If you’ve just gotten back from the salon with a new hue, I want to say that you made a great choice. When it comes to keeping your balayage or other color technique looking fresh, you may be wondering what the best practices are. The best way to care for your hair after getting it colored depends on whether or not you have your roots bleached and how often you dye your hair.

Lush Hair Folk’s expert stylists will give you tips on how to maintain your hair’s newfound sexiness, shine, and health following your service. Whether you’ve had a balayage, dyed it bright blue, or simply chosen a new brown tone, the specific care and maintenance instructions will vary. Make sure to write down our aftercare suggestions, such as how often you should have touchups for your roots or how to deal with the color if it fades.

Why can’t I wash my hair after getting highlights?

How Long After Balayage to Wash Hair: Guide to Care Balayage

When you get your hair balayage, you can’t wash it for at least three days. Your balayage will lose its vibrant color after a few washes if you don’t. Waiting for the hair dye to fully set in after a balayage procedure is recommended. Whether you visited a salon for your balayage or trusted your bestie with your hair, the results will be the same. Up to 72 hours after getting a balayage, you shouldn’t wash your hair.

Why would you even want to, anyway? If you got a professional balayage, your stylist cleaned and rinsed your hair to get rid of any lingering color or toner. If you did it at home, I assume you washed the product out of your hair as well. Exactly why, therefore, would you want to subject it to water and soap? Don’t do that. In particular, you shouldn’t do it within the first 24 or 48 hours following balayage.

How long after balayage to wash hair? 

You’ve just completed a stunning balayage hair color design. Still, that’s not even the hardest part! Your client’s level of commitment to a home haircare routine following balayage is what will determine the rest of the process. Many people think it’s inconvenient to have to follow a certain balayage haircare routine. It’s natural for them to be resistant to altering their usual habits.

Most customers will agree that their colored hair needs specialized balayage haircare once you’ve demonstrated why it’s important. This necessitates the initial application of shampoo and conditioner designed to preserve hair color. Why Should Your Clients Care About Using Haircare for Colored Hair? Customers may find it difficult to understand whether they need conventional shampoo and conditioner, or specialty products designed for colored hair. 

5 tips for washing hair after a balayage? 

How Long After Balayage to Wash Hair: Guide to Care Balayage

National Balayage Week is celebrated in August, along with that last one). To celebrate this momentous anniversary and one of the most talked-about hair color techniques of all time, balayage highlights, here are seven interesting tidbits and pointers on how to get the look and keep it looking great.

1. In order to maintain its pristine condition, Balayage benefits greatly from intensive treatment masks

However, balayage is still a chemical hair coloring method, and hair that has been chemically treated will always benefit from consistent conditioning. These days, Papanikolas always recommends the Biolage Advanced Deep Treatment Masks to his balayage clients. Is created especially for chemically damaged hair.

However, there is a wide variety of deep conditioning solutions available for all types of hair damage. According to Papanikolas, “The Recovery Pack is perfect for lightened hair because it contains concentrated amino acids that regulate moisture and specifically target the most damaged areas. My customers are really happy with the results!”

2. The balayage hairstyle reflects the sun

You can achieve the look of having spent the summer in Malibu or on the French Riviera with balayage highlights. George Papanikolas, Biolage’s celebrity stylist, was inspired to develop the balayage process after moving to Los Angeles. He says that the ideal result for balayage highlights is to have them look “sun-kissed,” as if you’ve spent the summer at the beach rather than in the salon.

3. Balayage is a french hairstyle

Only the French could dream up such a sensual and lovely hair dye technique. Hairstylists there were the first to avoid using foil or dragging hair through a cap and instead paint lightener or color straight onto the hair’s surface. The French word balayage literally translates to “sweep” or “sweeping,” which is apt because the hair colorist uses a sweeping motion to apply the dye to the hair.

4. Balayage hair color requires little upkeep

Unlike traditional highlights, which begin at the roots and work their way out to the ends, balayage highlights are applied between a quarter and a third of the way down from the roots and work their way out to the ends. According to Papanikolas, “this type of positioning mirrors the way hair lightens naturally,” with the younger darkest, and oldest growth at the top, growth at the ends becoming lighter owing to exposure to sunshine, heat styling, and the general impacts of time. Since balayage isn’t applied at the roots, it continues to look wonderful as it becomes longer without needing as many touchups as traditional highlights.

