A red balayage on brown hair involves dying some of the hair red while leaving other strands their natural brown hue. The highlighting, ombre, or balayage method is the most popular for completely blackening brown hair. These balayage hairstyles for black hair are worth checking out if your hair is a dark brown or black color.

Copper In addition to red balayage on brown hair, it is one of my favorite color combinations. The trick is to make the brown hair look more vibrant without dying it completely.

A straight lock with waves at the end is highlighted by a rich crimson dye in this stunning combination. This is a terrific accessory for newly cut hair of any length. It won’t need as much TLC as some other things, but it’ll still benefit from some.

Does red balayage look good on dark brown hair? 

How to Do a Red Balayage on Dark Brown Hair: 15 Hairstyles

Balayage is a freehand painting method used to produce highlights or ombres in the hair using red dye. It’s the stuff of dreams for every independent woman. Get ready to celebrate, for the answer to your request has arrived if you’ve been longing for a fiery new look but have been putting it off because of the care and attention red hair usually demands.

Constance Robbins of California is well-known for her ability to take already-cute waves and take them to the next level with her signature pastel dye job. Cherry, wine, copper, and auburn are just a few of the many brilliant reds available, leaving you to wonder which one to try first.

Darker reds look great with cooler skin tones, while warmer reds look best with yellow undertones. To maintain the fire and freshness of the color, the use of color-safe shampoos is still required. Tips to Consider

5 tips to consider while choosing red balayage for dark brown hair

For hair coloring, brunettes frequently choose burgundy (a dark red, red wine color). It’s not just blondes who use this magnificent shade to make themselves look more vibrant; women with medium brown hair also sometimes do so.

Some colors are reminiscent of burgundy, but the trend toward warmer tones with the addition of cinnamon may even be worn by natural redheads. Which burgundy, maroon, or oxblood shade should you pick? Here are some good examples of how to employ the dark red hue while dying your hair or giving it a new lease on life with colorist techniques.

1. Walmart

The 24 included tones in the Shrine Drop It Hair Color Kit make it a highly adaptable product. There is a wide range of colors that can be achieved by varying the beginning hair color and the number of formula drops used.

In Beverly Hills, colorist and hairstylist Cherin Choi of Roil Salon recommends simply adding “the drops” to any conditioner and mixing to achieve the desired shade. To ensure an even application, “apply to towel-dried hair and comb through.” Since the pigments will be undetectable on darker hair, Choi recommends this product just for those who already have highlighted hair.

2. Put simply, Ulta Beauty

The Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss (available in 12 colors) does more than just make your hair appear and feel healthy and shiny; it also amps up the vibrancy of your hair color. The Alkaline Neutralizing System provides further defense against damage caused by hard water minerals. If you want to change your hairstyle but don’t want to go to a salon, Choi believes this is a fantastic solution that works for any hair type.

To use, simply combine the contents of the two bottles, give them a light shake, and then distribute the resulting elixir throughout your hair. After 10-20 minutes, shampoo and condition as usual. The color will fade over the course of three to four washes, the frequency of which will determine how long it will last.

3. Davines

Want to change your hair color but aren’t ready to commit just yet? Choi also suggests trying the Davines Alchemic Conditioner. After each wash, the six transient hues will be completely gone.

The hue you choose and the condition of your hair will determine how long the dye will last. Choi recommends this solution for those with lighter hair because the pigments are not discernible on dark hair. For an even application, he suggests beginning at the back of your head and working your way forward to your hairline.

4. Sephora

News editor Nicola Dall’Asen recommends you try out the semi-permanent hair color from Good Dye Young. This Hayley Williams-approved product gives vibrant, long-lasting color for all hair types (straight, wavy, and tightly coiled) for up to six weeks. Magenta, yellow, peach, and teal are just some of the vibrant colors available; to see the full range, visit their online store. The uplifting citrus aroma of bergamot essential oil is released upon application.

