From a golden blonde starting point, you can choose between two different paths: To get the desired result, try a purple-hued hair care product. With the gentler purple shampoo approach, your hair will turn platinum blonde after just a few washes.

If you know what you’re doing with hair dye, you can attain instant platinum blonde by using a purple toner. Now I’ll explain the steps you take to go from golden blonde to platinum blonde. Can I tell you the first bit of good news I have for you? When you have a golden blonde foundation in your hair, going platinum blonde is a breeze.

How to get platinum blonde hair from golden blonde? 

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde: Guide

Transforming from a dark hue to a bright blonde one takes a lot of work. Multiple bleaching procedures and occasional toning are typical. However, the process of getting from a golden blonde to a platinum blonde is different, being less taxing and causing less damage to the hair. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn the details of this color change for your own use.

How to acquire platinum blonde hair from golden blonde hair with the least effort and time spent reading this post. Techniques for Dyeing Dark Hair Lighter There are a variety of techniques for achieving a platinum blonde look, and the one that works best for you will vary depending on your natural hair color. 

Step1. Throw on some rags and some gloves and get ready to get dirty

Wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting bleach on, just in case. Wear protective gloves.

Step 2. Make hair sections

Separate your hair into sections, and put aside one that covers your crown. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about tripping over your front hair while you’re working on the rear. The crown is the most inaccessible part of the flower, so it should be left for last.

Step 3. Add the bleach powder to the developer and stir

Combine the bleach and Developer. When using bleach, you must dilute it with twice as much Developer. Make sure the mixture is uniform, and there are no clumps.

Step 4. Activate the chlorine dioxide

As soon as you’ve finished the lower areas, undo the section you taped off and begin applying. After you’ve bleached all of your hair, put a shower cap or plastic bag over it to keep the bleach in. When coloring your hair, remember that the ends and mid-lengths of your hair will lighten more slowly than the roots.

Step 5. Get rid of the mold in the top tiers

As soon as you’ve finished the lower areas, undo the section you taped off and begin applying. After you’ve bleached all of your hair, put a shower cap or plastic bag over it to keep the bleach from escaping.

Step 6. Relax and watch the magic happen

Now, you may relax and watch the miracle unfold before your eyes. It is recommended that the bleach not be left on for more than 30–45 minutes. If you want the color to lift to a certain extent, you’ll need to keep examining the hair. If your hair is going orange, don’t fret. 

Step 7. You should wash your hair and let it dry naturally

After 45 minutes, you can hop in the shower to completely remove the bleach. Use a pH-balancing shampoo to ensure your scalp is at a healthy level after washing your hair. Then, use a conditioner that will help restore the protein balance. Do not use a hair dryer; instead, let your hair air dry.

Step 8. Toner

It is possible to use a toner to bleach your hair and remove any unwanted warm tones. Follow the above procedures, except substitute toner for bleach. You can also use a toning shampoo to get rid of the warm undertones in your hair.

How to go from golden blonde to platinum with toner? 

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde: Guide

Unless you use high-quality bleach, you won’t be able to completely remove the stain. Ugly Duckling’s Brilliant Blondexx is what you want to use for this. Always bleach the ends first, then rinse and bleach the roots separately if your hair is long.

To achieve true Platinum Blonde after bleaching, the tone is required. The first time you dye your hair Platinum Blonde, try Ugly Duckling’s Intense Pearl Blonde Toner 100V or Intense Silver Blonde Toner 100B. If you need to retouch your blonde hair, use Ugly Duckling’s No-Lift Pearl Blonde Toner 10V or No-Lift Silver Blonde Toner 10V. 

7 best tips for going platinum blonde 

The desire to go platinum blonde grows every time one of your “It Girl” role models posts a selfie on Instagram showing off her new hair color. Just once, maybe, you should experience what it’s like to have platinum blonde hair. Modern bonding ingredients and safer hair lightener formulae have made it simpler to maintain the hair’s strength while bleaching it to a platinum blonde.

