IPL” is the abbreviation for “Intense Pulsed Light.” At home, IPL hair removal technology sends very gentle light pulses to the hair root. This leads the hair to enter a resting period, during which any existing hair falls out, and your body produces less hair in that area over time. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, How to Use IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home?.

The smoothness also lasts an extended period. Philips Lumea Prestige, the culmination of 14 years of study, provides eight weeks of hair-free living after just four treatments*. It’s not only for legs, either: cleverly curved attachments let you reach and treat your underarms, bikini area and face with ease. As a result, IPL can effectively replace shavers, wax treatments, and epilators.

How to Use IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home? | A - Z Guide

What is the procedure for IPL laser hair removal?

IPL works because of a component in hair called melanin: similar to a dark sheet on a hot day; melanin helps the hair absorb the light from the flashes, causing it to rest. You’ll have smooth, hair-free skin as a result.

So, here is the procedure for IPL laser hair removal?

Step 1: Remove all visible hair in the area

Using your preferred hair removal method, remove all visible hair in the region you want to treat. You should make sure there are no hairs left on the skin’s surface. After that, pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

Step 2: Choose head for IPL hair removal device

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, choose between the standard and precision heads.

Step 3: Make sure the nozzle is in complete contact with the skin

To ensure that the product works properly, make sure the nozzle is in complete contact with the skin. The device will not work if it is not in good touch with the skin.

Step 4: Use gliding mode for more extensive body areas

Use gliding mode for more extensive body areas: hold down the button and treat along your skin. Press and release the button for smaller regions. You can choose the mild or extra gentle setting for delicate areas or if this is your first time.

Step 5: Continue other areas

Continue to the next area!

Step 6: Clean

After each usage, make sure to wipe the nozzle clean.

Step 7: Continue treatments

For the first 4 to 12 weeks of your treatment, treat once a week. Then, as needed, adjust (every 1-2 months).

How does IPL hair removal work?

How to Use IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home? | A - Z Guide

The IPL hand piece emits highly regulated pulses of light from a smooth, clear Light Guide, which are deliberately absorbed by the hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface. The absorbed light warms the hair, destroying the follicle’s re-growth potential while causing no injury to the surrounding tissue.

IPL laser hair removal is usually carried out by a highly trained technician. The hair in the treatment region is shaved away to begin your therapy. The region to be treated is normally covered in a cool gel, and you may be given goggles or dark glasses to shield your eyes from the strong light.

The hair follicles and their ability to regrow hair are damaged by the pulses of light that are delivered to your skin. Each brief pulse may provide a minor stinging sensation, but most people can tolerate the therapy without using numbing lotion. When the gel is removed, it wipes away a lot of the hair. Over the next week or two, the remaining hair in the treated region falls out.

  • Parameters are determined before treatment to ensure optimal hair removal and skin safety.
  • During treatment, light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft. Each follicle is damaged as a result of the heat.
  • Damaged hairs are removed after treatment, with great long-term outcomes.

How to choose IPL laser hair removal according to skin type?

You’re looking for IPL hair removal equipment but aren’t sure which one will work best for you. It’s critical that you select a gadget that complements your hair and skin tone. It’s also a good idea to decide which body parts you’ll utilize the device on. There are more attachments on some machines than on others.

Choosing the suitable IPL hair removal device for your skin type:

IPL hair removal equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they all appear similar. You should ask yourself the following questions to help you choose the best IPL equipment for you:

  • Which hair and skin tone would you like to use the device on?
  • Which parts of your body do you wish to have hair removed from?
  • How long do you plan on using the device?

Which hair and skin tone would you like to use the device on?

The majority of IPL devices work on naturally dark blonde to black hair. You can choose from a lesser selection of devices if you have light blond, white, orange, red, or grey hair. Most IPL devices are acceptable for skin tones of white, beige, light brown, or medium brown. You can also choose from a limited variety if you have a dark brown or dark complexion. As you can see in this figure, this is indicated in the table for each device.

Which parts of your body do you wish to be hair-free?

All IPL hair removal equipment comes with an appropriate attachment for your arms, legs, back, and stomach. With a surface area of four cm2, this light window is quite large. Do you wish to get rid of hair in smaller areas of your body, such as your bikini line, armpits, or sections of your face? Choose an IPL device with attachments that have a two-cm2 light window. Philips devices can also be used with circular attachments and additional filters designed for your bikini line, armpits, or face.

How long will you be using the device?