5. Oribe

The Oribe Root Touch-Up Spray comes in a variety of shades, including light brown, platinum, red, blonde, and black, and is ideal for covering grays and roots in between color jobs. According to Valdes, “it’s a terrific temporary color fix that’s [suited for all hair types]. The powdered product dries quickly and, like dry shampoo, absorbs oil and debris. To minimize flaking or transfer if you touch your hair, Valdes advises separating a clean line and spraying near to the root, pointing backward to avoid getting any on your face and then spraying a little hairspray over the top.

15 best shades of burgundy hair color for dark hair 

 Without a doubt, red balayage is at the height of its popularity. This extraordinary French coloring technique involves a sweeping motion done by hand to add color to your locks, leaving you with results ranging from subtle to bold flashes of color. Colors! Don’t believe us? We’ve scouted out the top looks to prove that red should be the next color in your man.

1. Bright Carmine

This reddish-brown shade may appear out of place among the predominantly pinkish-purple hues on this list, but we felt it was important to include a red hair color option for those with cool undertones.

This light auburn shade works well as a universal shade for those with warm complexion tones. Read our post about BROWN HAIR COLOR SHADES TO TRY for Indian skin tones if the terms espresso, caramel, and chocolate appeal to you.

2. Purple Metal

The burgundy color is a neutral color for hair. The hue of shiny lavender burgundy for hair This trendy purple hue is the ideal combination of boldness and gentleness, and it’s all the rage right now. It’s novel and exciting, and you should give it a shot, especially a metallic lavender ombre.

3. Dark Purple

Burgundy is a stunning tone for hair. The darkest hue of burgundy plum for hair This maroon shade with purple undertones is a gorgeous option from the burgundy hair color chart, and it’s a must-try for those with olive skin tones.

4. Multiple shades of red

Image of a woman with multiple shades of red hair. Create a bold impression by combining several tones of red. Credit: colors! Credit

 5. Natural red

Back of a woman’s head with curly hair and red balayage Go for warm reds and copper tones for a totally natural finish! Credit Natural-looking red balayage hair is perfect for brightening up home-grown colors. Use varying shades of red to make a striking statement. Credit: This season, stand out from the crowd by incorporating several colors of red into your ensemble.

If you wear both a fiery red and deep burgundy, people will take notice of your impeccable taste. My advice is to get some layers cut into your hair if you have straight hair and don’t want to spend time everyday curling or creating waves. Why? Your red balayage will seem better because of the added movement and texture provided by the layers. On curly locks! Credit: 

6. Black and red

Back view of a woman’s hair with bold red balayage on dark hair in curls. Keep it bold and bright. Credit is All sorts of gorgeous tones may be achieved with red balayage, and that’s part of its appeal. And if you want to really stand out this season, there are a lot of options for you to do so.

A plethora of vibrant red shades that are sure to get you noticed (in a good way, of course)! Hair that is dark in color looks amazing with both lowlights and highlights of vivid red. Colors, because the contrast between the colors will add so much dimension to your hair. This bright cherry red on my chocolate brown hair is a perfect illustration. Credit

7. Burgundy hues

Back view of a woman’s hair with long tumbling curls and red balayage. For the fall, nothing beats the richness of burgundy locks. Photography by Alyssa at alyssashairgallery. Don’t want your hair to look like a cherry?

Don’t fret; this savvy Instagrammer shows that it takes more than just buying into bold colors to succeed. Wearing a muted burgundy shade in loose waves is stunning with any hair color. Colors, making it the ideal shade to update your ‘do. Credit: 

 8. Reverse blonde and red balayage

Back of a woman’s hair which is blonde with red balayage and loose waves, It even works with blonde! Credit Want to adopt this fierce look but feeling a little apprehensive about getting a full head of vivid red tones?

Then add subtle elements of your favorite. You may easily try out this style by incorporating a reddish color into your present hair. To subtly update your look, try inverting your balayage and working the red tones from your roots. In addition, it will allow you to grow out your hair without the need for a drastic change in color if your roots are already dark. For touch-ups! Credit:

9. Brunette and red

The side image of a woman with curly red balayage hair Keeps the color a little tamer for a totally rocking look. Credit: If your original hair color is brown, adding some red balayage will bring out the luster of your hair and add some life to your look.

