It’s critical to consider the type of purple color you used when dying your hair from purple to silver because it can mean the difference between healthy and damaged hair while fading it to silver.

Using a clarifying shampoo and then a silver dye to remove semi-permanent purple dye is far easier than trying to remove permanent purple dye from your hair. If you’ve used a permanent purple color, you’ll need to bleach your hair before applying a silver dye. A salon is the best option for those who have never colored their hair before.

How can I quickly fade purple hair? 

A common complaint with purple hair color is that it fades quickly. As a result, if you decide to dye your hair purple, it’s crucial that you like both the initial tint of purple and the color it will eventually turn out to be.

We’ll explore purple hair color in depth in this post, including how it fades, how to prevent it from fading, and more. Purple hair dye also fades quickly, much like red. Due to the lack of penetration of the hair shaft by purple hair color molecules, they are more susceptible to environmental stimuli.

How can I fade my purple hair to silver?

Has the recent discovery of faded purple hair prompted an urgent trip to the hairdresser for you? The girl put the phone down and take a break from your hair! Even when it fades, purple is stunning in ombre. Purple is a common choice for fantasy hair because it usually comes out looking just as lovely when washed out.

You don’t have a poor hair day just because you’re sporting faded purple hair. Beautiful shades of purple, ranging from light lavender to silvery gray, can be found as the color fades. If you’re afraid of fading, don’t dye your hair a gorgeous shade of purple. The fade might be even better than the original for you.

Step 1: Remove the color by using a Color Remover

Chemical color removers are commonly used by salon experts to begin the process of removing purple hair color. Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover or Color X-Change Phase-Out Gentle Dye Decolorizer + Intensive Hair Mask on Amazon is two options for at-home use.

Unlike ammonia and bleach, which are the main sources of hair damage, these color removers are harmless. It will take anywhere from 20 minutes (for those who made a color oops) to overnight to completely erase the stain (Color X-Change). After the timer has run out, use a clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse to remove the color remover from your hair.

Since clarifying shampoo has more powerful cleansing components than conventional shampoo, it should be able to remove even more of the purple color from your hair, according to the specialists who developed it.

Step 2: Try a laundry detergent with bleach

Bleach is an option if a color remover fails to remove the purple dye or if you do not want to use a color remover. To remove the purple tint from your hair, use bleach. However, bleaching your hair permanently alters its color, unlike your semi-permanent purple dye.

That’s why you should only use bleach when absolutely necessary. It’s possible to lighten your hair without damaging it by using a bleach wash or bath at home. You should know this before you try it: Is it a good idea to dye my hair? Using a bleach wash on colored hair may result in a lighter shade of purple that is simpler to cover up with a different color or toner. In some cases, it may remove the remaining purple dye from your hair if there isn’t much left.

It all relies on the present state of your hair color and condition. Bleach washes are routinely used to eliminate undesirable tones or dyes in the circumstances like these. “Bleach wash.'” Dishwasher detergent (10 or 20 volumes), warm water, and a developer (10 or 20 volumes).

A small amount of shampoo is packaged in a decorative container. Dispose of it in the sink. Don’t leave. Keep at it until you obtain the results you desire. After that, I’d definitely go with an all-over color.” — Pam Carnal-Connolly, BTC neighborhood expert.

Step 3: Set the mood for success with gold

In the same way that purple shampoo neutralizes and tones brassy or yellow blonde hair with yellow or gold tones, the intense hue purple can be muted with yellow or gold tones. You can neutralize the purple in your hair at home if you’re comfortable using a yellow (or orange, depending on your shade of purple) toner.

To neutralize purple undertones, stylists and do-it-yourself hair colorists frequently turn to toner. “I’d start with a 6-volume developer color remover.” Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo and then apply a deep conditioner to remove any remaining residues. “If it’s still a little bit lavender, I’d add a touch of gold.” – “Complementary color tones. So, if it turns blue (which does happen), use a peach or orange tone to counteract it (depending on the lightness). Tone it down with gold if it becomes a lighter purple! – Deep purple hair requires a yellow/gold toner.

