The silvery gray hair trend has recently taken off, and the infatuation with pastel strands has been long overdue, so here we present the ultimate blend of edgy cool and rocker chic. The new balayage hues include violet, lavender, and blue. Soft, hand-applied highlights are combined with a bold yet adaptable color to create this style.

Consider it the daring hair change solution those of us who want to “play it safe” have been waiting for. According to Dosso, purple balayage involves painting on purple or violet highlights and lowlights after whitening the hair.

The low maintenance required by the balayage technique has contributed to its recent “very popular” status. Dosso thinks that glossing balayage is a simple and enjoyable approach for women to sport a trendy purple hue in their hair. It gives things an “edgy look without over-processing them.” And she continues.

Does purple balayage look good with black hair? 

Purple hair is a great example of how exciting it is to experiment with bold colors in your hair. We recommend trying out black hair with purple highlights for this. Purple and its many variations are only one of the many hues available to you. Once reserved for royalty, today, only the wealthy and highly esteemed can afford to wear this color, which is rarely found in nature.

There are countless versions in every shade of purple, so you may be as daring or subtle as you like. It really just depends on the specific purple and the base color. The richness and depth of black hair are brought out by both dark and light purples. If you’re looking for ideas, consider the following pictures.

The combination of black hair and purple highlights is a look that may be described as stunning, dark, and beautiful. If you’re a woman looking for a mysterious new haircut, try one of these exciting color combinations. Your individuality can be shown through the use of a distinct color scheme and cut.

What should be your hair condition and hair color to get purple balayage? 

Balayage in purple is mystical. The technique of balayage offers a high degree of precision when coloring your hair. In addition to being able to combine the color with your foundation hue or natural shade, stylists who do balayage may add the thinnest, subtlest streaks.

Every new fad in fantasy hair color involves some shade of purple. It’s prevalent in such hairstyles as the oil slick, peacock, and mermaid. It’s finally getting some well-earned attention, so why not highlight the regal color in your hair? The Secrets to Killer Purple Balayage Hai With purple balayage hair, you’ll be unstoppable. All you have to do is initiate contact.

You won’t believe how many compliments you receive or how much more certain you feel. As it turns out, fake hairstyles are very popular among the general public. Think about your favorite color first. How about amethyst? Do you have a thing for it? Are you a wine nut? Choose a color scheme at the salon that includes anything from dark purple to bright electric tones.

1. Can you explain the distinction between balayage and highlights

Balayage may resemble highlights, but it’s actually quite different. Unlike traditional highlight techniques, which involve wrapping small portions of hair in foil or Meche, balayage is performed freehand.

This is the primary reason why, on you, highlights seem as bold stripes rather than the more subtle and natural balayage effect. Furthermore, because of the laid-back nature of balayage coloring, your stylist has more leeway to play around with where the color is applied, which can result in a beautiful color frame for your face.

2. How many distinct balayage techniques are there

In spite of the fact that traditional shades like honey blonde and caramel balayage have been around for a while, the method has seen significant development in recent years. For those who like a more three-dimensional look to their color fills, the 3-D balayage technique is a great option. Instead of utilizing a single, flat color, two colors are employed, one of which is slightly darker than the other, to create a sense of depth within the otherwise abstract design.

In comparison to freshly washed hair, your mane will appear thicker and more voluminous after going through this process. Just like any other hairstyle, balayage hair color experiences a steady stream of new styles.

The smokey gold balayage, in which ash and espresso tones are concentrated on the face-framing tendrils in the front and the ends of your hair, is a popular style right now. This is one of the most lavish balayage styles we’ve seen in a while, thanks to the glossy finish and perfect color blending.

3. I need to know the proper technique for balayage

The quality of a balayage job can be judged against a few criteria. Consider these warning signs: When applying balayage to hair, sections should be close together, with a lighter base at the roots and a darker, more pronounced finish at the ends. When performing balayage, the color should be applied only to the surface of strategic parts.

The color needs to be gentle looking, with just the proper amount of lift, and free of any orange or brassy undertones. Using high-quality materials at the proper time is essential. If the balayage turns out uneven, it’s likely because of a problem with the lifting or bleaching procedure.

