Time for the third and last step of the Olaplex system, which can be used either as a post-salon touch-up or as a regular part of your hair care routine. We’ll show you how to wear a No. 3 correctly in no time, courtesy of our favorite style blogger, Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd, and her accompanying visual tutorials.

The hair should be given a gentle shampoo to remove any buildup, such as oils, silicones, or excess product, and then towel dried well before applying the No. 3. It can also be used on dry hair; however, the additional product will be needed to get complete saturation. Keeping that in mind, the decision is entirely up to you.

Is Olaplex a conditioning treatment?

how long to leave in olaplex 3

The fact that Kimmy K was able to transform her dark brown hair into a dazzling platinum blonde in what seemed like an overnight process thanks to Olaplex made those of us who are prone to coloring our hair take note (or, you know, over four days while she hid and had her assistants run out and do her errands).

Obviously, this made the rest of us regular folks want to run to the nearest hair salon and demand the same treatment, which is every barber’s worst fear. That is until we found the Olaplex No. 3 that Kim credits as the “miracle in a bottle” that allowed her to accomplish her style.

How long to leave in Olaplex 3? 

The most popular at-home Olaplex bond-repair procedure is Olaplex 3. Olaplex 1 and 2, which are only sold in hair salons, have bond-repairing properties that are bolstered by this product.

You’ll want to keep Olaplex 3 in your hair as long as possible if you’re familiar with the amazing results it may produce. I’ve read that leaving the product on overnight improves effectiveness; is this correct? Is it okay to sleep with Olaplex 3 on? The solution you’ve been looking for can be found in this article.

Can I leave Olaplex 3 in my hair for overnight? 

Olaplex No.3 should be used once a week to maintain the strengthened bonding and fix any damage caused by daily use. Apply Olaplex No.3 to your hair two or three times weekly if you have serious damage. Keep in mind that the longer Olaplex No.3 is left in the hair, the better the results will be, even though we recommend leaving it in for at least 10 minutes.

The hair’s internal structure is repaired using Olaplex, making it stronger and healthier than before and extending the life of your dye job. Incredibly, this new chemical makes keratin treatments, perms, balayage, and even full bleaching possible on hair. It may all sound like a bunch of jargon, but if you want to know what the real deal is, check out what the best colorists in the business are saying about Olaplex on whatever platform you can think of. The proof is in the pudding, as the adage goes.

Steve Wynder, who did extensive product testing for Loreal in London, UK, had this to say about Olaplex. One of the best products I’ve ever used is Olaplex, and that’s saying a lot. There are several products on the market that are knockoffs of Olaplex, but none have produced the same results for me as the original.

Olaplex does not in any way compete with the products of other companies. This is a standalone item. “There are no silicones, oils, or harmful components; just one ingredient, and it works,” says Dean Christal, the proprietor of Olaplex.

Olaplex can be used on any type of hair because it is sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, and entirely color-safe. One of the most common inquiries I get is whether or not Olaplex No. 2 in-salon treatment is different from Olaplex No. 3 at-home treatment.

How to use Olaplex 3 in right way? 

how long to leave in olaplex 3

Dean Christal co-created the chemical at the heart of Olaplex with scientists Dr. Craid Hawker and Dr. Eric Pressly. This hero active component, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which mends damaged disulfide bonds in the hair, is present in variable concentrations across all eight Olaplex products.

John Frieda Salons’ Creative Colour Director Nicola Clarke elaborates: “Olaplex is the biggest game-changer in hair color.” By reuniting the disulfide sulfur bonds in hair, its strength is increased to its maximum potential. These are typically destroyed during hair coloring or when hair is subjected to excessive heat.

Step 1

Use the revolutionary bond-building therapy Olaplex 0. To get the best results, apply it to clean, dry hair and work it in until every strand is drenched.

Step 2

You should section your hair and begin applying N.0 to the ends, where the damage is most likely occurring. (This could be a time-consuming operation, but it’s important to do it properly so that the product penetrates each and every strand of hair. Be sure to work the product into your hair from its foundation to its ends.

Step 3

The No.0 needs to sit on the hair for at least 10 minutes to be properly absorbed, which will then allow the No.3 to pull deeper into the hair structure.

Step 4

Apply Olaplex 3 to your hair now. This patented technique is most effective when applied to damp hair, so be sure to use plenty. This is why they made No. 0 a two-step procedure with No. 3. To process, comb through, and wait at least 20 minutes. (Olaplex No. 3 works best when left on for 30 to 45 minutes.)

