of color that the sun naturally produces. Caramel dark brown hair with highlights is another option if you prefer darker colors with more nuanced tones.

14. An expensive article about a balayage hairstyle

In search of a relaxing technique to display your newly acquired money piece highlights? What we have here is what you’ve been waiting for! Blonde balayage highlights are scattered around the entire head, and a platinum money piece is placed front and center for emphasis.

The end result is more gentle than harsh, with sweeping colors. The fashion industry is rife with models and social media stars sporting this style, and trust us when we say it’s because it looks amazing on them. Pick an inspiration photo to present to your stylist, and then make sure everything goes smoothly.

15. Highlights in the shape of a money bag, done in brown balayage

Money pieces are frequently selected due to their daring design. In addition, they can lighten and brighten a person’s skin tone while also highlighting their eyes. To increase the drama and allure of your appearance, try adding a distinctive splash of color to the center of your dark hair.

16. Shiny accent pieces in rich ombré hair

Do you wish you knew if ombre hair with money piece highlights made a stunning combination? The good news is that outfit would make you look both classy and cool.

You can make the money piece stand out even if you’re going for a multi-rooted style or an ombré color by placing it at the very top of your roots. Girls with shorter hair tend to look best in that style. A similar hairdo works well with highlights for black hair. It will retain its hypnotic appeal.

17. Bob cut with face-framing highlights

You’re not into layers that frame your face, are you? There’s no need to fret. You won’t be stuck for choices in our sphere of influence. Instead, you can experiment with the face-framing streak.

The client’s hair is highlighted in the front with light blonde streaks. The blunt, long bob haircut is a great method to showcase your features, and the color you choose for your hair may do the same thing as the layers around your face. Getting your hair cut into a bob and then having streak highlights put around your face can’t go wrong. Keep everyone’s attention in the year 2022 by rocking this amazing hairstyle.

18. Hair dye highlights ideas on a dime

A thinner, brighter, and closer-to-the-root cut will give you more subtle results. It doesn’t take much work to make this ash-brown hair that cascades into sandy blonde look attractive and hip. We think it’s the best everyday hairstyle for the average person. You can add your own flair by accessorizing it as you see fit. Trendy Highlights for Your Hair to Make You Look Rich It’s no secret that blonde is the hair color of preference for many celebrities and the wealthy.

19. Although there can be a range of colors, from the ethereal pinks and blues to the earthy browns of nature

 Given that our topic is coins, the coppery red hair is apt. Wearing such a daring and eye-catching haircut would make you the center of attention no matter where you made your grand entrance. When do you plan on scheduling an appointment with your hairstylist for your next hairstyle, my friend?

20. Blunt Blonde Currency Icons

Want something more tame and hip? Highlights for Gray Hair are a great way to make your hair look brighter and more vibrant. A cool-tone blonde money piece, like the ash blonde, looks especially beautiful on those with medium skin tones and blush or cool undertones.

Wearing these highlights would be too risky. This hairdo is perfect for making a statement, whether you’re headed to a late-night bash or a Sunday dinner with the clan. Parties and activities you go to.

21. Money pieces of caramel for your hair as highlights

Do you wish to attract attention and make a major statement? Your new hairstyle is right here, waiting for you to try it out! One of their many selling points is how adaptable they are to individual tastes. Consider the caramel hair color money piece highlights if you want to create a bold fashion statement with your hair color.

22. Hair highlights concept: strawberry blonde cash pieces

Have you developed a rigorous schedule to keep you going nonstop throughout the day? Yes, we do have something for you in the sky! If you want a simple and fast way to update your balayage, may I advise a money piece? The strawberry blonde hue is easy to achieve and requires little upkeep, providing a style that is both fresh and dimensional.

23. Cute haircut concept: face-framing lowlights and highlights

In search of unprecedented hair fullness and bounce? Let me recommend a gorgeous new hairdo for you that makes excellent use of hair highlights. If your color is lacking depth, try including some highlights and lowlights in your routine. Due to its tendency to be the brightest component, the surrounding hair should be darker or less golden to serve as a contrast.

24. Inspired by the idea of Auburn hair with blonde highlights

If you choose a color that is relatively near to your skin tone, you will notice less of a change. Or, to put it another way, the contrast between the face-framing streak and the auburn hair is striking since the base is darker and the highlights are brighter.

Money piece hair highlights are all the rage in 2022, so why not rock them in the most tasteful way possible with the aforementioned hairdo? You can wait for everyone to turn around before you stroll down the street to admire your stunning red hair with blonde highlights.

Watch Hairdresser reacts to people bleaching ‘money pieces’ gone wrong | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the money piece hair

Where did the name “money piece” come from for this particular hairstyle?

The rich and dazzling appearance achieved by the money piece (also known as face-framing highlights) is the inspiration for the name of the technique. This is achieved by balayage a lighter color onto the hair’s individual strands.

The definition of a “money maker hairstyle” has eluded me?

The Quick Reply. Hair with a hand-painted money piece is highlighted around the face. These highlights are usually lighter than the rest of your hair so that people will focus on the top of your head and your face.

How do you make a hair-based money request?

Tell your stylist that you want face-framing highlights when you book your next salon visit. Your hairdresser can help you find the ideal hair thickness and color for your desired look.

worried that my bill might lose its color over time?

If you’ve just dyed your hair, it’s important to keep your new style from fading too quickly by using a shampoo and conditioner designed for use with permanent hair colors. Are you prepared to feel like a million bucks?

Can you tell me the shade of hair known as “money piece”?

When compared to the balayage highlighting technique, the money piece approach is more akin to a distant relative. To add shine and dimension to your hair and achieve a casual, lived-in appearance, this technique entails painting face-framing highlights (a la balayage) from root to tip.


Money piece hair, characterized by front strands that are lighter in color than the remainder of the mane, is currently in style. A highlighting method brightens your skin and draws attention to your features. Frisco, Texas hairstylist Jessica Ann Brown offers advice on how to achieve the current money piece look.

I think it’s really important to section off the hair. She warns, “If you always separate your hair this way, it won’t look the same.” If you want to change your hair color to the complete opposite of what you’re currently sporting, a trip to the colorist is in order. Brown advises women to take the advice of professionals seriously and to manage their expectations accordingly.

For example, “if you give a visual reference and they tell you it won’t look the same, be attentive to changes,” she says. Even once you achieve your ideal appearance, routine care is still necessary. Highlights should be touched up every 4-6 weeks. Maintain the vibrancy of the colors by washing with a color-safe or tone-specific shampoo.

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