If your balayage fails to come out as planned, don’t worry; it can be corrected with a little amount of color correction. A specialist may evaluate the damage and recommend the best course of action, which may include anything from a root melt to a toning shampoo that will lighten or darken the color.

4. Why is balayage so popular, and what are its advantages

It’s edgier and more fashionable than traditional foil highlights and makes for a more attractive effect. Babylights and pearly balayage are just two examples of treatments that may be tailored to your preferences, each of which employs a distinct palette and “hand painting” methodology to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Balayage is great since it works with your hair’s natural growth pattern. In other words, the dying method allows for gradual tonal shifts without the need for frequent salon visits for touch-ups.

It may be adjusted to fit your hairstyle, features, and complexion. A skilled balayage hairstylist will be able to add color to your hair in just the correct spots without changing your cut or base color. Appointments for Balayage are rather brief,

5. So, you want to know the difference between balayage and ombré, but what exactly are they

The terms balayage and ombré are sometimes used interchangeably due to their similarity as highlighting techniques. While ombré creates the impression of a gradual lightening from the hair’s roots to its ends, balayage strategically adds highlights throughout the hair.

Sometimes, the two methods are combined to produce a softer, charcoal black or platinum blonde version of attractive ombrés known as the “sombré” appearance.

Can you get purple balayage at home? 

In other words, you’ve decided to embrace the color purple. What’s the plan? What about a berry-whisked balayage style, a head full of hair lavender, or a two-tone mauve dip-dye? We’ll examine your choices in light of your current hair color and your level of bravery.

Preparing your hair for a color change by giving it some TLC is essential if you want a beautiful color that lasts. Because bleach and lightener can dry out your hair, you should make sure it’s in its healthiest state before coloring it.

Applying a nourishing hair mask in place of or in addition to your regular conditioner in the few washes before dying your hair can help lock in as much moisture as possible before the dye is applied. You may give your soon-to-be-colored locks some much-needed moisture and protection with our L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Mask.

Step 1.

As you get your hair ready to be dyed purple, Preparation is important before beginning the process of dying your hair purple. Any bright color dye can be a little messy, and you probably don’t want to be ruining your favorite towels or dress while you’re trying to get the appearance you want.

Step 2.

You should begin with dry, unwashed hair (you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least 24 hours before coloring it) and use a brush or comb to smooth out any tangles so the dye will penetrate evenly.

Step 3.

Separate hair into two sections using a comb or your fingers, and then divide each of those sections in half, so you have four manageable chunks. Make sure you have enough clips to hold three of the four pieces in place until you’re ready to use them.

Step 4.

Wear an old tee, cover your shoulders with a towel, and use the gloves that come with our dye kits (unless you’re going for the “just chopped beetroot” look, of course).

Step 5.

A purple dye job on dark brown hair. It’s time for the good and bad news, brunette babies. Let’s start with the negative: chestnut hair is notoriously resistant to dye jobs, unlike its blond and redheaded counterparts. To achieve a pastel lilac tone, you’ll need to lighten your hair somewhat.

The bright side is that, unlike blondes, you may pick between two lovely hues: deep plum and delicate violet. The Colorista Violet Permanent Hair Dye, which results in a deep eggplant hue, is the most foolproof option for a brunette to experiment with purple hues.

30 hairstyle ideas to slay with purple balayage on black hair

Balayage’s hand-painted, ethereal hue has kept it a top trend in the beauty world for the past few years. It used to be that women only dyed their hair in bright colors during the summer, but now you can spot ladies of all ages sporting everything from pastels to deep purple balayage.

Purple is perfect for the carefree fashionable woman, and balayage is easier to maintain than a full-color job. There’s a lilac, lavender, plum, or violet out there for everyone! Going to a salon for balayage is highly recommended if you’re interested in getting the method done.

1. Curly, Violet, Lob Haircut hairstyle

Vibrant violet balayage is a great way to spice up a modern lob. Dark brunettes benefit the most from a bold hue’s electrifying vibrancy.

