In hair coloring, experimentation is an integral part of the process! There’s nothing worse than attempting to figure out how to get rid of violet tones in your hair after you’ve lately experimented with purple.

Even if your purple hair is starting to fade into an unappealing shade of gray, it’s acceptable if you’d rather get rid of it than let it fade into a dull, grayish hue. Let us be your ally here. Fixing your hair and getting rid of that violet tint you’ve grown to dislike is simple with our help.

I dyed my hair dark, can I lighten it at home?

It’s a general rule that hair dye won’t lighten hair that has already been colored. Why? Because that’s not how it’s built! Hair dye is not designed to lighten or eliminate color from your hair. It’s like this: The hair molecule is dyed from the inside out when you color it.

In order to alter your appearance, you must first allow your current color to fade away before “filling it back up” with a new hue. It’s like stuffing yourself silly after a huge meal—no, there’s more room for anything else. To lighten your hair, there is an additional level of difficulty to consider and grasp. To lighten your hair, you must not only wait for the hair molecules to decrease, but you may also need to “strip” away your hair undertone, depending on how light you want to go. 

Definition of undertone A hair follicle is made up of two layers: the dermis and the papilla. In the beginning, you have your hair’s underlying pigment, which is the color at the root. Your hair color, such as black, brown, or blonde, is the second layer.

It’s a combination of both layers that creates your “overall color.” Your outcomes are entirely dependent on the quality of your undertone. Going lighter almost always necessitates first brightening your undertone and then adding your target shade on top!

Can I dye dark purple hair without bleach? 

Do you wish to experiment with new hair colors and look different? Put on some purple hair dye and go for it. It doesn’t matter if you go for a pastel balayage or a deep and dusty purple; your hair will look fantastic. As a matter of fact, having beautiful hair can raise your attractiveness level by several levels.

So, is it possible to color your hair purple without bleaching it? Yes, of course. You don’t need bleach or lighteners to get a deep purple hue on your hair. In this article, we’ve compiled a bunch of helpful tidbits. Check it out! Yes. Without bleaching, dark hair can be colored purple. Hair dyes that don’t need to be bleached are available from a number of different companies. To acquire the perfect purple hair color without bleach, you must use the correct coloring process.

How to box dye purple hair at home? 

Despite the fact that black hair is gorgeous, we all want to alter it from time to time. Purple is one of the most popular hair colors right now, and it’s easy to see why. Purple hair not only enhances your appearance but also conjures up a sense of pleasure.

How to color black hair purple with and without bleach will be explained in this article so that you may get vibrant hair. Note that this essay is geared toward persons who are maintaining their natural hair color and not those who color or bleach their hair (or currently have natural undyed hair).

Using bleach and semi-permanent color, you can tint your hair purple. Although purple hair color is semi-permanent, bleach will permanently lighten your hair. Make sure your hair is clean, dry, and well-moisturized before you begin. 

The ideal way to prepare your hair for bleaching is to wash it a few days in advance so that it is free of buildup but not too clean. To avoid breathing dangerous chemicals, conduct this hair-dying process in a well-ventilated environment.

If you colored your hair and noticed that it looked or felt damaged, you may want to try a protein treatment. There are varying opinions on how long you should wait after applying purple hair dye before getting the treatment, but a typical rule of thumb is to wait at least one week.

How to lighten dark purple dye at home?

Purple hair color is at the forefront of the latest hair color craze. From deep indigo to a delicate pastel lilac, there are many different shades of purple to choose from when you color your hair.

The color you choose can endure for as long or as little as you want it to by applying a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent purple dye. Everything you need to know about dying your hair in various hues of purple will be covered in this post, as well as advice on how to prolong the vibrancy of your hair color.

1. Choosing a purple hair color

Before you begin the process of dyeing your hair purple, you need to decide on the shade you want to use. The darker your hair, the easier it will be for you to obtain dark shades like blue, deep purple, and burgundy. If your hair is dark, you’ll need to lighten it dramatically if you want to wear lilac, magenta, or pastel tints of purple.

Generally speaking, if you want to achieve a pastel purple hair color, you must first lighten your hair to a pale yellow shade. Lilac, for example, requires light blonde hair, although darker purple shades can be applied to brown or dark blonde hair, depending on how light you want the color to be.

Lilac requires light blonde hair. Types of Dye Choosing a product based on the color of the dye is simply one consideration. If you want a semi-permanent or permanent dye, you can utilize one of three options: Depending on how thoroughly your hair soaks it up, it can last from one to three washes. 

Because of your hair’s increased porosity from previous bleaching or coloring, this color will persist much longer than you expect. It can last up to six washes in natural hair before the color starts to fade noticeably. Semi-permanent.

This dye fades more slowly in hair that has been previously colored or damaged, yet a faint trace can remain near-permanent on lighter hair. In spite of the term, fading will still occur with this type of dye, despite the name. While most of the pigment will last for years, you’ll need to reapply a fresh coat to keep the same level of radiance and vibrancy.

2. To dye your hair purple, do you have to use a bleach

If you have dark hair and want a purple hair color, you’ll need to bleach it to make it light enough for the dye to adhere to your strands properly. The table above might help you figure out what level of lighting you’ll need to achieve your desired hue.