An orange toner is a better choice for faded or light purple since they include more blue than real purple. Latex gloves and 20 volume developer are also required. Toner and developer should be mixed in a 1:1 ratio (equal parts of each).

Do not wash your hair until you have applied the mixture to the roots and ends of your hair with rubber gloves. Make careful to wet your hair all the way through. Time yourself for ten minutes and see how far you’ve come. For up to 20 minutes, you can leave the toner on. Last but not least, give your hair a thorough rinsing and shampooing. Purple tones have been wiped off totally! The effects should persist for 3-4 weeks.

How to use a clarifying shampoo to fade purple hair color?

When used with the components below, this is the most effective and least harmful of the effective treatments. Anti-dandruff shampoo is my go-to product. Even with the few options we currently have, it might be difficult to figure out how to remove your hair color without causing further damage to your hair.

Fortunately for you, I’ve tried and tested all of them and can help you make an informed decision. So that your hair doesn’t have to suffer, I cut my own. Here are a few tried-and-true techniques that you may have heard about, as well as ones that I’ve personally found to be effective.

Step 1: Dish soap

Using dish soap to wash your hair could leave you with dandruff-dry tresses, as dish soap is designed to remove oil from dishes. This drying soap can genuinely assist in removing any undesirable color from dyed hair if the effort is made to use it.

There are a lot of washes necessary if you want to remove the color completely, but this is a good first step. In some cases, consumers add baking soda to their dishwashing liquid for an added cleaning boost. Although this hasn’t worked well for me, you never know what will work for your hair!

Step 2: The head & shoulders dandruff shampoo

 Green Apple is the best anti-dandruff shampoo for fading hair dye. Because it has such a wonderful scent, the green apple variety is a must. Because this approach is drying on the hair, deep conditioning your hair after washing with this is essential if you want to get your hair back in shape.

When using an anti-dandruff shampoo, I recommend applying your deepest deep conditioner and letting it sit in for a few hours before shampooing. On its alone, it will take several cycles to fade your hair a little bit at a time. The Vitamin C Method can hasten this process.

Step 3: Juice of lemons

Using lemon juice to bleach your teeth, lighten your hair, or remove pigment is one of the many home remedies floating around the internet. The miracle of lemon juice, in my opinion, isn’t entirely what you’re looking for in the long run.

The best you’ll get from it is your best buddy straining at your head in harsh lighting and asking if you’ve done anything new to your hair but not being able to tell what it is. I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

Step 4: Sodium Bicarbonate

It’s an intriguing coincidence that baking soda is also used to whiten teeth, which is in the same family as lemon juice. To remove my hair dye, I’ve tried a few different mixtures that included baking soda, but none of them worked very well.

Step 5: The Vitamin C approach

A gift from above, vitamin C. If you’ve had semi-permanent and semi-permanent hair colors, this is your best bet for getting rid of them. You’re in luck if you’ve got any vitamin C powder on hand! In the event that you can’t find a powdered form of your vitamins, look for those that are comprised of compacted powder, not gummy or chewable ones. My go-to method is a plastic bag filled with 12 big pills and a hammer. Being civilized with t is possible.

Step 6: Strippers of Color

Permanent hair colors can be removed with hair dye remover. The One N Only Colorfix isn’t new to me. Chemical procedures can be used on semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dyes. However, they can harm your hair. However, if you are in a hurry or need to remove your color as soon as possible, you can get away with one to two rounds of this, and your hair will appear like it has just been bleached… and smell like eggs.

Step 7: Baths with Bleach

When all else fails to remove hair color, bleach baths are the only option left to you. Because of the risk of further harming your hair, this approach can be used only if you have a color that is simply too resistant for any other method. Simply mix bleach powder with shampoo (some people use bleach powder with the developer and then shampoo), and then launder your hair with the resulting solution. The color will dissipate in a matter of minutes if you leave it on for a few minutes.