Brings a little sparkle and glitter to even the cloudiest of days when exposed to direct sunshine. Perfection! Credit 

10. Chunky red balayage

Experiment with red balayage that looks like a full head of color! Credit styles Want to go bigger and bolder? Then ask your stylist to apply large sections of color closer to the roots rather than thin streaks. The overall effect will look similar to a full head of color, but your natural shade will still peak through.

11. Intense Burgundy-Purple

A deep purple burgundy tint, a cool member of the purple family of hair colors you want to ‘lift’ dark brown or black hair, try applying an ombre of this enigmatic violet variation of burgundy.

If you have dark hair, use this purple shade as lowlights; you’ll love the effect. What do you say about some burgundy accents? If you want to learn how to style burgundy hair, check out our page on HAIR HIGHLIGHTS.

12. Shades of Red

Stunning burgundy hair color A deep burgundy crimson, the almost black hue of hair. We suggest this soft, cool-toned red if understated elegance is your thing. Given that it is not overly dark, this shade is suitable for a whole head coloring.

13. Violet

Burgundy is a stunning tone for hair. The hue of purple-burgundy for hair If you’re a fan of the color purple, you’ll adore this stunning blend of burgundy, violet, and magenta for your hair. There are several fiery red tones available in the Loreal hair color range, which is designed for use with Indian skin tones. You may learn more about them by reading our post.

14. Hot Cider

Red hair color that’s both warm and vibrant, the color of a mulled wine, a burgundy hue. You can practically smell the sultry spices in this deep wine hair color. If you have a chilly undertone to your skin, a mulled wine balayage would be ideal.

L’Oréal Paris’ L’ÉQUIPE DE COULEURS POUR LES COURTS DE CHEVRE. If you’re looking for a bold, fiery red hair color that will pop against your fair Indian skin, INDIA has you covered. Check them out in our latest post.

15. Vibrant Wine Color

Burgundy is a stunning tone for hair. An exciting approach to spice up a boring mane is with this bold burgundy crimson hue. Full-head dye jobs are for the brave and beautiful, but those that are less risk-taking can go for burgundy ombre or highlights.

Top 10 balayage colors for hair and color texture 

How to Do a Red Balayage on Dark Brown Hair: 15 Hairstyles

In no way is hair coloring a novel concept for women around the world. However, balayage allows you to experiment with a wide range of hues and a wide range of individualized hairstyles, such as the balayage lob, the black-to-brown balayage, and the reverse balayage.

French women have been employing a process called balayage since the 1980s to dye their hair without the use of foil. You can achieve a trendy, all-natural look by applying hair dye freely by hand.

1. Highlighted with a Deep Burgundy Red Balayage

If you want to spice up your black hair, try these deep red highlights instead. The natural black of your hair complements the fine red wine tone to create a very confident style. This is flattering for women with tan to olive skin. The ruby red loose curls stand out prominently. This style, which results in voluminous, uniformly-dense locks, is a big hit among fashion-conscious teenage ladies.

2. Balayage in a light shade of brown

Try this out if you want to stand out from the crowd this summer! This balayage brown hair will be ideal for any woman with long brown hair. But other than that, it’s a safe bet that short-haired women won’t be disappointed. Likewise, they look and feel great in it. Even for professionals who prefer a subtle, understated look, brown hair is no longer a limiting color choice. For a new look, try the greatest french braid hairstyles in addition to balayage.

3. A Vivid, Deep Scarlet Red

This vibrant orange shade will make you the center of attention. One of the greatest balayage for black hair, this style incorporates layers of crimson red highlights that extend out from the roots and mix seamlessly into your natural hair color. Those looking for vibrant, warm hues will find this a fantastic option. Your natural black hair will really stand out with crimson highlights that will make everyone go crazy for you.

4. Caramel to Brown Balayage

This stunning brown hair with a typical soft balayage technique and a caramel tone is a great example of why brunettes love balayage so much. These highlights are among the best examples of balayage because of how naturally they transform the otherwise flat brown hair. It works best with medium-length hair but stays energizing even as it gets longer. You may let the lighter curls in your hair shine even more by styling them in loose, beachy waves.

