The graying of one’s hair is a lovely and inevitable component of the aging process. As such.. Covering up silver strands with dye is also a perfectly acceptable option. Here’s an example: me! Around the time I was in my mid-20s, I began to notice patchy gray hair growth. The areas surrounding my part and the hairline on my head tend to collect hair.

Although heredity plays a role in my premature graying, environmental and lifestyle factors like pollution (free radicals can stimulate premature aging of the hair much like they can trigger it in the skin) and stress are likely more responsible for my early onset of thinning hair. I, too, have been using hair color for a long time, so the golden highlights in my hair are artificial. Then, a careful application of dye was all that was required to hide them.

Can grey hair be highlighted? 

Clients with gray hair often go one of three ways: they either elect to highlight the silver, leave it as-is, or conceal the gray roots. If they fall into the latter category and are seeking a more natural appearance, highlights can be used to blend in gray hair by running brighter ribbons through locks.

What’s the end result? A multi-toned effect that looks great on all hair colors, from blondes to redheads to brunettes, with a dreamy, seamless finish for salt and pepper strands. How to do it. The answer is yes, gray hair can be highlighted. Remember that when enhancing gray hair, you want to mix in any stray silver tones and achieve the most natural-looking result possible. This can make the grays less noticeable by whitening the hair around them rather than directly on the grays themselves.

What are the advantages, then? For starters, it means that clients who wish to cover their gray hair without giving up their favorite highlights can do so without sacrificing their hair’s desirable, light-reflecting shine. The combination of gray hair and highlights can create a more natural and young appearance than a single-shade treatment while also giving the impression of thicker locks.

The potential advantages are, to put it briefly, endless. If your customer requests a root shadow that covers all of their gray hairs, or if they just want to keep their hair the same rich, luscious color from roots to ends, you should color the grays. Those who don’t care for highlights have the choice of employing a demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or permanent hair color formula to hide their gray hair. Through this method, they will be able to conceal the seasoning strands and produce a uniform appearance.

How to conceal grey hair with highlights?

Mature individuals have a special kind of charm. It brings with it a greater understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world. It has the added benefit of motivating you to try new things to improve your appearance and health. When you hit a certain age, you might start thinking about how to work gray hair into your style or hide it altogether.

Many clients are now asking their colorists to add gray to their hair, so there’s no shame in embracing your natural hair color. Whether you wish to return to your natural hair color or embrace change by showing off silver streaks, we asked celebrity colorists for their best advice on blending and hiding grays. The likes of Lea Michele, Hilary Duff, and Emma Roberts have all been styled and colored by Nikki Lee. 

She helped develop the West Hollywood salon Nine Zero One and the haircare line In Common. The likes of Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rose Byrne, and Cindy Crawford have all gone to Harry Josh for their hair coloring and styling needs. His own Harry Josh Pro Tools were also developed by him.

Highlights and Lowlights for Gray Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide Whether or if your original hair color (the color your hair was before the grays appeared) can be mixed with highlights, lowlights are a major factor in the process. Lee explains that the ideal method for hiding gray hair will vary depending on the person’s hair color and the amount of gray they have. “Highlights or semi-permanent hair color are acceptable options for someone with a few gray hairs. Gray hairs that are 75% to 100% should be dyed permanently.”

8 different ways to disguise grey hair with highlights 

Due to the epidemic, people are going longer and longer without seeing a hairdresser, resulting in a rise in the prevalence of gray roots. In any case, there is good news for individuals who want to cover their grays: there is a range of options available. To hide your gray roots in between salon visits, use one of these many products, methods, and styling tricks endorsed by beauty editors. The trouble is, though, that gray roots are not like any other variety. Gray roots call for products with the ability to give precise coverage.