The number of flashes shows the device’s operating time. About 250,000 flashes are used in most IPL hair removal systems. You can get rid of hairs for about 20 years with this. The more flashes the device has, the more premium the model. Some devices have over 400,000 or 500,000 flashes, allowing for hair removal for up to 20 years.

Does IPL work on all types of body hair?

How to Use IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home? | A - Z Guide

Yes, IPL is suitable for all types of body hair. Hair on your legs, underarms, bikini line and face can be removed with the IPL. It comes with various curved attachments for various body locations, making it simple to reach and treat each one properly. You may rest assured that your skin is receiving the careful attention it requires.

Body attachment:

A generously curved design follows your body’s natural contours, allowing you to properly treat broad regions such as your legs, arms, and stomach. The larger 4.1 cm2 window allows you to treat these areas more quickly, allowing you to get back to your day.

  • Treatment time: 8.5 minutes for lower legs.
  • The satisfaction rate for hair reduction: on the legs is 83 percent.

Bikini area attachment: 

A more delicately curved form and a transparent filter enable for successful treatment of hard-to-reach areas in the bikini area. For a closer focus range, use a 3 cm2 window.

  • Treatment time: 2 minutes for the bikini area.
  • The satisfaction rate for hair reduction in the bikini area: 78 percent.

Underarm attachment:

When you use this specifically curved attachment on your underarms, no hair is left behind. Again, the 3 cm2 window size aids in the proper treatment of thicker and stronger hair.

  • Time to treat underarms: 2.5 minutes
  • Hair reduction satisfaction rate: Eighty-six percent of people who had their underarms shaved were satisfied with the results.

Face attachment:

Flat design with a slightly thinner nib and an additional inbuilt filter. The chin, upper lip, and sideburns can all be treated safely and precisely using a 2 cm2 window.

  • Time to treat the face areas: 1.5 minutes
  • The satisfaction rate for hair removal on the face: 84 percent.

Is it painful to use IPL laser hair removal?

Simply told, it isn’t painful.

Over 2,000 women were tested in clinical trials to ensure that the Philips Lumea Prestige was gentle and easy to use. The majority of users experienced only a faint warm sensation with each flash. That’s one of the reasons why IPL is now used by over 1.5 million ladies all over the world: who could say no to painless, long-lasting hair removal?

The secret is to use the correct Lumea light intensity setting. There are five to select from, and the set comes with a useful guide to help you discover the best setting for your skin tone and hair color.

To avoid any discomfort, it’s best to strictly adhere to the usage instructions. Before using Lumea, shave the area and avoid flashing the same spot multiple times. As you might expect, IPL (or any other hair removal therapy) should not be used on damaged or irritated skin, tattoos, illnesses, or burns.

What to consider when using IPL laser hair removal?

We’ve all heard stories about how undesirable body hair may be eliminated with the help of an at-home device that zaps the hair follicles. These devices have been available on the market for a number of years now, and by far, the most popular is the Philips Lumea.

Who, after all, doesn’t want to be hair-free? Waking up in the mornings knowing you don’t have to shave and can throw on a lovely summer dress? Or that annoying moment when you discover you’ve left home without checking your underarms and are forced to wear strappy tops all day to keep your arms by your sides.

IPL at-home hair removal could be a wonderful option for you if you’re looking for a more permanent cure for unsightly body hair.

Before you use IPL laser hair removal, there are a few things to think about.

1. The best time to start is during the autumn/winter months.

Laser hair removal is only effective when the contrast between your darker hair and lighter skin is at its greatest. While the Philips Lumea is designed to function on people with darker skin tones, it is always safer to wait until you have a natural or fake tan before getting laser hair removal.

2. After your treatment, avoid plucking and waxing.

Anything else removes hair from the follicle and slows down the IPL process, which you don’t want.

3. After you’ve zapped, apply sunscreen.

Always use SPF, but especially after IPL treatment, your skin will be especially sensitive, so take extra precautions with sun protection. Alternately, dress in jeans.

4. Avoid using perfumes and deodorants.

Perfumes, deodorants, and hot showers should all be avoided due to the sensitivity of the skin, only for the first 24 hours following your treatment. I zap before bed and then use a more natural deodorant the next day (I know, not strictly 24 hours later).

5. Some hair and skin types are more difficult to treat than others.

Darker hair follicles are the easiest to cure because the laser targets the pigment in the hair. However, grey, blonde, and red pigments, as well as darker skin tones, might be difficult.

