In addition to having the guts, you’ll need to know what you’re doing before making any drastic changes to your hair color. Dyeing a white chevelure with black hair dye will not have any effect because of the complexities of color theory. Such hasty procedures typically result in greenish strands that are difficult to remove later.

Therefore, if you want to change your hair color from blonde to black and are concerned about damaging your hair in the process, keep reading because we will reveal some insider tips on what to do (and how to do it) to get through this coloring procedure safely and with the stunning effect on your strands! Going from Light to Dark Hair without the Green Phenomenon?

Easily! Have you ever attempted to dye blonde hair black, only to wind up with mermaid-like green locks instead of the glossy raven-black hue you were hoping for? No? It’s possible that you or someone you know has heard or read about such an experience online.

What makes hair turn green when dyeing from blonde to black?

The first step in completely covering your blonde hair with a black dye is to use a color filler. The filler color is just a dye, and you’ll use it like a moisturizing mask, minus the peroxide. Pick something in the middle, such as chocolate or chestnut brown. This way, eventually, the black pigments of the final dye will be placed more easily.

Putting on the black dye right after the color filler is a must. However, hair issues are not so cut and dry. If you have blonde hair, it is possible that it will turn a mysterious dark color instead of black. Juana has always had incredibly pale golden hair. After multiple bleaching sessions, we were able to obtain the desired blonde color. However, she failed to think about her hair’s past.

How to prepare blonde hair to dye black?

Going from black to blonde hair might be one of the most challenging transitions to make, regardless of whether your hair is naturally black or you’ve colored it that color. However, if your hair is in good health and you haven’t damaged it with any chemical treatments in the past, you can move from your darkest natural or artificial hair color to the lightest blonde.

Keep reading to find out the best, most secure way to accomplish this! Once you know the steps involved, you can do it successfully at home. Black hair to blonde? Is it even possible? Hair that isn’t suited to the rigorous process required to go from black to blonde should not be processed that way. Before you attempt hair lightening, you need to find out if your hair is in good enough condition to withstand the process.

While it will take longer and an extra step if you’ve already dyed your hair black, this is usually not a major issue. It’s not so much what you wear or how much money you have, but rather the state of your hair that matters the most.

Disorders of the Hair You shouldn’t bleach black hair if your hair is fragile or thin or if you’ve ever tried to dye it another color and failed. People with thick, healthy black hair that can withstand bleaching without suffering any harm are the ideal candidates for a blonde hair color change.

How to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?

Changing one’s hair color, often known as hair coloring or hair dyeing, is a common hair care procedure. The most common explanations for this are the desire to hide the appearance of white or gray hair, experiment with new hair color, or restore hair color that has been damaged due to chemical treatments or sun exposure. Many people of both sexes value the cosmetic benefits of hair color.

But there are other considerations that arise once you begin dyeing your hair. As you are well aware, we cover topics related to hair care on our website. This post will discuss one of the most common issues that develop after dyeing the hair and how to fix it. Now, then, let’s get this party started.Despite my best efforts, my black hair color keeps turning green. Only when going from a very light blonde to a very dark black does this happen.

Step 1. Hair, please be prepared

Here, your hair is the first thing to consider. If your hair is healthy, to begin with, the coloring process will enhance its natural beauty. Improving the quality of your hair dye job can be done quickly and easily. You should therefore devote extra attention to your hair. Using a high-quality conditioner and other hair care products during your wash routine is highly recommended.

The majority of people enjoy experimenting with new hair colors every now and again. Wait at least three months after your last dye job if this is the case. For the simple reason that the new dye will render the old dye useless. In order to get uniform hair color, it is necessary to completely wash out the previous dye before applying the new shade.

Step 2. You need to color your hair with the proper tint

When compared to light hair, dark hair is much simpler to dye. Choosing the appropriate color scheme is crucial. Because it could have an effect on the final color of your dyed fabric. Hair care professionals recommend going one shade lighter than you would normally pick.

Carefully consider the pigment elements if you wish to darken your hair. Typically, green, purple, or blue pigments can be found in deep black dyes, and that’s why. That’s why the moment you decide to go from having blonde hair to having black hair; it starts becoming green.

Step 3. Fill in with pigment

How can you prevent your brown hair from turning green when you color it? Coloring filler (sometimes called “color filling”) is an excellent option for those with dark hair because it lightens the hair without stripping it of its natural pigment. When you use a pigment filler on your hair, it effectively takes the place of the permanent black color.

How do you fix black hair that turned green?

Changing blonde hair to black is a common procedure that, as everyone knows, usually turns out well. Even when things seem simple, they almost always turn out to be anything but. When blondes color their hair black, one of the most prevalent side effects is turning green.

So, how can you prevent greening when dying blonde hair is black? This article contains the solution. For others, the transition from blonde to black hair results in a greenish hue because of the porous nature of the hair. A greenish tinge develops due to a deficiency of nutrients in porous hair. Having porous hair also means your hair lacks the natural pigmentation needed to take dye effectively.

Step 1. Hair, please be prepared

The quality of the dye job increases when the hair is in good condition. Coloring your hair will be a breeze if your hair is in good condition. Accordingly, you should give your hair a little more TLC. Regular hair care includes washing, conditioning, and styling with the right products.

In addition, you should wait at least three months after your last hair dye job before attempting a new hue. You should avoid letting the old color cling to your hair because doing so will render the fresh dye ineffective. Cutting off the previously dyed section of hair ensures a uniform hue throughout. How Do I Prevent My Blonde Hair from Turning Green When Dyeing it Black?

