You’re not alone if you’re concerned about your hair or curl pattern. This is one of my most frequently asked questions, and we see a lot of curly girls asking if having half straight hair and half wavy hair is normal.

The answer is unequivocally yes. You can have curly and straight hair at the same time. It’s perfectly natural to have a variety of curl patterns on the same head. Your curls can and will most likely change over time.

A variety of curl patterns on the same head of hair is quite common. Continue reading to learn more.

Why is my hair half straight and half wavy?

wavy and straight hairs

There are several theories as to why your hair is half straight and half wavy, and why the texture of your hair changes.

Many factors can cause this change in your hair, including

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Ageing
  • Lifestyle
  •  Stress
  • Your health can also have an effect on your hair. If you have a thyroid condition, as I do, you’ll be aware that your hormones can quickly change the thickness and curl pattern of your hair.

It all starts with your genes

Curly hair has an interesting fact: the straight hair gene is recessive, but the curly hair gene is not completely dominant. That means you may have the curly hair gene, but your waves and curls will be dormant until it is activated. The most likely explanation, in my opinion, is related to your hormones.

Hormones may be a trigger for the curly hair gene. Hormones can change the tone of your muscles as well as the quality of your hair. Your scalp is included in this. The shape and growth direction of your hair follicles may be affected by changes in muscle tone. Curly hair follicles have a hook shape, whereas straight hair follicles grow straight out.

Hormones and the Aging Process:

Hormones and ageing are thought to be the most common causes of changes in hair texture and quality.

5 Best hairstyles for half wavy half straight hair

Here are some of the best hairstyles for half-wavy, half-straight girls!

1. Topknot Messy

Topknot Messy

This topknot allows your springy curls to add some personality to your simplest updo yet. Traceless hair rings, such as these, aid in keeping the bun secure but messy. Allow some tendrils to fall out to finish the look.

2. French Braid Corset

Low French Braided Ponytail

This look is achieved by French braiding both sides of a pulled-back secured low Mohawk-style ponytail, then wrapping it under and securing for a cinched look.

3. Low French Braided Ponytail

Low French Braided Ponytail

With its simple, elegant French braid and wrapped low ponytail that won’t fall out at every turn, this look transitions easily from day to night.

4. Short Hair Half Bun

Short Hair Half Bun

With the exception of the half bun hairstyle, if you think there isn’t much to do with short half straight/half curly hair, you’re missing out on the world of hair accessories. With this simple twisted bun, you can easily keep your short hair out of your face.

5. Half Lobster

Half Lobster

This half lob allows you to walk on the more tame side (in terms of curls) by shortening your locks into an elegant lob-length style for ladies with long half straight, half wavy hair. Allowing the hair to fall all on one side adds a touch of Old Hollywood glitz. Refinery29 has a tutorial for you.

How to style curly wavy hair?

  • Wash and condition your hair before towel drying it.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner and spritz with sea salt.
  • Part your hair where you want it to be parted.
  • Take small sections of hair (about 1/2-inch thick) and twirl each one away from your face around your index finger from top to bottom, then let go. Repeat with hair segments all over your head until your head is covered in damp Medusa-like ringlets.
  • Allow your hair to air dry or use a low heat dryer in a pinch. My hair air-dries for three hours—I should probably get a hair dryer, but I’ve never owned one, and I’m not a fan of the idea of heat damage.
  • When your hair is completely dry, separate the ringlets and shake out your lovely head of wavy curls.
  • Apply a light shine serum or oil, such as rosehip seed oil, if desired.

5 Tips for your half wavy and half curly hair

1.Use a comb with a wide tooth

Why? It’s great for detangling curly hair.

Brushing curly hair dry with a traditional bristle brush can damage the hair cuticle because it is so dehydrated and fragile. Instead, gently comb out your knot with a wide-tooth comb. “It’s much gentler on the hair shaft and won’t cause friction or disrupt the cuticle,”

2. Start at the bottom and work your way up

Why? It keeps things from breaking.

If you detangle your hair from the top, you risk pushing the knots deeper down, which can lead to breakage, unruly ends, and frizz. A better way to work with your curls without frizz is to gently remove tangles from the bottom up, tackling each knot one at a time with your comb.

3. Use a deep conditioning hair mask

Why? It hydrates without removing the fine curls.