As a bonus, it will help you decide on an alternative color for your hair, if your hair is too dark to lighten or if you choose to avoid hurting it. Hair Lightening Equipment and Products What you’ll need to lighten your hair is a solution of bleach.

Create a Tinting Brush for a Bow To ensure that your hair lightens uniformly, separate it into four easy-to-work-with portions before beginning the chemical process. Your hair should be parted once again, this time ear-to-ear from the back of your neck.

3. Using bleach to dye dark hair purple

Before dyeing your hair purple, you should lighten your hair using bleach to provide a smooth transition from dark hair to a brilliant shade. Learn how to make your hair purple using bleach in the next paragraphs.

Before, during, and after the hair-dying procedure, it is essential that you have all the necessary supplies to properly care for your hair. Not doing so could result in an appearance you didn’t want, or worse, it could cause permanent damage to your hair.

You’re going to have to Plastic Bowl Bleach Powder Developer – Vol. 20 or 30 Rubber or Latex Gloves Application Brush Shampoo and Conditioner Protein Treatment for Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye (optional) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut)

What is the best home remedy to lighten dark color hair? 

How to Lighten Dark Purple Hair at Home in 3 Easy Steps?

Even if we love the look of black hair, we can’t help but need a change every now and then. Purple is currently one of the most popular hair colors, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to taking your style to the next level, purple hair almost oozes fun. To get vibrant, healthy purple hair, follow the step-by-step instructions in this article on how to dye dark hair purple, both with and without bleach.

1. Lemon juice is a natural hair dye

One cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice Warm Water (for normal hair) or Conditioner (for fine hair) (for dry hair) 1 Bottle of Mist Spend 2 minutes preparing A two-hour processing window. Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake to distribute evenly.

If you’re dealing with dry hair, combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir thoroughly. Let your hair soak up all of the lemon juice combinations using a spray bottle or a brush. Allow the lemon juice to sit in your hair for 1-2 hours in the sun. After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, style it as desired.

To attain the desired outcomes, do it once a week. Lemon juice is an excellent natural hair bleach. As long as the temperature is high enough to lift the hair cuticle and allow the lemon juice to permeate the hair shaft, it helps lighten hair color.

2. Make a hair bleach with honey and vinegar

You’re going to have to 2 tablespoons Distilled White Wine Honey in a half cup measure Coconut Oil, 1 Tablespoon Towel Preparation Period Two minutes and twenty-four seconds. In a bowl, mix the ingredients together until they form a homogeneous paste. Once you’ve applied it to your hair, make sure it’s well saturated with the mixture.

The concoction should be left on your hair overnight, so wrap a towel around it. Shampoo your hair first thing in the morning to remove the previous night’s buildup. Apply Conditioner at the end. Do You Do This a Lot? At least once a week until you see the results you want to see.

The Reasons This Is Effective You can lighten your hair by using honey and vinegar, both of which have bleaching characteristics. Your hair will be at least one shade lighter after receiving this treatment.

3. Using chamomile tea to bleach your hair

You’re going to have Time to Prepare: 1 cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea for ten minutes thirty minutes. Make a cup of chamomile tea and allow it to cool to a warm temperature before drinking. Spray your hair with the brew after pouring it into a spray bottle.

Soak your hair or parts of it in the concoction and wait for it to dry in the sunlight. The solution should remain in your hair for about 30 minutes. Finish with Conditioner and shampoo.

Do You Do This a Lot? Once or twice a week till you achieve your goals. The Reasons This Is Effective Chamomile is an excellent lightener. The tea will brighten your hair and give it a few modest highlights.

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People also ask questions and answers related to the how to lighten dark purple hair at home

Why is my purple hair dye not as vibrant as I would like?

When you wash your hair, a small amount of the dye will come out. I only shampoo around twice a week, not every time I shower. While taking a shower, be sure to rinse your hair with cool water. To keep your hair shiny, you should wash it in chilly water, even if you don’t like cold showers.

What is the final shade of dark purple hair?

Purple hair color usually fades to a lighter shade of purple first, but depending on the precise shade of purple you use, you may also see a red or blue tint. When it comes to color mixing, red and blue produce purple. Therefore you can be sure that purple hair colors contain both of these pigments.

How long does purple hair take to fade?

Within a few days, the color disappears. For about four or five days — if you’re lucky, over a week — that sassy color stays vibrant before it dulls due to the fatal combination of shampoo and Conditioner. Colors will not stay nearly as long as you hope, even if you use color-safe products.

Does purple hair color last forever?

Although purple is one of the most bright colors, it is typical to see color fade following washings, especially when the color is permanent. You can expect up to eight weeks of rich and powerful color with Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Permanent Purple Hair Dye – more than any other purple dye.

What color fades the fastest?

In terms of hair colors that fade quickly, red is one of the most popular. It’s because the molecules of red hair dye are much larger than the molecules of other hues. Red hair dye molecules can’t get deep enough into the cortex of the hair to have a long-lasting effect because of their huge molecule size.


Home hair dyeing is a bit dangerous, so it’s probably not a good idea for first-timers. However, if money is a factor, it is a more cost-effective solution. Chemicals in hair bleach and dye can harm your hair.

In order to keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and damage-free, you should avoid dying it right now if that is your primary hair objective. Sadly, certain employers and formal contexts still do not appreciate vivid hair colors. You should take into account your daily routine and lifestyle before deciding to dye your hair a bright hue.

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