As if split ends weren’t enough of a headache, we also have to deal with another hair-damaging issue that many people are unaware of. What exactly am I referring to? The hair is split down the middle (Mid-shaft splits). Yes, this should be added to your list of things to avoid when caring for and treating your hair. So, what exactly is a hair split down the middle, and how can you avoid it?

Hair split in the middle refers to hair breakage or weakness that occurs in the middle of the hair shaft rather than at the ends. Because of the increased number of twists and bends along the strand, mid-shaft splits are more common in women with kinky and coily hair. Every bend in the hair provides an opportunity for mid-shaft splits to flourish.

This perplexing issue, however, is not limited to a single texture. Like other common hair problems, how you style, treat, and care for your hair on a daily basis plays an important role in your journey to healthy hair. While split ends occur naturally as the oldest part of the hair, mid-shaft splits are caused by over-manipulation, chemical damage, heat damage, or weak hair. Here are four habits to avoid if you want to avoid mid-shaft splits.

What causes my hair to part in the middle?

Most people have natural parts, which are areas of their hair that naturally fall on either side of their head. And locating your natural hair part is surprisingly simple.

To begin, you should have towel-dried or dry hair.”Then, using a wide-toothed comb, comb your hair back away from your face, and then you should gently push your hair on top of your head forward, towards your face, using only your hand.

The hair should split, and there you have it, your part.” If you part your hair from the middle, it’s most likely because that’s your natural part line. Not everyone is in the middle, so that’s something unique about you, but if you don’t like it, there are a few things you can do about it.

How can I keep my hair from splitting down the middle?

hair split down the middle

The key to maintaining healthy hair and avoiding hair-splitting in the middle is prevention. While you may not be able to completely avoid split ends, you may be able to minimize their occurrence.

Let’s take a look at four tips and techniques for preventing hair from splitting down the middle.

1. Brushing out tangles

Your favorite brush can be both your best friend and your worst nightmare. While many women swear by the Denman brush or Tangle Teezer, make certain that these tools are not causing more harm than doing good. Also, Finger detangling is a great way to prevent single strand knots, which are a known cause of mid-shaft splits, because it allows you to see how your hair reacts.

You might be tempted to yank the brush through that tough spot, but using your fingers is a gentler method. If you’re detangling and each brushstroke sounds like sandpaper scratching, it’s a sign you should finger detangle instead. Choose conditioners with a lot of slips to help with this process.

2. You should wear more buns and do more updos

Excessive styling can also cause mid-shaft splits, especially when done on wet hair. When styling wet hair, it is weaker and more delicate. Constant twisting, braiding, and rolling of your hair can cause unseen breakage that you may not notice for weeks.

While these styles are lovely in their own right, if you notice frequent splits, opt for more updos or buns to protect your hair without having to change the style every day. Furthermore, the way you grip your hair while styling effects manipulation. Are you a naturally heavy-handed person? Are you finding yourself pulling and tugging at a section just to get a braid to stay in place?

Contrary to popular belief, having natural hair does not imply having stronger hair. To avoid mid-shaft splits, take it easy on the strands and handle them with caution.      

3. Avoid overdoing it, Styling with heat

Many women prefer heat styling to change up their look, check their length, or get their hair trimmed. We already know that heat can harm your curls, so it’s no surprise that it can also cause mid-shaft splits. My advice is to find a qualified stylist to help you blow out your natural curls.

We frequently overestimate the amount of heat required to straighten our hair when styling at home. Furthermore, a professional stylist will use proper heat protectants and ensure that the hair is hydrated from the inside out before applying heat. Bring your own heat protectant if you are unsure whether your stylist uses one.

4. Do not forego the protein treatments

Some women frequently overlook the importance of protein. While every woman requires a good moisturizing conditioner, having a killer protein conditioner or treatment is also essential. Protein treatments will assist in filling in the gaps within the cuticle where the hair shaft is weak and will eventually break.

Protein treatments should be used on a sporadic basis to avoid protein sensitivity, which occurs when your hair has a protein overload and causes additional damage. Regular conditioners containing hydrolyzed proteins are a great place to start and can help prevent mid-shaft splits.

How do you part your hair?

hair split down the middle

You should Begin with towel-dried or dry hair. Then it is recommended that you should use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair back away from your face, and then use your hand to gently push the hair on top of your head forward, towards your face. The hair should split, and there, you have it, your part, “Toth explains.

1. How to make a middle section

Middle and deep side parts are popular, but they don’t always look natural in your hair. “You should comb all of your hair back away from your face with a wide-tooth comb to create a perfect center part or any part for that matter. As a result, each of the comb’s teeth creates a different hair part for you to choose from. Simply select the desired part, align your comb exactly on top of it, and comb the hair on each side of it downward, “According to Toth.