1. Make use of a quick-fix root cover-up

Truth be told, there will be times when life gets hectic, and you won’t have time to tend to your roots for a few weeks. There is always the potential that you won’t have time to instantly color or highlight your hair again once you first see the first few gray hairs, even if you have access to the most expedient dyeing options available. Don’t freak out; just grab a bottle of root-hiding spray. These are fantastic since they work immediately and can be cleaned easily. Translation? Don’t worry if you make a blunder while learning how to use the product for the first time.

2. Alternatively, you might use a treatment that deposits color to cover up your gray roots

A color-depositing conditioner can not only help you hide your gray roots, but it will also enhance your natural hair color. This alternative mixture can be used in place of your regular one to bring life back to faded bleach or dye. When you’re finished rinsing, you’ll look like you just left the salon, but you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own shower.

3. You have the option of trying out highlighting or balayage, too

As an alternative to dying your hair all at once, you can cover your gray roots with balayage or strategically placed highlights. Blending highlights into hair is more difficult to accomplish at home, but it allows you to keep your color routine with minimal maintenance. DIY balayage is possible, but it requires at least an intermediate level of experience with at-home dye procedures. After coloring your hair, use a leave-in product that protects the color to extend the life of your dye job.

4. Some gray root covering kits are permanent and can be used at home

It was possible to find a variety of permanent hair color kits before the epidemic, but it’s probably easier now. They work wonderfully to hide gray roots, but they are at their best a month after a new color job. Use a shampoo designed for colored hair, kneading it into your scalp and focusing the foam there to keep your roots looking clean and healthy.

5. Imagining a new component

Altering your haircut may be all that’s necessary to hide your grays. Change the way you separate your hair so that the grays are more on one side. Changing the orientation of your component may be all that’s required. Using a fine-mist, light-hold hairspray will add shine, tame frizz, and keep your hair in place because it isn’t used to “sitting” in its freshly-party position.

6. As an alternative, you may try a new look for your regular routine

Are you more of a mom bun or ponytail gal? (Have no fear; I feel the same way.) Wear your hair down to hide the unsightly, often wiry gray hairs that tend to appear around the hairline when you’re trying to go longer in between salon visits.

7. If you’re in the mood to be flashy, by all means, use glitter

Glitter root cover-up spray is a fun way to disguise your gray hair, but it probably isn’t acceptable for a Zoom conference with the boss. One with a silvery color offers the finest concealment and harmony with gray roots.

8. Or, you could just let your natural gray color emerge and enjoy the attention

If you do nothing else, accept your grey hair now. Gray hair and gray roots are both stunning and deserving of praise. Using a violet-hued shampoo and conditioner can help you avoid brassiness (yep, the same kind that happens to blondes). If you use a restorative product like these, which are both loaded with bond-building keratin proteins, the color deposits can help erase tarnishes and yellow undertones that can sneak up on otherwise cool, ashy, and silver-colored strands.

Is it better to highlight or color gray hair? 

For those with light brown or blonde hair who are concerned about their hair’s health, highlights are a great choice. You can conceal your gray hair in this manner. Obviously, highlights require regular upkeep. To hide gray hair, people with dark hair should choose a permanent dye that closely matches their natural hair color.

Now, if you want to hide your dark hair with gray highlights, you’ll have to go through a lengthy process that includes multiple bleaching treatments. That’s something I’d like to discuss with you, but not right now. People are largely identifiable by the color of their hair. When you find yourself needing to describe someone you know, do your best to do so at the moment. Which features do you prioritize most highly? Perhaps you’ll refer to the blonde woman, the dark-haired man, the redhead who drives you crazy, etc.

No matter how cliche, each hair color conveys information about its wearer. Redheads, for instance, are fierce warriors and sassy sorceresses. Both blondes and brunettes exude sensual sophistication and brilliance. When you hit middle age, everything changes. When you have white or gray hair, people automatically think of you as elderly.

The question then becomes, “How can I cover my gray?” What do you think? Should I just get some highlights or go all out with a new color? A client came in the other day and begged me in an almost desperate tone, “Flor, I’m weary of my grey hair. Which is better, a full-dye job or a few highlights? That’s why she didn’t fully color her hair yet: she was too young. Her hair is in great condition, and she has a naturally light base color that will allow the highlights to conceal the few grey hairs she has.