How to get silver purple hair? 

Because of her silver hair, you know that Iskra Lawrence is going to be a big hit this year. More celebrities and bloggers are lightening their locks to get the icy hues of silver and lilac that are popular on Pinterest. Even if it didn’t quite take off in 2013, we could assure you that this year will be the year that it finally does.

Hence, how can we, the average Joes, adopt this style without appearing like our grandmothers? However, a few hair dyes and some serious Pinterest inspiration can help you seem like an ideal Instablogger in no time – and you can check out our guide to hair dye for further advice! Fortunately!

1. Get silver purple hair at home using these steps

Determine the style you desire first before embarking on your path to acquire this stunning hair color. Having purple roots that fade into silver ends is a common way to wear it. You can also go with an all-over ice purple color with darker roots to achieve a look that combines the best of both worlds.

If you’re starting with a darker base color and want to lighten it, you’ll need to use bleach. In order to achieve the desired color, you will need to combine the two shades. Make an appointment with your hairstylist so that he or she can help you achieve this style. However, if you’d want to try out temporary hair color, you can easily dye your hair silver purple at home. Pick up some of the purple and silver L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray.

There’s no need to be concerned about damaging your hair or committing to this hue because these shades wash out with only one shampoo. For best results, begin by spritzing the purple hue at the roots of your hair and fading it into your mid-lengths. Your finished product will have a beautiful shimmering silver purple tint if you finish with silver at the ends.

2. Taking care of hair with a silvery purple hue

Permanent hair coloring necessitates an upgrade in your hair care regimen to ensure that you’re taking care of your hair appropriately. The first step is to switch out your regular hair care products for those that are safe for dyed hair.

Make sure you have the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Conditioner, and the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm. This treatment will help to strengthen and restore damaged hair, as well as smooth the strands.

Our recommendation is to use a hair mask once or twice a week, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Power Restore Multi-Use Treatment. Damaged hair can be repaired with the use of this product’s healing concentrate and proteins.

How to take care of silver purple hair?

Almost no one predicted the silvery-silver hair color craze, but it’s clear now, a few years later, that platinum silver is here to stay. The right shade of silver-gray hair may go with just about any skin tone, style, and even clothing. Silver hair can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on your personal style preferences: tastefully subtle or bold and eclectic.

As a result, many people are now sporting silver hair as the hottest new color trend. Silver hair color, however, is a unique color that takes a certain level of care and attention once you’ve made the switch. A lack of regular care can cause rapid fading, frizz, and even long-term damage to your silver locks. We’ve compiled our top three silver hair care suggestions to help you maintain your hair’s lovely gray-silver tint.

10 ways to flaunt faded purple hair 

Has the recent discovery of faded purple hair prompted an urgent trip to the hairdresser for you? The girl put the phone down and take a break from your hair! Even when it fades, purple is stunning in ombre. Purple is a common choice for fantasy hair because it usually comes out looking just as lovely when washed out.

You don’t have a poor hair day just because you’re sporting faded purple hair. Beautiful shades of purple, ranging from light lavender to silvery gray, can be found as the color fades. If you’re afraid of fading, don’t dye your hair a gorgeous shade of purple. The fade might be even better than the original for you.

1. Over time, I’ve become an ombre

Gray and silver tones nearly always have a purple base, and stylists often combine the two when creating violet, lilac, and plum tones. This resulted in faded, lighter-at-the-roots purple hair with a dusky purple sheen at the ends. Gorgeous!

2. Deep in the grasp

Take charge of your hair’s appearance. To get a deeper shade of purple, have your hairdresser double dip the dye on your roots during your appointment. You’ll be able to keep your hair’s roots vibrant for longer as it ages.