1. Take stock of your hair’s current state of health

It’s recommended that you work on this step with your hairdresser. If you want to go out as a platinum blonde bombshell, the first and most crucial step is to make sure your hair can handle the multiple bleaching processes that would be necessary. Stay at home and wait if your tresses are extremely dry, brittle, cracked, damaged, ragged, fuzzy, mushy, or lacking elasticity. Any respectable hairdresser would tell you that your hair is not yet ready to be lightened.

2. Let the one with the blonde hair explain it

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before your stylist whips up a batch of blonde bleach. Demand that they tell you everything they know about the hair bleaching procedure. You want your blonde platinum hair color to be super white, without a trace of yellow, and it has to be even from the hair root to the hair tip, so it may take multiple applications of blonde hair lightener to achieve the proper degree of hair lightness, depending on how light or dark your hair is naturally.

3. Get the hair protection plan

Intelligent hair color customers should avoid the aforementioned hair bonding ingredients. In order to get a platinum blonde hue, it’s now considered standard practice to use them to remove all traces of natural hair color. These solutions are incorporated into hair dye formulations to prevent further harm to the hair links that hold your hair together and to restore any existing damage.

4. Plan for the cost of hair lightening in your budget

You’ll need to commit to your new platinum hair tone with somewhat frequent trips to the hair salon for touchups unless your natural hair color is already quite close to light blonde.

Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas advises clients with platinum blonde hair to have touchups every three to four weeks. Waiting any longer than that makes the lifting process more difficult, which increases the risk of hair breaking, and the new hair growth becomes quite noticeable. This is something I firmly insist upon with all of my customers. 

5. To root or not to root, black hair

Your platinum blonde hair will take on an entirely new feel if you leave a small amount of blackness on the scalp. The former is rough and a little bit rock and roll in nature; it’s more street than anything else. Obviously, the second option is superior in terms of cleanliness. She desired an edgy look, so I left her hair roots dark,” says Papanikolas, Madonna’s stylist. 

6. Because of the icy shade of platinum blonde in your hair

To achieve its immaculate appearance, platinum hair is toned with a cool hair color wash that is barely noticeable unless you look closely. Your hairdresser may choose to use a sheer smoky gray, pale violet, glacier blue, neutral beige, or pearly pink hair tone on you, depending on your skin tone and your preferences. 

7. Your golden blonde hair will become best friends with purple shampoo

It doesn’t take much to turn once-fresh, light blonde hair yellow, what with the awful water, the sun, regular shampooing, and, you know, life. Using a purple tone-correcting shampoo once a week can prevent yellowing and dulling and help you keep your platinum blonde hair color for as long as possible.

What to consider while going from platinum blonde to golden blonde? 

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde: Guide

The popularity of platinum blonde hair defies the ebb and flow of beauty fads. Consider the most popular models and actors: Many of them have tried going blonde at some point throughout their lives, and they all made it look so easy.

1. Color is not a veil

In order to achieve the platinum blonde look, it is necessary to have any previous hair coloring removed. A hair color remover can be used to get rid of dye that has been applied to the hair.

2. Enjoy some vibrant colors

Leave the bleaching to the professionals, but don’t go to the salon without first taking a snapshot of your hairstyle inspiration. While the description of “platinum blonde” hair may appear self-explanatory, there are, in fact, several variations of the sought color. Bring a picture to the salon with you if you want to be able to show the stylist exactly what shade of frosty blue or ivory white you desire.

3. Wait patiently if you have dark hair to lighten

Be realistic about the results you can expect if you have very dark hair, such as jet black. To get a platinum blonde hue, more effort will be required if your hair is a darker color, to begin with. If you want your hair to seem as icy blonde as possible, you’ll need multiple treatments.

4. Do it yourself hair dye or visit a professional

If you want to go from black to platinum blonde, for example, you should probably let a professional handle the transformation. In this manner, you can avoid harming your hair or giving it a brassy, orange tone. Keep in mind that getting your hair to a platinum blonde shade may need multiple visits to the salon and a hefty investment of money.

