Black hair dye is one of the most difficult dyes to remove from your hair. Depending on how much lighter you want to go, you may need to take several steps before reaching your desired color.

However, it is possible to remove black hair dye without causing undue harm. You can get rid of the black hair color and dye it any color you want. Whether you want a brown or blonde result, you’ll get there in the end if you’re patient and gentle.

How to lighten dyed black hair?

How to remove black box dye

There are many common methods for lightening hair dye from your locks, but dealing with black box hair dye makes the task the most difficult (and definitely not for the faint-hearted).

Assume you’ve recently dyed your natural brown hair black at home with a permanent hair dye and want to get rid of the unappealing dark color.

As a first step, try removing the color with a color remover. Color Oops Hair Color Remover, Pulp Riot Blank Canvas, and Malibu CPR Color Pigment Remover,are all good home remedies. These are designed to bind to and pull out unwanted artificial color pigments in the hair.

I always recommend using a color remover first, as these causes far less damage to the hair than straight bleaching. Color removers, unlike bleach, do not begin to break down the bonds of the hair in the same way that bleach does, which is why color removers should always be used first, in my opinion.

Other methods of lightening hair, such as using a clarifying shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo, are worth a shot, but they are unlikely to produce noticeable results.

7 Different ways to remove black box dye?

How to remove black box dye

For a variety of reasons, black hair color is used on hair. Unfortunately, removing color from hair is a much more difficult process. The processes for removing black hair color are very similar to those for other colors; however, the timeline may be longer, the product more damaging, and your natural color will not return unless you have a natural growth. Now that you have unwelcome black hair, it is time to figure out how to achieve a color that is a cross between your natural color and one that flatters you.

1. Try Home Remedies

Carry out a bleach wash

A bleach wash, which combines bleach and shampoo, is a gentler method of bleaching your hair. The shampoo dilutes the bleach (lowering the risk of damage) and aids in its even distribution throughout your hair, preventing streaks. You may need to do several bleach washes depending on how light you want your hair to be.

  • Begin with clean, undamaged hair. The natural oils will prevent irritation of your scalp.
  • According to the package directions, combine the bleach powder and the volume 20 developer.
  • Add an equal amount of shampoo to the bleach mixture.
  • Wet your hair and lather it with your hands or a dye brush to lather the bleach-shampoo mixture into it (but don’t apply it to your roots yet!).
  • Apply the mixture to your roots until you’re about 1 inch (2.5 cm) away. If you bleach them at the same time as the rest of your hair, they will grow faster and lighter.
  • After you’ve saturated the middle and ends of your hair, wait about 10-15 minutes before applying the bleach-shampoo mixture to your roots.
  • Once your roots have lightened, rinse your hair with the rest of your hair.

2. Utilize a Vitamin C treatment

A Vitamin C treatment, like removing other hair colors, may lighten your black hair by a shade or two. However, because the acid lightens your hair more like lemon juice, this works best with semi-permanent color.

  • Combine the Vitamin C tablets and water to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to damp hair.
  • Allow for an hour of resting time.
  • Take the paste out of your hair.

3. As a treatment, consider using raw honey

Raw honey will not strip the color of your hair as much as it will lighten it. Peroxide, a type of bleach, is known to be produced by the treatment. You’ll need raw, unpasteurized honey, which you can get from a farmer’s market or a local honey producer.

  • Combine 4 parts raw honey and 1 part water in a mixing bowl.
  • Allow 30 minutes to an hour for the mixture to stand.
  • Apply the mixture to damp hair.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave it in place for at least 2 hours.
  • Rinse and re-rinse as needed. This can be done a few times per week to gradually lighten the color of your hair.

4. Baking soda and dish soap should be used

This treatment must be followed by a deep conditioner because it is harsher on your hair than shampoo. It’s best to avoid this if you’re prone to dryness and breakage.

  • 5 drops of dish soap and a quarter-sized amount of shampoo should be combined.
  • To damp hair, apply the mixture.
  • Allow it to rest for a few moments.
  • Rinse and re-rinse as needed.

5. Use a clarifying shampoo on your hair

Using a clarifying shampoo is the simplest way to lighten your hair. It will be more effective than regular washing. Clarifying shampoos that remove chlorine from the hair aid in the removal of dark hair color.

Anti-dandruff shampoos have also been linked to the removal of certain types of hair color. In some cases, combining it with equal parts of baking soda can enhance the effect. To see how it works, leave it on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

To achieve the desired results, this may necessitate multiple washes. Washing your hair multiple times will result in more hair color being washed down the drain with each wash. However, do not do this more than three times per day.

6. Utilizing Color-Removal Kits

Purchase a color removal kit. Hair color removal kits are designed to remove unwanted permanent hair color. There are a variety of these kits available, each with its own set of chemicals and instructions. Keep in mind that these kits will not work on semi-permanent box colors because they may contain metallic salts and other natural coloring agents that the hair removal kit will not remove.

Look for extra strength because black hair color is the most difficult to remove.

Take into account your length and the intensity of the color you used. Consider buying two boxes in case you need a second treatment. If you have long or thick hair, two boxes are also useful.A hair color removal kit can be purchased at beauty supply and drug stores.