5. Because balayage is so gentle

Traditional foil highlights involve applying the lightener from roots to ends, saturating the entire highlighted part, and then wrapping it in foil to speed up the processing time with the client’s body heat. When using balayage, your hair stays healthier since the bleach or dye is combed through each piece of hair, starting at the roots. Deeper down the strand and touchups are required less frequently.

What should you not do after balayage?

How Long After Balayage to Wash Hair: Guide to Care Balayage

Recently, I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon occurring to my hair: when I get it wet, it transforms into crunchy pieces of slender spaghetti with insect arms that latch on to each other for dear life. It seems like nothing, not even conditioner, can calm it down. My normally manageable dry hair tangles up almost as readily as while wet, especially if a breeze blows through it or an ant sneezes.

It really stinks. Countless tangles. The balayage technique is to blame for everything that has gone wrong. In an effort to soothe my extra-thirsty hair before June, July, and August takes their toll, I got balayage highlights, which is a fancy way of saying “highlights, but not the 2002 Kelly Clarkson kind.”

Some salons will tell you it means “hair painting,” and others will tell you hair painting, and balayage are different, but what they all have in common is bleach: a color- and nutrient-stripping chemical. Listed below are some of the best-kept secrets of professional hairstylists, colorists, and salon owners alike. To begin, please remove your shower hat.

How often should you shampoo ciolor treated hair?

Do you feel you have found your ideal hue? Put on the deluxe treatment for this one! Everything you want to know about taking care of your color-treated hair after it’s been washed is right here. In order to preserve your hair color, you should avoid touching it as much as possible. Keep your hair as natural as possible to extend the life of your dye job.

Everything you do to your hair—from washing to using heat tools—speeds up the process of color fading. How often you should wash your hair after getting it colored is ultimately determined by your hair type. The frequency with which you should wash your hair depends on its type. In general, the less frequently you need to wash your hair if it is thicker. Every situation is unique, but that general guideline holds true in most. Since the hair follicles of women with fine hair are larger in number (and so produce more oil), they must wash their hair more frequently. 

Women who naturally have long, thick locks typically have rougher strands that are less oily. Hair that has been chemically altered may benefit from occasional deep conditioning treatments between washes. Consider investing in a high-quality spray-in treatment if this is the case. For the record, Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner has our undying devotion.

 Dry shampoo is your best buddy if you wish to reduce the frequency with which you wash your hair. Despite its name, dry shampoo may be used on every type of hair, not only oily locks. A daily spritz can do wonders for fine, limp hair that needs a lot of volumes. It’s best to take a preventative approach while using dry shampoo to control oil. Consider it a form of antiperspirant for your locks. After you’ve been sweating and smelling bad all day, you probably won’t apply deodorant.

How to care for balayage at home? 

How Long After Balayage to Wash Hair: Guide to Care Balayage

If you want to experiment with blonde hair without completely changing your hair color, balayage is a great option. The balayage procedure can give you low-commitment, low-maintenance hair color. It’s low-maintenance compared to the ombré because there is no obvious transition zone, and it looks great with your natural hair color because it blends in and brings out subtle nuances.

By leaving some darker parts at the ends, your hair will have depth and texture, giving it a more natural appearance. Blonde balayage is a great way to update your look this season. Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hair Balayage is a freehand coloring method in which your stylist paints the dye directly onto your hair instead of using foils. In this article, you’ll learn about many balayage blonde hairstyles you can try.

1.Combining brown and blonde hair

Blonde with gold balayage highlights, The gold undertones make this seem like a must-try. Dvora’s Photo Credit Small strands of gold at the ends of your hair can give you a sophisticated look without causing too much damage. These translucent slices of color will keep your dark brown locks shining. Win-win? That’s what we’ve come to believe, at least.

2. Consider using more comfortable colors

Try a warmer, higher-maintenance blonde for a more daring style that won’t require as much bleach. This is a great method to shake up your look without having to worry about damaging your hair as you wait for your bob to grow out. I mean, imagine this color on your lips with a bright red lip!