How to blend grey hair with foil highlights?

Some people like gray hair, while others fear it. However, a third group is developing as a compromise between the two extremes. Those seeking a more subtle gray gradation aim for this. According to Robert Eaton, the technical director of Wella Professionals, “we have seen trends dominate fashion, such as the perm era, the highlight decade, balayage, bold colors, and tonal work.” “Gray blending is the new vogue in hair color, and it’s part of a larger trend toward natural hair enhancement.”

The concept is that by strategically placing additional highlights and balayage pieces, you can either hide or draw attention to your gray hair for a more natural, low-maintenance style that will last through the duration of the pandemic. Eaton notes a change in mindset and growing demand for adaptable solutions as a result of the continued constraints. I’ve been doing a lot of gray blending on customers, and I can’t wait to get back to the salon and continue doing it!

While the trend may have been spurred by necessity, many people are discovering they prefer the new style to the labor-intensive maintenance and frequent touch-ups of the past. “Many women are looking for alternatives to block coverage,” Eaton adds, “and we’ve welcomed that trend.” It’s a method for coloring hair that, like traditional balayage, scatters highlights and lowlights all over your head.

To avoid flat-looking hair, solid blocks of color should be broken up by strategically placed highlights, and these highlights should be blended in flawlessly with the rest of the hair. The distinction lies in the fact that the grays are either masked or brought into sharp relief by the highlights’ tonal selection. Ash gray and cool-toned blondes, for instance, can disguise grays into a tonal masterpiece, reflecting light away from the grays and making the whole thing look effortlessly planned.

But highlights of silver or icy blonde can bring out the beauty of your natural grays, rather than trying to cover them up. Natural appearance is maintained by adhering to the same guidelines as traditional balayage. When highlights are applied a few inches out from the roots, they require almost no upkeep and can be grown out between salon appointments if desired.

Meanwhile, the ends of the face-framing strands are unaltered while they are brightened for emphasis. Whatever your opinion may be, grays are undeniably trending right now. There has never been a better time to hide them, or if you like, to show them out. Not only are they more widely recognized, but so are the occasions commemorating them. Searches on Pinterest related to “turning gray” have increased by 879% over the past year. Those who don’t have it covet it, while those who possess it are often proud to flaunt their silver threads.

How to blend grey hair with balayage? 

Gray hair on the hairline can happen to anyone, regardless of age. In spite of the trendiness of silver streaks in hair, not everyone is ready to embrace them. We have the solution to your gray hair problems if you have wished for one. The following are seven ways to cover gray hair, ranging from permanent hair dye to do-it-yourself tricks.

1. Use a root spray to hide the problem

To temporarily cover up additional gray hair between colorings, you can use a root cover-up spray like L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up. Gray roots can be efficiently concealed by just spraying the mixture into the new growth and partially through the length of the hair. Easy to use, the spray dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue. That’s not even the best part! After spraying, you won’t need to wash your hair again till the next day.

2. You can hide it with a touch-up pen

To hide the initial few gray hairs, you should choose a product with targeted coverage rather than one that spreads evenly over the entire area. In this case, a root-covering pen would be useful. The special precision brush of the L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen makes it possible to apply the product effortlessly and evenly to all hair types and textures. You may use the product by rotating the pen to release it onto the brush, which you can then use to quickly dab the brush onto dry hair. You’ll only need to wait a minute for the product to dry.

3. Explore a different role

Altering your haircut may be all that’s necessary to hide your grays. Changing your hair part can be a simple solution for hiding gray hair, but this will depend on where your grays are. You can try a deep side part if your grays are located in the center of your crown or vice versa.

4. Cover your roots for good

A permanent hair dye is great for covering up gray roots until you can get to a salon. However, a single blanket hue won’t do. For long-lasting, wash-out-proof results, use a permanent root color kit like L’Oréal Paris’ Magic Root Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Hair Coloring Kit. A permanent hair color kit that can be used to cover grays in as little as ten minutes.