5. Balayage coloring that looks like gray

Gray balayage is another beautiful option for dark hair. Gray hair, formerly frowned upon, has become popular again in recent years. Your long, sleek black curls, which are a gorgeous mix of black and charcoal tones, offer you a striking appearance. Especially among ladies with cooler complexion tones, this one is quickly becoming the norm.

6. A Honey Balayage Over Jet Black Hair

This is a great choice for any woman with shoulder-length hair or shorter. The dye gives your hair a beautiful, natural-looking wave pattern that’s great for casual wear. This is one of the best balayage for black hair, but it also looks great on dark brown hair.

7. Color Your Black Hair Teal With A Glamorous Balayage

If you have long, straight black hair, there is no more magical hairstyle for you. It’s a perfect match for your long, black hair and the teal undertones make you look stunning year-round. Try it out and see the fireworks for yourself, ladies!

8.Grayish-blonde balayage on black hair

This cut allows the ash blonde balayage to gradually blend in on the black hair, creating a highly sophisticated and beautiful look. The blonde tint sweeps in so wonderfully with the gray tones.

9. Brown A Bob Balayage

Choose this chestnut brown balayage for your Asian black bob for a stunningly gorgeous everyday look. This short, on-trend hairdo is perfect if you want to add a touch of sparkle to your appearance.

10. Balayage with Hazelnut and Coffee Extract

Women with black or brown hair can look their best when chocolate tones are swept in with ease to incorporate hazelnut highlights. After you’re done with it, everyone will be talking about how great your new balayage brown hair looks, like a cup of freshly brewed mocha.

Top 15 balayage hairstyles for red balayage on dark brown hair 

How to Do a Red Balayage on Dark Brown Hair: 15 Hairstyles

Red balayage is the solution for those who are obsessed with red hair but can’t commit to going full-on ginger. By using balayage, painting on highlights, lowlights, and streaks is a breeze.

Because of this, colors may be applied with pinpoint accuracy to create patterns that are both visually appealing and authentic looking, rather than being bulky and oversaturated. That candy apple crimson Manic Panic you picked up at Hot Topic over the weekend is not the point.

1. Intense Swirls of Auburn

Female auburn red balayage hair color To begin, how about we try a balayage in a deep auburn red? When applied to black hair, the color seems to be lighter in some areas, nearly a burnished brown, and darker and more clearly red in others. You’ve got to love how they’re able to mix.

2. Red Hot Advice

Have you ever considered adding some blazing red highlights to your hair for a change of pace? The flame color is striking when applied to mocha hair, yet it isn’t over the top. Quite the opposite, it has a refined elegance. Even the splatters of color that emerge somewhere around the head are perfectly blended in.

3. Red Balayage, Orange You Happy

The color ranges from a deep burgundy red to an orange-red that’s almost as coppery as a brand new penny. This is the kind of haircut that can cheer up even the grayest of days.

4. Red Balayage, like flames, on her hair

Our minds immediately went to Katniss Everdeen when we saw this red balayage. It would have looked great with her fiery outfit if she had worn her hair this way. But you may have this hairstyle whenever you wish by just making an appointment with your stylist. A few flaming strands of hair lick their way up through the brunette’s dark brown crown. This fiery ombre design culminates in a perfect orange tone.

5. Very soft Burgundy A young lady’s burgundy red Balayage hairstyle

The burgundy in this is really muted. This is the ideal option if you want to dye your hair red but are limited by policies at your place of employment or school. Intense chocolate hair looks amazing with burgundy lipstick and nail polish.

6. A Red Curl

It’s no surprise that red balayage hairstyles have become so popular. You may make a stunning contrast with bright red color and a dark tone by using either of them as a base, and the result is stunning. It’s especially effective on curls because it brings out the natural texture of the hair.