Step 2. You need to color your hair with the proper tint

It’s less of a hassle to dye your hair a darker shade than a lighter one. The results of a hair dye job can vary slightly depending on your natural hair color. It follows that if it is a specific hue you seek, you should go for a paler version of that color.

If you’re thinking about dying your hair jet black, you should look into the pigments that are used. Why? Because most true black dyes are actually tinted with a mixture of green, purple, and blue. Thus, going from blond to black causes a greening of the hair.

Step 3. Fill in with pigment

If your hair is damaged, it won’t be able to take as much of the dye, especially if you’re using a light shade. Dying your hair back to black after bleaching can cause it to turn green. Therefore, how can you prevent green hair after dying blonde hair black?

Pigment filler is a great option for those with dark hair because it prevents dye from washing out during bleaching. Your hair’s ability to repair the dark black color after applying pigment filler will improve.

How to take care of blonde hair dyed to black to prevent from green? 

If your hair is in excellent shape, the dye will stay in it longer. When your hair is healthy, doing makeup is a breeze. This means that you should prepare your hair before dying it. Take care to wash it properly and nourish it with conditioner and other hair care products. In addition, you need to wait at least three months before coloring or to bleach your hair again.

It’s impossible for the new color to adhere to your hair if you’ve recently changed hair colors. Prepare for a haircut before attempting a drastic hair color change. In order to achieve a uniform hair color, it is required to remove damaged hair. Pick the correct hair color! Getting darker is simpler than getting lighter. 

1. Combine the color with the lotion

The dye can cause the hair to become drier, from which the hair absorbs and releases more oil. The dye’s molecules can be broken up by this oil. Before dying your hair, ask your stylist to use a good-grade dye that has hydrating components for your hair. Dye with natural oils can assist keep moisture in your hair, and the hair will seem healthier and more lustrous. In particular, colors that do not include ammonium are a very good choice for your hair!

2. Hair coloring requires some patience before the next wash

Hair color requires a minimum of 48 hours of processing time before you may wash it. It’s recommended to wait at least three to four days after dying your hair before washing it again. Patience is a must for maintaining the color of your hair for as long as possible.

3. If your hair is dyed, you should not get it wet while you shower

When you don’t wash your hair every day, you should wear a hood in the shower to protect your hair from the water. A loose ponytail is another option for keeping your hair from getting sticky in the rain. Hair color readily washes out when wet.

4. How to take care of your coloured hair using. neglecting to clean your hair although knowing it needs it

This is a straightforward method for maintaining colored hair so that it doesn’t fade. It is best to wash your hair no more than once a day to keep the natural oils that shield the dye intact. Besides extending the life of the color, this will also improve the health and smoothness of your hair.

5. Use a hair-dye-safe shampoo

Always use a color-safe shampoo while washing hair coloring. A high-quality shampoo can extend the life of your hair color and improve your hair’s overall health.

6. Colored hair is best taken care of with lukewarm water

You can use either hot or cold water to wash your hair. Since the hair’s surface opens up when submerged in hot water, the dye molecules are free to float away, hastening the process of fading. It’s imperative that you get the water temperature just correct before you shampoo.

7. Use a dye-safe conditioner on your colored hair

Avoid using shampoo if at all feasible. If you color your hair, apply a conditioner that leaves your hair soft and hydrated. Shampoos tend to be more corrosive to hair color than conditioners. Use a conditioner designed for colored hair for added care. Utilizing this conditioner will assist in bringing out the full vibrancy of your hair color. Hair dyes can fade over time, but conditioners with Tahitian monoi oil and Ojon seed oil can help prevent that.

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People also ask questions and answers related to the how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green

How do I avoid turning my blonde hair green when I try to dye it?

You can keep from having green hair, gray hair, or any other hue in between by following any of these two simple rules: Prepare in advance to fill your blonde hair. If you want to avoid clashing colors, choose a dye in a medium brown tone.

How hard is it to change your hair color from blonde to black?

Going from having blonde hair to having black hair is a big change. Black hair, being on the opposite side of the hair color spectrum, is far more challenging to lighten. Getting your hair back to its previous light shade or blonde hue will need additional time, money, and chemicals at the salon.

What hue completely negates green?

Using the hue opposite it on the color wheel is a great way to neutralize or tone down an unwanted tint. Here, the green tones of pink and red are more pronounced.

Any reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and color your hair black?

You’re the Perfect Skin Tone, But if you have fair skin, finding the right shade for you can be a challenge. Black hair removal is more of a challenge on fair skin. It can make your face flush or make you look pale. It’s important to take precautions when dying your hair black if you suffer from acne or rosacea.

Do you think it would be okay to colour my white hair black?

Going from blonde to black after bleaching your hair is a lot of work. “We take extra precautions with clients who have bleached hair because the darker you want to color your blonde tresses, the more delicately you need to tread,” he said.


It’s general knowledge that brunettes can successfully transition to darker hair colors. In spite of how simple something may seem, trouble can still find you. The most common dyeing disaster is going the wrong color, especially green. So, how can you prevent greening when dying blonde hair is black? We’re here to assist you in resolving this issue today.

Bleach is another factor that can be used to achieve a seaweed green hue in the hair. Your hair’s absorption ability will decrease, and its natural pigment will be stripped away after bleaching. Since the damaged hair can only hold onto specific hues, this is the case. It is simple to achieve a green hue by dying your hair a cool tone.

Bleached hair color can also become green if it’s exposed to chlorine for an extended period of time. Chlorine causes chemical reactions in your hair, giving you a vivid green hue.

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