A deep conditioning hair mask applied to your tresses at least once a week will go a long way toward taming frizzy locks, especially if you have color-treated hair. We recommend looking for products that contain ingredients like milk protein and avocado oil, which help to quench curls and add moisture to your hair.

A deep conditioning hair mask applied to your tresses at least once a week will go a long way toward taming frizzy locks, especially if you have color-treated hair.

4. Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis

Why? It eliminates split ends and keeps your hair healthy and bouncy.

Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is essential for maintaining healthy hair. It prevents split ends and makes curly hair more manageable and style able. Are you concerned that your stylist will remove too much hair?

 “Ask for a dusting,”

 “Whereas a trim typically involves cutting off length, a dusting never removes more than a quarter-inch and only targets the messy, frayed ends.” Alternatively, select a haircut that is appropriate for thick, frizzy hair.

5. Take care of your ends

Why? It smoothes out frizzy hair.

In between haircuts, use a leave-in conditioning spray right before styling to eliminate frizzy hair, paying special attention to your ends.

How to get rid of half wavy half straight hair?

wavy and straight hairs

We can hope to get of half wavy and half straight hair, but our half wavy, half straight will never be just one texture.

When dealing with that fact, one thing you must be able to overcome is hair that wants to pull straight. There are some simple techniques you can incorporate into your styling routine in areas where you know your hair has a looser texture, and don’t worry, there are ways around those surprise pieces that appear after you’ve already styled and dried your hair!

1. Curling the fingers

This is a very simple technique that you can implement the next time you wash your hair. After applying styling products, single out the sections of your hair that appear to be pulling straighter than the rest of your head.

Grab the entire clump and twirl it around to cause the strand to twist around itself, then wrap that strand around your finger like a curling iron. When you get to your scalp, gently let the strand fall. If you only have waves, don’t expect this to give you ringlets, but it will encourage your hair’s natural wave pattern.

2. Flimsy rods

These can be used all over or in specific areas that require it. This is an excellent option for achieving defined waves or curls without the use of heat. If you only want to do these in a straight section of your hair, make sure the barrel of your flexi rod is the same size as your natural waves (if you don’t want them to stick out).

3. Curling dry fingers

If your hair is dry and you’re in a hurry but don’t want to use heat, use a method similar to finger curling. Grab the clumps of hair that appear to be pulling straight, lightly wet them, and apply a hold mist or a spray gel down the length.

Instead of twirling the strand, wrap it around your finger up to your scalp, hold for a minute, and let the heat from your finger set the curl. You can gently let the curl fall and, once dry, scrunch any crunch that has formed. Toilet paper also contributes to a more natural-looking wave

4. Curling iron or wand

A curling iron or wand is a great option if you’re in a hurry and don’t mind using a heat styling tool every now and then. To avoid ringlets in your waves, wrap your problem section loosely around the barrel of the curling iron; after about 15-30 seconds—depending on how thick or thin your hair is—allow the curl to drop straight down and blend into the rest of your hair.

Watch How can my hair be straight & curly at the same time | Video

5 FAQs and answers related to half straight and half wavy hair

Is wavy hair inherited?

Genetic factors appear to play a significant role in determining hair texture (straight, wavy, or curly) and individual strand thickness. According to research, different genes influence hair texture and thickness in people of various ethnic backgrounds.

Is it possible to have both straight and wavy hair?

Yes, you can have curly and straight hair at the same time. It is perfectly normal to have a variety of curl patterns on the same head.

Can straight hair naturally become wavy?

An increase in androgens in females can cause the shape of the hair follicle to change from round to flat, resulting in a change in texture from straight to curly.

Should you brush your wavy/straight hair?

Wavy hair should never be brushed in general. Using a hairbrush on wavy hair will damage the curl structure and result in a frizzy mess. Instead, detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb and only use a hair brush before washing it.

Is it normal for your hair to become wavy as you get older?

Hair texture can change as a result of fluctuating hormones as we get older. Hair that was once bone-straight may become wavy or coarse, and thick hair may begin to grow thinner and finer.


wavy and straight hairs

It is possible to have both wavy and straight hair at the same time. It’s perfectly natural to have a variety of curl patterns on the same head. Your curls can and will most likely change over time. Many factors can cause this change in your hair, including

  • Genetics,
  • Hormones
  • Ageing
  • Lifestyle
  • Stress.

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