To achieve a more natural look with your middle part, go slightly off-center—about a half-inch to the left or right of the center.

2. How to design a side part

If you have an idea how to make a middle part, you’ll quickly learn how to make a side part. “The process of creating a side part is a very similar center at to creating a centre part. You’ll still use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair straight back away from your face.

“If you’re having difficulty locating a side part, tilt your head to one side while combing your hair back so that the area where you want the part to form becomes the highest point of your head,” Toth suggests.

3. How to style a deep side part

Begin your part at the outer corner of the eye for a deep side part. You should create a line and part the hair on either side with a rattail comb, such as this one from Harry Josh Pro Tools ($20).

What exactly is the curtain Haircut?

The curtain haircut is characterized by a long fringe parted in the middle or on the side. (Curtain Haircut): It comes from the fact that the middle parting resembles a curtain. We adore this hairstyle because it is extremely versatile and flatters a wide range of face shapes and hair types.

When it comes to men’s middle part styling, you must be well-versed in current fashion. The one-of-a-kind hairstyle combines both short and long elements, implying that you can take elements from both and combine them into a single look.

For example, you could borrow the taper fade element from the short end of the spectrum and keep the nape and temple sections of your hair extremely short before graduating them in length.

Instead, you could choose a typically longer style with all hair pushed back and loosely done up into a middle part to add character and texture to your appearance. In any case, the middle part hairstyle for men is making a big comeback.

Top 10 Men’s Middle Part Hairstyles

1. Undercut in the middle haircut

Undercut in the middle haircut

The middle part undercut is a more upscale, sharp version of the traditional middle part hairstyle. You can get away with wearing it short and sleek, with a long fringe and sides that are closely cut.

The hairstyle draws attention to the curtain fringe and elevates it to the center of attention, which is exactly what it deserves. When the hair is split down the middle, the hair on top is longer than the hair on the sides, and there is no distinct blend between the two sections. This is a more contemporary version of the popular middle part style for men that is gaining in popularity.

  • Short in length

2. Curtains for short haircut

Curtains for short haircut

If you want a low-maintenance look, this is the hairstyle for you. To make the curtain fringe visible, your hair should be cut short around the sides. The use of a styling product to keep the hair in place for this look is highly recommended.

  • Short in length
  • Minimalist styling: sea-salt spray, matte paste

3. Curtains for long haircut

Curtains for long haircut

Long hair curtains are the most adaptable of the middle part hairstyles because they can be worn in a variety of ways. Long hair is also easy to manage because it naturally falls into the middle part. The long hair curtain haircut is also flattering on all hair types, including curly, straight, and wavy hair. With this trendy cut, you’ll look sexy and stylish regardless of your hair type.

  • Long in length
  • Blow-drying and frequent combing

4. Wavy waves and a middle parting haircut

Wavy waves and a middle parting haircut

Wavy Waves and a middle parting are possibly the perfect hairstyle combination ever. If you’re fortunate enough to have naturally wavy hair, you’d be a fool not to make the most of it by wearing it with curtains. In order to complement and work with your long luscious waves, the middle parting is the most effective. The look is also ideal for face shaping.

  • Short/Mid-length
  • Moderate styling, blow-dry

5. Faded sides in the middle haircut

Faded sides in the middle haircut

The curtain haircut with faded sides is a more modern take on the 90s classic. There are many different tapered fades available, and whichever you choose, the faded sides will contrast beautifully with the middle-parted curtains.

Your barber will advise you on the best type of fade for your hair type and face shape. When you leave the hairdresser with a middle part and faded sides, you will look trendy, smart, and cool all at the same time!

  • Length: Short Styling: Matte clay and pomade are the only products used.
  • Middle Part with a Blunt Cut.

6. The blunt-cut middle part haircut

The blunt-cut middle part haircut

The ideal haircut for a polished appearance. The blunt-cut middle part is a versatile and fashionable middle part hairstyle that is one of our favorites. This type of parting flatters any face shape. It looks best with straight hair, so those with curls or waves should choose another look, or if you’re still interested, you can straighten your hair if you also want to rock a blunt cut middle part.

  • Short in length
  • Minimalist styling

7. Curtains in disarray haircut

Curtains in disarray haircut

Shaggy and sexy, sloppy curtains will transport you to the 1970s. If you have wavy hair or curly, we believe this is the best option for fully embracing your wild side as well as your wild hair. If you have this type of hair, we recommend leaving the curtain fringe long for added texture and bounce.

Messy hair is making a comeback, and the messy curtain fringe is the perfect marriage of two re-emerging trends. So, if you want to be at the very top of the trendy ladder, requesting messy curtains from your barber is a good way to get there.

