Hair loss makes you feel bad, embarrassed, and hesitant. It isn’t the end of the world but some people just couldn’t take it. so what do you think could be the reason behind your hair loss (alopecia)?.

There could be a million reasons behind your hair fall and hair loss. There are myths and truths about hair loss that threatens you every time you lose hair in bulk. But don’t worry, there isn’t anything in the world that’s cureless or doesn’t have a solution. If there are any, at least hair loss isn’t one of them.  

As found by NYU Langone Health, 80% of men and 50% of women have suffered from some kind of hair loss at some stage. But not every hair loss leads to balding. And you can take a few measures if you think your regular hair loss is causing a problem. 

How to prevent balding? 

To prevent balding or hair loss, you should know about the reason behind your hair loss. Many different factors could cause baldness. One of them is aging. Genetics can cause early baldness if you have a family history of that. In that case, you should consult the doctor as soon as you start shedding more than regular hair to prevent balding. 

If you want to prevent hair loss, the key is that you take action quickly. The majority of hair loss is genetic, and that is called androgenic alopecia which cannot be prevented. But if treated properly and on time, then the progression of it could be slowed down. 

One of the biggest reasons behind hair loss is stress. You should take charge of your stress. Keep your body and mind healthy by exercising, meditating, and relaxing. Keeping your stress level down plays an important role in your hair, body, and mental health.

Life is full of major events, so it is hard to stay happy always but try not to stress out, and especially if you lost your loved one or had something else crushed you badly, relive the grieve by going to your favorite outlets. Try to cancel out the sorry with your favorite people and favorite activities so you don’t have stress-induced hair loss. 

If you have a hair loss problem, keep an eye on your diet. Take a healthy diet including omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, and vegetables. Make sure that your diet has included vitamin c, d, zinc, and iron but you could also take supplements for that. Protein should be taken from the diet because too much of it could cause side effects. 

There are many ways to improve hair growth, hair health, and reduce hair loss. But it is important to know that all those prevention ways depend on the kind of hair loss you are facing. Shedding hair on daily basis is normal. But if your hair loss is persistent and feels like leading to baldness then you should consult your doctor because there might be some health condition causing your hair loss.

Whereas hair loss in some conditions like post-pregnancy hair loss can be solved on its own with time. also, keep in mind at not all strategies of preventing hair loss works. But we are going to mention here the only legit ones. 

What are the signs and symptoms of balding? 

How do you know that you are experiencing unusual hair loss? There are different signs which show that you might be suffering from some hair trouble and should take measures immediately or call your doctor. here are a few signs that you are having hair loss that should be taken care of: 

1. More hair loss after shampooing or brushing 

Although it is normal to lose some hair while showering or brushing them. according to research, every person sheds 50 to 100 hair every day. but when you notice the number of hair strands increasing in your hairbrush after you brush them every day then it means you are suffering from hair loss. 

2. Change in hairline 

Your hairline shows clearly when you are having hair loss. You can see the change in your hairline if you are losing too many hairs. Because hair loss starts affecting hairline. If you see a noticeable change in your hairline, then it’s time to worry about your hair loss. 

3. Hair thinning 

Okay, not everyone suffers from hairline thinning. Some people, male specifically suffers from hair loss called diffuse thinning. It affects the whole head or some specific areas on your scalp, like the top of your head or back of your head. This is why you can see a lot of males getting bald from the top of their heads. 

12 ways to reduce hair loss that leads to baldness

Hair loss is a huge concern among both males and females. Although genetics and aging are the most important factors many other reasons could cause hair loss. Balding prevention is possible in most cases and can be slowed down in others.

Treatment of hair loss works best when you know the reason behind your hair loss. Like post-pregnancy hair loss, genetic hair loss, or lack of proper nutrients in your body. If you don’t know the reason, then consult your dermatologist to be sure that there’s nothing suspicious.  

If you have consulted a doctor already, or you think that it’s not that bad yet, then these prevention tips might help you. We will guide you with some home remedies and other important things you should know to do when facing hair loss. If you follow them regularly and properly, you will see a noticeable change in a few months. Let’s take a look at 12 ways to prevent balding:’ 

1. Eat sufficient protein

Hair loss could be caused by a deficiency of protein in your body. Hair follicles are made of a protein called keratin. According to a 2017 study, most people that suffer from hair loss are deficient in amino acids which are building blocks of protein. 

Keep your diet healthy by eating protein-enriched food like eggs, nuts, peas, beans, chicken, and turkey. Try not to take extra protein other than from food, because excessive protein intake could be harmful. 