2. Lavender with Silvery Streaks of Fading Age hairstyle

This lovely dusty lavender balayage is one of the many shades of purple that may be achieved while coloring hair. Lavender works well with white or grey to add depth for women who enjoy ashy tones.

3. Fuschia Distressed Pastels hairstyle

Styles with purple hair can be subtle and elegant as well. If a girly girl is interested in trying out purple but is leaning more toward a pastel Fuschia tone, this is the one for her. The pink flecks are a charming addition.

4. Swells of Vivid Purple hairstyle

This is the next shade for all you punk rock princesses! It will be necessary to color your hair frequently to keep this color from fading, but the effort will be well worth it.

5. Dull, Pale Purple hairstyle

A balayage cut with pastel purple highlights will complete your hipster look. With its vintage appeal and low maintenance needs, it is a lovely option.

6. Layer of Vibrant Grapes on Top hairstyle

Who wants some grape jelly? A lively hairstyle would make everyone happier just by your presence. Make a bold statement by applying the dye only to the top layers of your hair.

7. Balayage, mysterious and daring hairstyle

This hairstyle has it all: ashy lavender at the base, strong lilac in the middle, and dusty Fuschia at the ends. Use an ashy base and progressively blend into a deeper, warmer purple if your natural color is silvery.

8. Partial Balayage and Highlights hairstyle

The purple balayage color was achieved with a multi-tone highlighting technique. To make your hair really stand out, try mixing brilliant violet with ashy violet.

9. Lavender dust with wet flower tips hairstyle

Dusty lavender aims for a washed-out color palette. You may get this look by dying your hair a very pale pastel hue and concentrating a deep purple color just at the ends.

10. Color Scheme: Creamsicle Pink with Blonde Hairstyle

This style is not exclusive to brunettes. On the contrary, blonde hair makes purple stand out splendidly and creates a smooth fusion. If you’re going for a creamsicle look, choose a purple color that’s on the same tonal scale as your blonde hair.

11. High-Powered Neon Hairstyle

If you like fluorescent colors, this purple balayage cut is for you. This ‘do, already eye-catching on blondes will be even more noticeable on dark browns.

12. A Dark Purple-Brown Hue Hairstyle

Add a cool-toned lilac to the tips of your hair to enhance its natural ash color. It’s a low-key way to update your look with a bold new hue without committing to the trend or the upkeep that comes along with it.

13. A Gradual Intensification of the Mauve Tones Hairstyle

If you’re a woman in an office setting and you want to experiment with artificial hair color in a subdued way, try a shade of greyish mauve. Choosing to wear a muted mauve rather than a more striking purple will provide you with more flexibility in your clothing.

14. Plum-Smoke Balayage Hairstyle

Blending a charcoal hue with a purple-red plum color creates a captivating smoke effect that looks great on hair. A deep purple balayage that’s placed far from the roots won’t keep you faithful for long.

15. Tiny Shreds of Pale Purple Hairstyle

This bob looks modern and youthful thanks to its vibrant color and sharp shape. If you want to test out the trend without a lot of effort, just color the top layers of your hair and leave the locks underneath unaltered.

16. Purple and Indigo Spikes Hairstyle

Go ahead and explore the shadows. If you’re a fan of both blue and purple, you’ll adore the resulting blend. To make your black hair even sexier, try an indigo dye.

17. Balayage in Magenta and Violet Hairstyle

Even while strange hand-painted color treatments have become increasingly frequent, this magenta purple balayage is a bold departure from the norm. You may take your newfound confidence and edgy look to the next level by dying your hair a vivid violet.

18. Mermaid of the Deep Lavender Sea Hairstyle

This is a seductive take on the mermaid hair trend for the gals who liked it but couldn’t get behind pastels. Charcoal’s sexy transition into deep purples is a good choice for people with cold undertones.

19.Balayage with a lilac unicorn mane Hairstyle

Unicorn hair is trendy because it is feminine and glamorous, with a Tumblr feel. Lilac is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical because it can be worn year-round.