Most professional hair care experts recommend against using an at-home color removing kit because they must be applied precisely but quickly and can cause hair breakage. If you are concerned about the health of your hair, you should seek the advice of a professional colorist.

7. Seeking Professional Help

The procedure will most likely require multiple sessions. After using black hair color, it can take a long time to lighten your hair back to its natural color. Consider what you’re getting into with this process and where you want to be at the end.

During each session, a stylist may bleach out the color and tone it to an acceptable shade.A professional hairstylist may use lighteners and professional strength hair color removers to lighten your hair.

It may take several sessions, but the professionals will know how to minimize damage and which products to send you home with to keep the process going.

At this point, your hair may still be orange. This is only a temporary solution, and your final hair color will be applied after this stage.Consult with a reputable stylist about your options.

How to use hair dye remover to remove black box hair dye?

How to remove black box dye

Hair dye remover is the most effective method for removing color from your hair because it reverses the process that occurs in your hair when you use a permanent hair dye. Hair dye oxidation is what makes it permanent and keeps it stuck in your hair. Hair dye remover degrades the oxidized color molecules back into their original form, allowing them to be washed out of the hair without causing damage.

The only disadvantage of hair dye remover is that, like clarifying shampoo, it can have a slight drying effect on your hair. However, dye remover is non-damaging and can be used several times before resorting to bleach to minimize damage.

If you’re lucky, you won’t even need to use bleach. Any dryness felt after use can be relieved with a deep conditioner or conditioning treatment, as you would have done after the clarifying shampoo step.

How to Use the Product

Hair dye remover is composed of two separate solutions that must be combined in order to initiate the chemical reaction that will break down the permanent hair dye molecules. To combine the products, mix only as much as you need and wait until you’re ready to apply the hair dye remover. Otherwise, any leftover product will be discarded because it cannot be saved and reused in the future.

Apply the dye remover to your hair as quickly as possible with a brush or by hand to ensure evenness, and leave it in for 20–25 minutes, unless the brand recommends a different time frame. Typically, the hair dye remover will begin working immediately. If you had light hair before dying it black, you may notice it lightening quickly in front of your eyes.

Even if the color change isn’t as dramatic, whether due to excessive buildup or other factors, the hair dye remover is still removing a substantial amount of the artificial color in your hair. This makes it easier for bleach to remove the remaining color if you need to go lighter, later on, reducing the overall potential damage to your hair.

Rinsing and Aftercare

Shampoo your hair at least twice after rinsing out the product to ensure that all of the dye molecules that have been broken down have been removed. If you don’t thoroughly shampoo your hair, any dye left in your hair will oxidize again, potentially resulting in some darkening in the hours after.

After shampooing, use a quality deep conditioner or conditioning treatment to relieve any dryness, and give your hair a week to rest before continuing with bleaching if necessary.

How to bleach black dyed hair?

 If the color removers aren’t removing enough of the pigment, bleach should be used as a last resort due to the damage it can cause. Here’s a step-by-step guide to home hair bleaching, complete with aftercare instructions. However, if you are concerned about severe damage, there are a few other factors that may deter you from attempting the method.

Be aware that when using bleach powder and color removers, you will not be left with “what’s underneath.” Expect that removing the dye will not return your hair to its natural color (or the color you started with)! Instead, depending on how much black dye is lifted through, an orangey/reddish color will be left.

After successfully lifting the hair to a red or orange color, tone or color it with another shade that neutralizes the orange/red tone. Doesn’t it sound complicated? Because IT EXISTS! Coloring or DE-coloring is dangerous and requires a thorough understanding of the hair structure and the color wheel, and I haven’t even mentioned acidic colors (that sit on the hair’s cuticle) or alkaline colors (that sit within the cortex of the hair)! With that out of the way, you can probably guess that my next piece of advice is to look online for a salon that specializes in color corrections, specifically removing black hair dye.

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Top 5 FAQS and answers related to how to remove black box dye?

How long does it take to remove professional hair dye from black box dye?

In most cases, removing some black hair dye in a professional hair salon can be done in 4-6 hours.

How long can I bleach my hair after using box dye?

To reduce the amount of damage done to your hair, wait at least 8-10 weeks after you’ve dyed it before attempting to bleach it. Whatever bleaching product you use to lighten your hair, will cause damage.

Is it possible to lighten my box-dyed hair on the first try?

Not the first time. It will take several attempts depending on the condition and strength of your hair, as well as how far we can push it.

How does honey lighten black hair?

Honey is an excellent choice for lightening black hair. Begin by combining 1 part honey and 4 parts water in a bottle. Then, thoroughly wet your hair and work the honey mixture into it. Put on a shower cap and leave the mixture in your hair for 1 hour to allow the honey’s bleaching properties to work.

Is it possible to remove the black box dye with clarifying shampoo?

To remove some of the dye, use a clarifying shampoo. You could also combine baking soda and shampoo.


How to remove black box dye

Black dyes are difficult to remove. Instead of using bleach, you can be more patient and gradually remove the dye with white vinegar, vitamin C, baking soda, and peroxide to minimize the risk of hair damage.

Dying your hair, regardless of color, may improve your appearance, but it has negative effects on your hair after bleaching. As a result, you should think carefully before selecting a color for your hair dye.

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