2. Multivitamins

Lack of essential nutrients in your body could be the reason for hair loss. Vitamin c, d, zinc, biotin, and omega-3, omega-6 are important for your body as well as they play an important role in your hair growth and scalp care.  

Many of these multivitamins could easily be found in stores. But you can also have them prescribed.  

3. Avoid certain hairstyles 

Hairstyles also play a role in hair health or hair loss. Some people are used to tight braids and sleek ponytails that might look good but affect your hair health in long term. Try avoiding such hairstyles that pull on your hair.  

Our hair has an elasticity feature. Research says that your hair could be stretched a lot before getting permanently damaged. So you might be enjoying this time with tight ponytails, tight braids, or hairstyles like cornrows but you should avoid them if you don’t want your hair to start falling off. 

How to Prevent Balding and Thinning in 12 Ways Guide

4. Seek help

If you want to prevent hair loss, you should handle it timely. Dr. Green says that if you want to fight hair loss, you should seek help as soon as you notice hair loss. Getting proper treatment on time could help fight hair loss because hair loss could be overwhelming. Seeking help at right time could make it easy to assess your problem and treat it accordingly before it’s too late for your dermatologist as well. 

5. Avoid high-heat styling

You must know that using heat to style your hair in any form could cause damage. Why is that? Because heat-styling could de-hydrate your hair and dry hair are more vulnerable to damage. So whether you are using a blow dryer, curling rod, or straightening iron, they could all damage your hair if used on regular basis. 

6. Laser comb

Using laser combs 3-times a week could increase your hair density effectively. The laser comb is the only hair loss treatment approved by FDA other than minoxidil and finasteride. This is not sure till now that how exactly does a laser comb work. But it helps hair follicles by their antioxidant effect. 

7. Essential oils massage

Some studies and researches found out that massaging your scalp to improve blood flow by increasing the circulation of blood could help hair growth. If you massage your scalp with essential oils, it improves the activity of genes that are responsible for hair growth. The massaging scalp also releases tension, reduces stress that helps with hair health as well.  

Do not use essential oils directly on your scalp, because they might be hard for your scalp. You can dilute essential oils before applying them on your by adding carrier oils like coconut oil or mustard oil. Castor oil is best known for hair growth as well. 

8. Mediterranean diet

A Mediterranean diet like raw vegetables, salads, and fresh herbs is found to be very useful to prevent hair loss. A study in 2018 found out that those people who ate a high quantity of these vegetables showed the best progress as compared to others. Mediterranian diet could prevent or slow down androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness). 

9. Hair loss medication 

Hair loss medicine that is available over-the-counter could help you with hair loss. You can find them at any drug store. An important component known as rogaine that helps with hair loss is included in these hair loss medications like minoxidil and finasteride. You can prescribe them from your doctor as well. Minoxidil works for better blood circulation which helps hair to get stronger and thicker. That helps against hair loss. 

10. Low-level light therapy

Low-level laser light therapy is found to be useful against chemo-therapy-related hair loss and even genetic hair loss. 

11. Stay hydrated 

Your hair shaft consists of one-quarter of the water consumed by your body. So try to drink 4-8 glasses of water a day at least. So your hair gets exactly what they need. To keep your hair healthy, you should keep yourself hydrated properly. 

12. Switch your hair products

As a result of some researches, it is found that some hair products may also contribute to hair loss. Due to the presence of some harsh chemicals in hair products like gels used for styling or shampoos for certain purposes like color protect might have some harsh chemicals that could trap your hair follicles and stop them from coming out. Avoid excessive usage of styling products like hair gels. 

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to How to prevent balding

Can you prevent balding? 

Yes, it is possible but it depends on the reason behind hair loss, and whether it could be prevented or slowed down. 

How can you prevent balding? 

Stop heat-styling 
Avoid pull-on hairstyles 
Take supplements 
Use medication 

Can you use minoxidil for hair loss? 

Yes, minoxidil is a go-to treatment for hair loss. You can find it in any drugstore. 

Can you use essential oils to prevent balding? 

Yes, massaging your hair and scalp with diluted essential oils could improve blood flow in your scalp that can prevent hair loss. 

What could be the possible reasons for balding? 

Genetics of aging could be the main reason for balding. Stress also causes hair loss. 


If you are suffering from hair loss, you should take notice immediately. There could be so many reasons behind your hair loss, some of which might be threatening as well. If you want to prevent balding, you should fight hair loss on time.

Hair loss (alopecia) can be caused by stress, genetics, aging, or health conditions like chemotherapy. You can try all of these tips mentioned above to prevent hair loss, but if you don’t feel any improvement then you must seek help. 

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