Step 5

It is now time to wash your hair and condition it.

Step 6

Comb the hair out and re-divide it into sections once it’s dry from being washed. To strengthen your bonds, try out the Olaplex 8 Bond Intensive Moisture Mask. You should apply this mask sparingly, beginning in the center of your hair and working outward.

Step 7

The product can be evenly distributed throughout your hair by rubbing it in between your palms once you have pumped out the desired amount with the pump. Just a little bit will go a long way when applying it to your roots. At this point, all the good stuff starts to happen. If you want your hair to look its best, you should leave this mask on for at least ten minutes. Use only water to wash your hair; no shampoo or conditioner is necessary.

How often should Olaplex 3 be used?

Is Olaplex 3 anything you’ve heard of? A brief summary is provided below. Product No. 3 in the Olaplex line of hair care and styling products is called Hair Perfecting. Although it is well-known as a DIY remedy, keep in mind that it is not a conditioner. Reduced breakage and a noticeably strengthened mane are just two of the many benefits of Olaplex Hair Perfecting No. 3.

It will restore your hair’s natural health and luster and seal in moisture to prevent further damage. Olaplex is safe to use once a week, twice a week, or three times a week on all hair types but is most effective on damaged hair. Olaplex can help your hair by clarifying, moisturizing, reconstructing, and smoothing it. There are no sulfates or parabens in the formulation. It is suggested that you carry around an Olaplex No. 3 if you are looking for healthy hair.

Will fill you in on the Olaplex science later. Let’s jump right into the meat of the discussion. Olaplex 3 can be used once a week to repair daily stress on your hair. This is like purchasing a home insurance policy for your hair. What do you think is happening to your hair, if anything? As you can see, there are many everyday activities that can cause damage to your hair, both inside and outside the house.

What happens if you leave Olaplex in for overnight?

The most popular at-home Olaplex bond-repair procedure is Olaplex 3. The bond-repairing advantages of Olaplex 1 and 2, which are salon-exclusive, are bolstered by this product.

We’ll wager that you want to keep the Olaplex 3 in your hair as long as possible after learning about the amazing outcomes you can achieve. It has been said that leaving the product on overnight improves the effectiveness, but is this really the case? When using Olaplex 3, is it okay to keep it on overnight? Here, you’ll find the solution you’ve been seeking. Jump right in, shall we?

1. Itchy, irritated scalp

The product may cause itching and irritation of the scalp if kept on for an extended period of time. For one woman, the irritation was so severe that she compared it to a chemical burn. Even though it’s only temporary, this annoyance is very frustrating.

2 . Poor quality of sleep

It can be annoying to try to avoid getting the product’s wetness on your pillow as you sleep. If you regularly treat your condition while you sleep, this may not be a problem. However, if you’ve never tried sleeping with hair products in your hair, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not the most pleasant experience.

3. There was no change in the outcome

This is not a product that should be left on all night. The maker has also established that 90 minutes is the absolute maximum amount of time you should leave it on. It’s possible that people who leave it in for more than 90 minutes but not overnight, won’t see any change in their hair.

4. Causing discomfort to the eyes

The ointment might cause serious irritation if it accidentally got into your eyes while you were sleeping. Because of this, it’s important to take the required measures to prevent the product from operating while you’re asleep.

5. People have been leaving Olaplex 3 in their hair overnight despite warnings from the company against doing so

Many people have tried Olaplex 3 overnight and posted their experiences online, and the results have been mixed. Implications of an Overnight Olaplex 3 Treatment The outcomes were mixed, with some people being disappointed. If you sleep with the product in your hair, you risk Some people think it’s fine to sleep with Olaplex 3 in their hair. An official has confirmed that Kim Kardashian does, in fact, sleep with the Olaplex 3 treatment in her hair.

Is Olaplex 3 good for curly hair? 

Olaplex is all the rage in the curly hair community since it repairs damage caused by heat styling, brushing, and other causes while still working on straight hair. My hair is in decent condition considering I have type 2c/3a low porosity, low density curls and have been following a modified curly hair regimen for some time that does not involve sulfates or silicones.

However, the upper layers, in particular, tend to dry out quickly. Because of the temporary (silicone-free) color, I use on my hair and the fact that I diffuse on low heat most wash days, my curls require special care. Whenever my hair gets dry and brittle, or every three washes, I apply Olaplex. The bottle is little, so it won’t last very long even if you use it more frequently. 