  • Short/medium length
  • Style: Blow dry

8. Slicked eboy hairstyle

Slicked eboy hairstyle

The Eboy haircut is a slicked-back version of the classic curtain fringe that has become a huge trend since the rise of TikTok, and we love it! You only need a defined middle part and a curtain fringe, with the rest of your hair slicked back.

The best part about this trendy haircut is that you can wear it regardless of your hair type because the Eboy version of curtain fringe is more textured, relaxed, and uneven.

  • Short/medium length
  • Moderate styling

9. Curtains with long straight lines haircut

Curtains with long straight lines haircut

Long straight curtains are the original look for the middle part hairstyle. This hairstyle works so well because long hair naturally lends itself to a middle part, requiring little effort, which is a plus. Long hair curtains exude a sleek and fashionable appearance. It also works well whether you have thick or thin straight hair. Even better, if you don’t like the curtain, you can easily remove it.

  • Long in length
  • Blow-drying and frequent combing

10. EBoy haircut

EBoy haircut

An eBoy is a guy with an emo style and a large online presence. eBoy hair is typically styled with a curtain’s hairstyle, which combines modern hipster and emo fashion. The eBoy haircut begins with longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides. The hairstyle is then parted down the center to create curtain bangs that flow loosely and freely to frame the face. Young men and boys can pull off the eBoy look with style if they are bold, dark, and on-trend.

Top 10 Women’s Middle Part Hairstyles

A middle part line runs down the length of your hair, whether it’s short, medium, or long. Middle parts are well-known for framing the face and emphasizing facial features.

Until recently, middle part haircuts were never a part of my hairstyle. Why? I thought a middle part would look ridiculous on my thick, curly hair. Then I saw a few celebrities rocking the middle part and decided to let go of my fears.

So, I’m in love! Changing from a side to a middle part hairstyle can give you the change you need.

1. A strong face frame with a middle part and long layers haircut

A strong face frame with a middle part and long layers haircut

For women with defined features, a strong face-framing middle part with long layers is recommended. The middle part hairstyle draws attention to and emphasizes the prominent facial features. This type of style emphasizes facial structures that are often hidden when the hair is parted to one side.

2. Shoulder-length waves with a center part haircut

Shoulder-length waves with a center part haircut

This center part hairstyle has the most natural-looking waves. It’s a look that can be worn anywhere without feeling overdone. It’s extremely simple and quick to style.

Never curl anything below the ear with mid-length hair. It aids in keeping the back from feeling bulky. Scrunch the ends with a sea salt spray like MARE by Reverie to give the appearance of curls on the parts that aren’t curled.

To finish, apply a styling cream like RAKE by Reverie to the hair to emphasize the amount of texture added to the waves. It enables you to break up the curl and give it a messy, tousled, undone appearance.

3. Bob’s modernized beachy mid part haircut

Bob's modernized beachy mid part haircut

This is a classic a-line bob haircut with a center part and beachy waves. This mid-length bob is both versatile and low-maintenance. The center section gives it a relaxed feel.

This style flatters a wide range of hair types and faces shapes, but when choosing a part, keep symmetry and features in mind. Apart from in the center emphasizes balance, so if you don’t have an oval face and/or symmetrical features, try shifting the part slightly left or right until you find the positioning that works best for you.

4. Seamless long layers with a middle part haircut

Seamless long layers with a middle part haircut

Consider a mid-length cut with long, seamless layers and a center part. This hairstyle has a softer perimeter as well.

A middle-part haircut is extremely versatile and can be dressed in a variety of ways. You should scrunch in some salt spray to bring out the natural texture if you want to achieve a lived-in look. Use a one 1/4-inch curling iron for a more refined look. It also looks great smoothed out or flat ironed!

5. Precise middle-parted long bob haircut

Precise middle-parted long bob haircut

Take, for example, a long, precise middle-parted bob. The cut is simple, but the angle by the front of the face adds a lot of drama. It stands out against the soft and subtle round shape to cut into the back.

This parted haircut shape will suit both straight and curly hair textures, but you will need to blow dry it with products to achieve the sleek line. A good round brush and high-quality products are required. Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Prep, Confixor, and Air Control are three fantastic products that will give you this looks in a blow-dry.

However, styling time is required if you want it to look as polished as this low-maintenance hairstyle does. The lack of layering in the front of this cut may make your face appear even longer if you have a long face shape. Your face shape will look better if it has a more linear appearance because of the length in front. This is especially true if you have a wider or rounder face.

6. Flirty & feminine center haircut

Flirty & feminine center haircut

This is a feminine and flirty center part. Starting at the jaw, the layers draw the eyes to the lips, creating a soft and sexy effect. The face-framing layers are the highlight of this center-parted hairstyle. They are extremely soft and flattering on a wide range of face shapes.