5. You can do it yourself hair dyeing

The first thing on your mind after spotting your first gray hair might be to dash to the bathroom and grab some hair color. Thankfully, you can get rid of the salt and pepper streaks in your hair without ever having to leave the house again, thanks to at-home permanent hair color kits.

You get a developer creme, hair color, conditioner, and serum with the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color kit. Moreover, it is available in a wide range of shades to make it simple to pick the one that best suits your hair. Consult the L’Oréal Paris Hair Color Concierge for professional guidance on how to best hide your grays before you begin the process of dying your hair at home.

6. The best way to hide something is to use highlights

To cover up your silver hairs without completely dying your hair, try highlighting or lowlighting. Gray hairs can be camouflaged with minimal upkeep by strategically placing highlights throughout your hair. Make your own highlights with the L’Oréal Paris Frost & Design kit. Both novices and seasoned highlighters will appreciate how easy it is to direct highlights from the hair’s base to its ends.

7. Don’t be afraid to bling out the gray

There’s also a lot of amusement to be had in disguising the grays. Hair accessories and hairstyles can help you hide your roots and gray hair if you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to color your hair. This colorful new hairstyle, called prism roots, allows you to mix your silver strands with a rainbow of other colors.

Use the L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray and a combination of pastel colors like pastel lavender, pastel mint, pastel pink, and pastel blue to achieve this look temporarily. Use a hair gel like L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Extreme Style Gel to complete your style. This gel will give your hair a glossy finish and strong hold so that it will last all day long and seem like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

Watch How to blend natural gray roots into silver hair including formulas | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the how to disguise grey hair with highlights?

Can I use highlights to disguise gray hair?

Yes, gray hair may be highlighted. When enhancing gray hair, remember that you want to create a seamless blend of silver strands for a more natural look.

If you have gray hair, what color highlights would you recommend?

Think about getting blonde highlights like Blythe Danner if you’re mostly gray. They’re easy to manage and will blend with your gray to give you a stunning white-blond tint.

How do you conceal gray and add highlights?

The appearance of new gray hair can be minimized by using a combination of light and dark shades. Furthermore, lowlights are great for hiding gray on brown and red hair for individuals who worry that blonde lights would look odd.

What is the best approach to disguise gray hair?

Professional colorists normally recommend a deeper color for your roots and a lighter tint that matches your natural hair for the rest. A deeper dye should be used towards the roots (about an inch down), and a lighter dye should be used for the rest of the hair.

How do you preserve your hair from dyeing highlights?

Remove any stray pigment from your skin with a cleansing wipe. Put your hands up and relax a bit. Put on a clean pair of gloves and wash your hair well with running water to remove all traces of dye. Then, to prevent the color from fading or fading out, you should wash your hair with a healthy shampoo and conditioner.


Gray hair, in case you haven’t heard, is totally in style right now. Once you spotted your first gray hair, you used to have to make an immediate appointment with the hairdresser to have it covered up. Gray hair is increasingly being concealed with highlights by individuals who are naturally gray (as opposed to those who color their hair to disguise it).

Dark and blonde highlights create lovely contrasts to every haircut and are not as visible as the entire coloring. Gray hair has become a synonym for women recognizing the power of their inherent beauty. Sounds intriguing, right? Find out why gray hair and highlights are so popular and how to care for both by reading on! The use of highlights and lowlights adds dimension to a hairstyle by using a range of colors that seem completely natural together.

This cutting-edge method will let you flaunt your silver hair in vogue. Gray hair with dark and pale highlights looks Due to the expertise required, hiring a professional colorist is recommended for highlighting or lowlighting an image. Remember that getting highlights requires your hairdresser to bleach and recolor your hair, which can be a costly process. Highlights and lowlights are most effective when they complement your natural hair color, so keep that in mind when choosing your highlight color.

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