In order to make the hair cuticle more accessible to the Olaplex, I clear my hair first to remove any product buildup. After that, I use a wet brush to distribute Olaplex evenly in my hair, wrap my head in a microfiber towel, and let the treatment sit for at least half an hour (Olaplex recommends leaving it on for 30-45 mins for maximum efficacy).

After that, I give it a regular wash, condition, and style. Occasionally, when I’m in a pinch but my hair really needs a boost, I’ll leave a conditioner in my hair for ten minutes or so in the shower while I take care of other business and then rinse it out. The effect is still noticeable.

How to wash out Olaplex 3 ?

And now, step three of the Olaplex system, which you may use at home or at the salon, is here. Our favorite fashion blogger, Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd, will show you how to use No.3 correctly in just a few easy steps, complete with photographs.

In the event of buildup caused by oils, silicones, or excess product, mild shampoo and a thorough towel drying are required before using the No. 3. It can also be used on dry hair; however, the additional product will be required to achieve maximum saturation. In light of that, it’s ultimately a matter of taste.

Step 1

Use a lot and comb it through your hair after it has dried from a shower.

Step 2

Run for at least 10 minutes. Remember that the longer you leave it on, the better, especially for damaged hair. Many happy customers have reported leaving it on for 30–90 minutes.

Step 3

Use a final rinse, then wash, then finish with a conditioning treatment. Keep taking mind that this is NOT a leave-in conditioner or conditioner. You should wash it out of your hair with shampoo and then condition it as usual afterward.

Step 4

Put some effort into caring for your hair. If you color your hair, you can still benefit from this treatment by doing it at home once a week. If you’re not sure if this treatment is right for you, you’ll be relieved to learn that Olaplex works equally well on virgin, colored, textured, and severely damaged hair.

The No.3 is best used as a treatment two to three times weekly on “seriously compromised” hair, in addition to the usual moisturizing and protein-rich hair care routine. Each person’s weekly routine with No. 3 is fascinating to us. Give yourself a spa treatment at home or take it with you to the beach for a day of self-care (just be sure you can wash it out with shampoo).

Amy claims, “I use it on Sunday nights, for up to an hour if I wish. After a time of computer gaming, I wash my hair and then return to my game. In the end, my hair is so incredibly healthy and silky that it’s unbelievable!

Watch Leaving olaplex no. 3 on my hair overnight | before & after results | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the how long to leave in Olaplex 3?

What is the recommended Olaplex 3 treatment time?

First, work a large amount through your towel-dried hair and comb it out. Second, let it run for at least ten minutes. Remember that the longer you leave it on, the better, especially for damaged hair. Our customers who leave it on for 30–90 minutes report fantastic outcomes.

When using Olaplex, is it okay to keep it on for longer than 10 minutes?

Simply apply it to your dry hair until it’s completely soaked, then leave it on for 10 minutes. Olaplex claims that it is safe to leave on the hair for up to 45 minutes before it loses its effectiveness, however leaving it on overnight is not advised due to the risk of getting the product in your eyes.

When used for too long, may Olaplex be harmful to hair?

Is it possible to “overuse” Olaplex? It would seem not. No matter how often you use Olaplex, it will never cause your hair any harm. Some users have noted that the time it takes to “take effect” gradually increases with prolonged use.

If Olaplex 3 is left on for too long, what will happen?

Some users have reported being able to use Olaplex 3 for longer than 12 hours without any negative side effects, but this is not something you should count on. There are a number of potential side effects from leaving Olaplex 3 on for more than 90 minutes, including an itchy scalp and red, stinging eyes.

Olaplex 3: Can I leave it on overnight?

There is no need to leave Olaplex 3 in your hair all night. According to Olaplex’s official website, Olaplex 3 should be left on the hair for at least 10 minutes and up to 90 minutes to achieve the best results. Bear in mind that Olaplex 3 isn’t a leave-in or deep conditioner.


This restorative is safe to use on both natural and chemically-processed hair types. You can use it without the anxiety that you will harm your new growth because it fortifies even the frailest hair strands without leaving behind any residue.

If you’ve had heavy chemical processing done to your hair, like bleaching or perming, and your scalp needs special care, we recommend using this product once a week. The third generation of Olaplex successfully restores damaged hair to its original health and shine.

According to Olaplex, the best effects can be achieved by using the product in conjunction with both Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3. Doing things the right way can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it if you want good results.

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