For this hairstyle, you should have thick hair with some length to support heavy layers like this. If you want to hide a square jaw, this look is not for you because the layers hit right at the jawline.

You’ll need a volumizing mousse, volume-boosting spray, a large round brush, and your blow dryer to achieve this look. Dry the hair section by section, wrapping it around your round brush as you blow-dry to create a full and voluminous bombshell effect.

After you’ve finished your blowout, spray your hairstyle with hairspray, and you’re ready to go! While it is not a wash and go look, with the right products and care. For several days, you can keep your blowout looking great!

7. Confident & flirty blunt cut with center part haircut

Confident & flirty blunt cut with center part haircut

This blunt cut with a middle part is a very simple cut that can be worn naturally air-dried, straight and sleek, or in loose beach curls.

Use a blowout serum or cream to protect the hair from heat, smooth out frizz, and prepare it for styling tools. In the case of a one 1/4-inch curling iron, a working styling hairspray with a light to medium hold is used as a setting spray. Work in one- to two-inch sections and curl the hair in the same direction.

8. Delightful middle parted layers haircut

Delightful middle parted layers haircut

This is a long, layered haircut with a lot of face-framing layering. Layers like this add movement, body, and volume.

This hairstyle and cut are ideal for women with long hair that is parted down the middle. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you want something classy, fun, and a little sexy without sacrificing length! It’s also best for women with thicker hair because it makes it look lighter without making it look overly thinned or wispy.

In accordance with your face shape, you may wish to begin the face-framing process higher or lower. For an oval, round, or square shape, it is recommended that the framing begins around the chin to draw the eye down and elongate the face. Begin around the cheekbones for oblong, heart, and diamond shapes.

9. Textured bob with a center part and long fringe haircut

Textured bob with a center part and long fringe haircut

This textured bob features a center part and a long fringe. Longer bangs allow you to wear it parted down the middle or pushed to one side.

You can style this hairstyle in a variety of ways, which is one of the most appealing aspects of it. To achieve the perfect sexy and flirty beach waves, prep the hair with Shu Eumura’s Texture Wave styling product. Then, working in three different sections, curl the hair in alternating directions with a 1-inch Marcel curling iron.

Women with oval or heart-shaped faces should wear their hair parted down the middle.

This middle-parted hairstyle is also great for wearing straight or letting air dry to highlight the natural texture. When it comes to the finished look, products play an important role. Spritz Texture Wave on dry hair for a quick fix for women on the go and rock the gorgeous hair you were born with!

10. Bob, center, parted haircut

Bob, center, parted haircut

This center-parted bob is straightforward. All that remains is for you to blow dry it. It doesn’t take much effort to achieve this look because the shape of the hair does all of the work for you.

If you want a more textured look, use hairspray and mess it up a little to give the hair more body (as shown).

Alternatively, use a lightweight smoothing cream or hair serum to add shine and keep flyaways at bay. For a sleek look, try Aveda Nourishing Styling Creme.

Watch How to fix your slick back hairstyle from splitting in the middle | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers about hair split down the middle

Why do split ends happen?

Split ends occur when your hair’s ends become dry, brittle, and frayed. They may resemble the unraveled end of a rope.
Split ends can be caused by exposure to extreme weather conditions as well as hair care techniques such as blow-drying, straightening, and curling. Chemical hair products are also to blame. Split ends are common because so many people use hair products on a daily basis. Almost everyone will have to deal with split ends at some point in their lives.

 Who can pull off a middle part?

For oblong faces, a middle part is ideal. To give the appearance of roundness to oblong faces, Fowler recommends a middle part. “Bangs also work well for this look because they help shorten the long face shape,” says Fowler. She suggests getting a haircut with layers to highlight your cheekbones and strong jawline.

What is the best way to style men’s curtains haircuts?

Men’s curtains haircuts can be styled in a variety of ways. This haircut looks best when styled with an undercut or a fade. For added hold and style, use a styling product.

How do I approach my barber regarding the purchase of curtains?

Request a middle part haircut from your barber, and you’ll have a fashionable curtain hairstyle that complements your hair type and face shape.

What is an Eboy haircut exactly?

A middle part hairstyle with long bangs popularized by Eboys as a youth subculture on TikTok.


hair split down the middle

Even though there is no way to repair split ends, you can conceal the damage. Applying coconut oil, almond oil, or another type of moisturizer to the ends of your hair is one option. These products not only add shine to your hair but also smooth it, which helps conceal split ends.

Another option for you is to wear your hair in styles that conceal your ends. You could try wearing hair extensions or styling your hair in a low or high bun.

Keep in mind that split ends can spread and cause the hair shaft to split. To prevent further damage, you’ll need to trim or cut off the damaged hair.

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