20. Balayage in a deep violet hue, like amethysts Hairstyle

The allure of jewel tones is undeniable. This fanciful assortment of amethysts is the perfect accessory to an

21. In Monochrome Hairstyle

The appropriate notes were sung by Michael Jackson. Neither your race nor your color matters! So, why not take both? The world has gone Monochrome, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The combination of black and white locks creates a striking color trend that you should attempt.

22. Wintertime sweets Hairstyle

Feminine and slightly refined is the ideal style. Sugary pink and lilac pastels are probably what come to mind. This stunning ombre transitions from bright pink to a calming lavender as it cascades down in beautiful spirals.

23. Auburn Hairstyle

In a word, “scorching.” A warm auburn hue, such as that found in hair, might help you feel more optimistic throughout the colder months or on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that actors tend to favor this look. This ravishing red will bring forth your inner diva. Be ferocious!

24. Balayage in Brown Hairstyle

I’ve been craving some chocolate. It really is the greatest thing that has ever happened. The allure of chocolate would be enough to tempt me to invade Earth if I were an alien. Coat your hair in that luscious goop as well. You may achieve a beautiful, thick head of hair by dyeing it a dark chocolate color and adding partial milk chocolate highlights.

25. Lilac Hairstyle

A lilac bush is a sign of joy and peace. I agree completely if this photo is any indication. The popularity of lilacs has skyrocketed. This icy shade really highlights green eyes. It’s wonderful for giving your hair a gentle yet lively appearance.

26. Ombre in Turquoise Hairstyle

Put your eyes closed and picture yourself in the ideal vacation spot. The swoosh of the blue waves is audible to me. Visualize that on your head of hair. That’s very close to ideal, wouldn’t you agree?

27. Black and Green Hairstyle

Green stands out as a vibrant and powerful hue. That explains why the Hulk and Lady Liberty both wear green. Green hair is the ultimate choice for the fashion-forward radical. This gorgeous mixture is a must-try for anyone with black hair. Including it in my plans is a given.

28. Violet and Blue Hairstyle

Put that unicorn frappuccino in my hair, please! Putting on a new look is as easy as pairing the sweet and sour of purple and blue.

29. Bronze Silver Hairstyle

Now I understand the meaning of the term “silver spoon.” The color silver is one of great wealth and nobility. Mixing in some bronde only makes it better. Indulge in this silver bronde balayage to look chic, even on the chilliest of winter days.

30. Blue Denim Ombre Hairstyle

In contrast to certain fashions that come and go in popularity, denim has lasted for decades. Professionals in the field of color theory and application have now made it possible for us to extend our denim fetish to our hair. It’s perfect, and we adore it!

Watch Midnight blue violet black hair tutorial | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the purple balayage on black hair

What is the durability of a purple balayage?

Semipermanent dyes have a lifespan of about 4-8 washes at most.

Learn the answer to the question, “How long does purple balayage last?”

When does purple hair dye turn into another color? Depending on the exact shade of purple you use, you may see a reddish or blued tint as the color fades out of your hair.

Does it take a lot of effort to keep the balayage purple?

This stunning hue, however, needs a lot of upkeep and touch-ups if you want it to last more than a few weeks.

If you have purple balayage hair, how do you keep it looking so good?

Purple locks can be kept looking fresh with the use of dry shampoos, such as Bumble & Bumble Bb.

So, how do you keep Balayage safe?

Avoid getting your balayage hair wet in a chlorinated swimming pool if you want to preserve the color. Because it removes the hair’s natural oils, chlorine can leave hair dry and brittle. Obviously, this is not a reason to give up swimming.


Modern examples of purple balayage hairstyles We can thank Ultraviolet for making purple and its many variations a trendy color choice in 2018. We advise you to give purple balayage a try if you want to stand out from the crowd with daring hair color and unique styling.

You’ll be the talk of the town with this do, and I can almost guarantee that no other girls will have the same hair. Purple balayage looks best on black, dark brown, deep chestnut, or any other shade of dark hair. Highlights in any shade of purple, from lavender to ultramarine and deep purple, will look great.

Whether your hair is long or short, adding color to the highlights will make it look fuller and more interesting. Occasionally, all it takes to look totally on-trend is a touch of purple balayage.

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