The Philips Lumea, on the other hand, includes five settings and clear directions on which one to choose for each skin and hair type, as well as a useful chart to help you decide if the Lumea is ideal for you.

What is best Laser hair removal or IPL laser hair removal?

How to Use IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home? | A - Z Guide

Both IPL and laser hair removal are long-term hair removal methods. They are both quite effective and work in similar ways. Both treatment procedures can considerably lower the growth speed of residual hairs as well as hair thickness, in addition to preventing hairs from regrowing.

Many IPL and laser hair removal customers and clients obtain excellent results; however, to get the greatest results, you must first choose which procedure is ideal for you.

Which is better: IPL or Laser?

The choice between IPL and laser therapy is a personal one. Because your skin tone and hair color might influence the results you can obtain with laser and hair removal, it’s critical to know which is ideal for you so you can get the results you want.

Consider your skin and body type, as well as the amount of money you want to spend and how quickly you’d like to see results.

The advantages of IPL hair removal

IPL hair removal devices have wider coverage than laser hair removal devices because broad-spectrum light naturally spreads out. As a result, treatment periods may be shortened because bigger regions can be treated simultaneously. Treatment periods may be shorter, and treatments may be less expensive, but you may require more sessions to attain the same outcomes.

IPL utilizes a broad spectrum of light. Thus it can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to treat a wide range of skin disorders with great success. Within a treatment type, it can also be customized to accommodate different skin and hair types. For example, a VPL (Variable Pulsed Light) version of IPL has been developed.

IPL allows the user to customize the light pulse parameters to best suit the skin and hair they want to treat. Not only does this reflect the fact that different skin tones necessitate different light-based hair removal methods, but it also highlights the fact that thick, coarse bikini line hair requires a different treatment than finer arm hair, as demonstrated by the designers.

The advantages of Laser hair removal

According to the nature of lasers, hair removal equipment may focus light down into the pores of the skin, getting closer to the follicle to treat it and, in the long run, prevent regrowth. Because single hairs are burned to damaging temperatures at a higher rate with laser hair removal compared with IPL, laser hair removal can produce significantly faster results. As a result, you may require fewer laser hair removal treatments to achieve the same results.

Because laser hair removal is more targeted, it may be more suited to persons with a darker complexion. Darker skin absorbs more light than paler skin due to the amount of melanin (pigment) it contains, just as darker hair absorbs more light than paler hair. As a result, there’s a chance that the darker skin will become heated.

Because lasers produce more focused, smaller areas of light, they are better suited to treating people with darker skin than IPL because they reduce the risk of burning. However, some IPL systems can still be utilized on people with darker skin.

Watch IPL hair removal at home | 6 months later | Video

Top 5 FAQs and Answers on how to use IPL laser hair removal

My hair is red, so is it possible for me to utilize an IPL device?

There are some individuals who are not suitable candidates for IPL treatment. It works well on light to medium complexion tones with hair that ranges from natural blonde to dark brown or black in color. The device does not work on very blonde, red, grey, or white hair because the melanin content is too low to absorb the light energy.

What is the main difference between IPL and laser hair removal?

The type of light used in laser and IPL differs significantly. Laser is a monochromatic coherent light source, whereas IPL is a broadband pulsed light source. Both treatments work by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle and provide long-lasting benefits.

How many IPL treatments are required to eradicate hair permanently?

IPL requires roughly six sessions to permanently remove 70% of hair. There is no need to let your hair grow out before treatment because you must shave the day of or the day before treatment (NOT WAX OR PLUCK).

What are the IPL treatment’s adverse effects?

1. Redness.
2. Swelling.
3. There is some bruising.
4. Itching.
5. Peeling.
6. Scabbing.

IPL or Laser hair removal? Which one is better for us?

Here are the main benefits of both IPL and laser hair removal to help you determine which is better for you.
· Used to treat multiple conditions
· Cheaper
· Session times can be quicker
· Can be more suited to paler hair
· More suitable for darker skin
· Quicker Results
· Often fewer sessions are required
· More precise


How to Use IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home? | A - Z Guide

IPL is a hair removal technique that works by damaging the melanin in the hair follicle and prevents it from growing again. You may drastically minimize regrowth with frequent treatment, and the hairs that do grow back will be finer.

If you want to save money and time on other hair removal methods, IPL hair removal treatments are well worth the effort. This form of laser hair removal therapy can help you feel confident at all times, even if you have last-minute plans that require bare skin.

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