3. Lavender in a more subdued form

Lavender here has a silvery undertone, making it even more strange. When getting a purple hairstyle, don’t be afraid to mention to your hairdresser that you’d like some silver or gray highlights added in. So that your roots don’t show through too soon when it fades, it has a metallic sheen to it. It also prevents you from developing a bleached yellow hue when the color dries.

4. Grayed Out

Getting your hair bleached is a common step before getting it colored a bright color. Because your follicles are so open and pliable, the dye is able to absorb into your hair follicles. It ends up with a faded purple hairstyle that eventually turns gray or silver because of the purple pigment that is left behind.

5. A faded Fuschia

Violet, lavender, and lilac aren’t the only tints of purple. Tones of rose or blue subtly fade away from an intensely saturated Fuschia hue.

6. How to properly wash your hair with shampoo

Sulfates can drain your hair of its natural moisture and fade your color if you have vibrant hair color. Because sulfate-free shampoos don’t include drying agents, they’re ideal for removing bright hair colors from the hair shaft. Some products, including Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics, have chemicals that help seal color into the hair strand. Don’t be afraid to show off your hair color!

7. Never seek the sun

Everyone knows that the sun is terrible for your skin, but did you realize that it may also damage the color of your hair? The color pigment can be oxidized (i.e., broken down) by UV radiation, hastening the fading of your vivid strands. You know what? Wear a wide-brimmed hat if you’re going to the beach or spending the day outside.

8. Purple and Pink Hair that has faded

If you don’t see purple and pink hair on a regular basis, it’s because these hues make it acceptable to wear a medium wavy hairdo. Your favorite dress will look stunning with these gorgeous, vibrant curls.

9. Fading Purple-Haired Woman

Long straight layered hair looks lovely in a subtle shade of light purple. A blonde foundation will brighten the color, flatter light complexion tones, and keep your style looking professional enough for work.

10. Balayage in faded purple

Darker purples with a more subdued hue look well on people of all skin tones. A quick and easy way to transform your medium or long straight hairstyles is to use this product.

Watch How to remove hair color without bleach (in 20 min) | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to how to fade purple hair to silver?

Is there a silvery tint to purple?

In the long run, if you have naturally light hair (either dyed or virgin), the purple dye will fade to silver or gray. Purple hair dye has the potential to transform even the lightest of blondes’ hair into a sickly green color.

How can you restore purple hair that has faded?

If you have dark purple hair, you’ll need a toner that is yellow or gold in color. Since faded purple and pale purple have more blue in them than real purple, you should use an orange toner on them. Latex gloves and 20 volume developer are also required. Toner and developer should be mixed in a 1:1 ratio (equal parts of each).

What is the best way to maintain purple hair?

Take the time to find a shampoo that protects your hair from fading. Purple shampoos are great for balancing out warm hair colors like pastels, blondes, and whites, which tend to stand out in a crowd. Consequently, if you have a deeper shade of purple, you should use a sulfate-free shampoo like Living Proof Color Care Shampoo, which will not remove your dye job’s vibrancy.

Color fades the most quickly?

What’s the Fastest Hair Color to Go Blonde? Red is one of the fastest-disappearing hair colors on the market. The reason is that compared to other hues red hair dye’s molecule size is much larger.

Is it difficult to care for purple hair?

In order to make this stunning shade stay more than a few weeks, numerous touch-ups and a lot of maintenance are required. Whether you use a temporary or permanent color, your purple hair will gradually lose its brilliance over time.


When it comes to hair color, purple is a lovely one, but maintaining it may be a challenge. It’s easy to keep purple hair looking new all year long by letting it fade to silver. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hair by following a few simple procedures to fade purple hair to silver.

Safe and Effective Home Remedies to Turn Purple Hair Silver. Colored hair can be both visually appealing and challenging to manage, depending on how it is styled. It is possible for purple hair to fade over time. There are a variety of safe and effective home remedies available if you want to light purple hair to silver.

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