7. Burgundy with a Wave

Subtle undertones of dark red wine or burgundy are quite lovely and provide a great effect, whether your hair is left loose or you style it in sophisticated ways. Do a Dutch braid at the crown and secure the hair in a pony for an elegant and attention-grabbing style. The solution is to use an iron wand to curl it.

8. Topping the Front Off with Some Balayage

Adding some highlights to a low, simple red balayage haircut can make it look much more interesting. If you use those red bits in your various braiding projects, your knits will look even better than before!

9. The colors red and orange

Regardless of length, dark hair with a balayage is stunning. Add some electrifying orange accents to your haircut for added visual impact. The hair can be waved to provide volume, but the ends should remain straight.

10. Hairdo for a Wedding

Create a stunning gradient by coloring the base a deep burgundy. Use a deeper shade of red on it, and curl your hair before tying it in a French twist-like bun. Hair gems or applications can also be used as embellishments.

11. Open-Ended Low Braid

If you have long hair, you’ll have a lot of options for how to wear it, and you can switch things up every day. Try a red balayage that won’t mess up your straight hair. Wear your hair down and loosely braided by using a few front parts to create a low braid.

12. Red Balayage Color Ginger

Do you secretly wish you were a baby carrot? Here is your chance to do so. Share with your stylist your observation that the red is paler near the face. The orange-red color becomes darker and more luxurious toward the back, where the layers are layered artistically. Yum!

13. Balayage, dyed red and blonde

Show this balayage to any scumbag who tries to tell you that red and blonde don’t mix. That’s a ridiculously outdated standard of attractiveness that doesn’t account for modern.

14. A red wine

Despite its regal appearance, any wine connoisseur would immediately recognize this as something other than purple. After all, what is purple, if not a variation of red? It’s true that this is a very luxurious dark crimson. It’s up to you whether you want to emphasize blue or red in the color scheme.

15. A Final Touch

There’s a fire in this red. The almost three-dimensional effect created by the combination of several dynamic hues and the spiraling curls is out of this world. What you’re seeing is balayage magic, people.

Watch Balayage color technique using cherry plum red intense | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the red balayage on dark brown hair

For how long does a red balayage style remain in effect?

When your hair has Balayage applied, how long does it last? The durability of a Balayage style is a major benefit. While traditional foil highlights fade after a few weeks, Balayage can persist for three to four months before needing a touch-up.

Is it difficult to care for a red balayage?

Is It Difficult to Keep Balayage Hair Looking Good? Balayage hair color is not only extremely durable but also very low-maintenance. Because of how low-maintenance it is, you won’t have to visit the salon as frequently for touch-ups as you would with other types of hair highlights.

I have dark brown hair, what shade of Balayage should I get to complement it?

Amazing Balayage On Black Hair Highlights in a balayage style can be any color you like, but the most common ones for dark hair are light brown or caramel balayage. The best part about balayage is that it can be pulled off in a cute and elegant way by girls of any race, color, and ethnicity.

Would red work for Balayage?

If your original hair color is red, you can make your red hair stand out by blending in strawberry blonde highlights. If your natural hair color is on the darker side, balayage red is a chic complementing tone that can bring out the best in your hair.

In what ways should you not alter your hair after getting Balayage?

Be patient and wait at least three days before washing your hair after getting balayage. This is done so that the cuticles can seal and the dye can set. It’s also not a good idea to do any vigorous exercise or get wet while your hair is still dry.


Hair is tinted red, but some of the natural brown colors are left in, creating a look known as “red balayage” on brown hair. The highlight, ombre, and balayage coloring methods are the most popular for turning brown hair black. These balayage hairstyles for black hair may be of interest to you if your natural hair color is dark brown or black.

Copper, Another one of my favorite combinations, is red balayage on brown hair. The trick is to make the brown hair look more vibrant without dying it completely. The gorgeous combination will make heads turn and add a fresh new depth to your style. Red balayage, also known as a freehand painting technique for coloring hair, is used to create highlights and ombres.

It’s the stuff that every independent-minded woman dreams about. For those who wish they could switch up their appearance with fiery new hair color but are put off by the care and attention red hair usually demands, the time to celebrate has come.

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