5. Fetch the bleach and dye for your hair

The removal and installation of new hair colors may require additional processing procedures, depending on your natural hair color. Platinum blonde hair is achieved by bleaching the hair to remove most of the color, leaving behind a nearly white appearance. If you want to use a platinum hair color, you’ll first need to bleach your hair.

How to go platinum blonde from golden blonde with purple shampoo? 

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde: Guide

If you have grey, silver, or platinum hair, choose a shampoo with a deeper purple tone. Use a less intense shade of purple shampoo if you have blonde hair. Apply the purple shampoo to wet hair and work it through from roots to ends.

If your hair is naturally blonde, let the shampoo rest for a maximum of three minutes; if your hair has been colored, let it be a full fifteen minutes. There should be a 30-minute wait time for those with gray or platinum hair.

Step 1. Picking a violet hair care product

Look for a deep purple shampoo with a substantial texture. For the best results, choose a purple shampoo that is opaque rather than see-through. Test a drop of the purple shampoo on your finger before making a purchase to ensure a consistent hue. Purple shampoos like Matrix So Silver and Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde are two excellent choices.

Step 2. It’s called purple shampoo, and you should definitely try it if

To care for gray, white, or platinum hair, invest in a shampoo with a deeper purple hue. For platinum, gray, or light blonde hair, try a darker purple formula, which may be close to indigo or blue. [2] Instead of reaching for a bright purple or violet shampoo, seek out a black shampoo formulated for light hair.

Step 3. Use a more vibrant shade of purple in your shampoo

In the event that your hair is light brown. Coloring blonde hair with purple to neutralize its yellow undertones isn’t necessary as often as it is for brunette hair. Avoid dark violet shampoos in favor of something lighter to avoid over-saturating your hair. 

Step 4. Do not use purple shampoo on dark hair

If you want your blonde or silver hair to look less brassy, purple shampoo is the way to go. It works better on blonde or red hair than on brown or black hair. If your hair is already dark, you may want to switch to a different shampoo.

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People also ask questions and answers related to the how to get platinum blonde hair from golden blonde?

How does one get their hair to the icy white color of platinum?

When bleaching long hair, it’s best to start at the ends, rinse, and then move on to the roots. To achieve a true Platinum Blonde shade after bleaching, the tone is required.

How can I lighten my naturally golden blonde hair?

You can get ice blonde hair without using bleach if your natural hair color is light brown or golden blonde. You can achieve the desired color by using a dye, such as Garnier Nutrisse Natural Light Ash Blonde, Shade 9.13.

How many dye jobs are required to achieve a platinum blonde color?

A non-Kardashian human may need to visit the salon multiple times, sitting for three to nine hours at a time, to achieve a true platinum hue.

When you get your hair platinum blonde, how long does it last?

Warning: after you get platinum, you can’t do this, and not just because your hair will start to smell like a skunk. You’ll need to visit the salon every four to six weeks to have the roots touched up after going platinum, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

My hair has reached platinum; what kind of toner should I use?

When going for an ashy blonde or light brown shade, a blue toner is your best bet for canceling out orange tones. Want to try out the platinum blonde or silver blonde look? If you want to get rid of the yellow tint, use a toner with a violet basis.


There is nothing more frustrating than getting started on the dyeing process only to realize you need a key ingredient that you forgot to grab. Make sure you have the following ready to go before you begin: Using platinum blonde hair color – Boxed dyes and expert dye jobs are also viable options. If you opt for a box dye, you’ll get everything you need in one convenient package.

Make sure you know what comes with your box dye kit before making any of the purchases below. An optional purple toner is available. Whether or not toner is necessary will depend on your natural hair color and how well the platinum blonde hair color blends with it.

Whether or whether a toner is necessary cannot be determined until after the hair has been dyed. We advise going with a toner that doesn’t need a developer because it will be less harsh on your hair.

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