3. Traditional balayage hue

Natural blonde balayage hair The effortless sophistication of a mature woman. Image by Craig Alexander. This sophisticated style reigns supreme when it comes to using color with ease. This is a less drastic way to “become blonde” because you’ll still have some of your natural brown hair around your face. Those lighter tips that gradually blend into your foundation color make you look like a beach princess. To restore hair’s moisture, use a hydrating shampoo.

4. Balayage highlights on virgin blonde hair

Natural blonde balayage hair Blonde balayage at the ends of naturally curly hair is a favorite of ours. Stunning! Curls can be given new life with balayage highlights. In the summer months, blondes have nothing to be terrified of. If you want your curls to really stand out, let your highlights flow freely between the ringlets. This method is most obvious on wash-and-goes, but it looks great on a wide variety of other curly hairstyles as well and gives darker colors a fresh pop.

5. Select a lighter shade of blonde

What to do with your blonde hair right now: balayage For dramatic results from the salon that will last for months. Try a few strands of blonde hair that begin an inch or two out from your part for a riskier take on this carefree style. If you follow this advice, you can rest assured that you won’t have to replace your current statement-making ensemble for at least a few more months.

6. Incorporating balayage into brief coiffures

Pixie cut with blonde balayage highlights Demonstration that starting off with short hair is simply the beginning of your styling possibilities. Think your short hair length prevents you from rocking a balayage? It’s time to reevaluate your position. An edgy rocker look can be achieved by adding blonde streaks that begin near the roots. This cut would look wonderful with some temporary spray-on color, and it would serve as a solid foundation for hair accessories. Balayage highlights on jet-black hair

7. Light-brown balayage hair

It’s not uncommon for girls with dark hair to be hesitant about trying a blonde hair color. However, if the blonde balayage is done properly, it might look natural against your hair color. Get a light ashy blonde that darkens towards the ends. You want the balayage to draw attention to your dark hair, not hide it.

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People also ask questions and answers related to how long after balayage to wash hair?

 Is Balayage damaged by washing the hair?

Balayage hair should not be washed more than twice or thrice weekly. Maintaining healthy hair requires the regular application of a conditioner. If you leave the conditioner in for more than 30 minutes, it might dry out your hair and make it brittle.

After 24 hours, can I wash my hair after getting highlights?

Typically, VanDyke recommends that clients wait 48 hours before washing their hair. The pigments in-salon color is still settling in the first 48 hours following a service, so shampooing your hair during this time can hasten the fading of your new color.

After 48 hours, is it safe to wash my hair after a Balayage treatment?

Ideally, you should wait between 48 and 72 hours before washing your hair after getting highlights or balayage.

Is it okay to use a purple shampoo after Balayage?

Is it safe to use purple shampoo on already-dark hair? While purple shampoo is more commonly associated with blonde hair, the toning formula is useful for brunettes who lighten their hair through techniques like balayage and ombré, as they often experience the same brassiness and color fluctuations as blondes.

If coloring your hair, why do salons wash it afterward?

The primary benefit of washing your hair after dying is that it helps remove any remaining dye and distributes the dye evenly through the hair, creating a look that is both natural and just out of the salon.


Balayage is the way to go if you want to go blonde without the commitment of a full-on bleach job because it blends naturally into your roots, and the grow-out time is less noticeable. Balayage, which is not a dye but rather a method of application, produces a subtle, multifaceted highlight.

A balayage highlight is achieved by painting lighteners onto the hair with a brush, as opposed to applying them in sections using foil. The French term balayage can refer to either sweeping or painting. Brushes are used to apply vertical highlights to the hair, which are then stacked with cotton strips. 

The balayage method can be used on any hair color to provide a wide variety of tonal effects, from light to dark. Accumulated conditioning masks If you have dyed your hair, you need to try our vegan mask. In addition to strengthening the hair, the highlights will be softer and brighter thanks to the product’s hydrating properties.

Alternately, you may try a coconut oil hair mask that you make at home by warming the oil in the microwave, massaging it into damp hair while avoiding the roots, and then washing it out in the morning.

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