Sun is no doubt the best source of Vitamin D that nourishes your skin and hair. But if your hair remains exposed to the sun for a long time, it will also destroy it. Yes, it’s true. On summer days when you go outside for a long time, you always put sunscreen on your skin to protect it from any type of sunburn and damage.

But did you ever apply any hair serum/product to shield your hair and scalp from harmful elements? Your answer would be No, and that is the main cause of hair damage that we never understand. 

The sun contains UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to hair, skin, and scalp; if you are being exposed to the sun for a long time without covering yourself. Whether we are going to the beach for a sun bath or visiting any place where your hair and skin are exposed to the sun; you should apply something to protect them from breakage and dryness. Most of the hair issues start growing when you reveal them in sun for a prolonged time.  

Does sun damage hair? 

Some people do not believe that the sun can ever destroy the health of your hair and scalp, but unfortunately, it does. A certain amount of sun rays are good for your physical and mental health but you know the phrase very well that excess of everything is bad. Yes, the sun can damage your hair; not only the external layer but internally too. 

The large amount of UVA and UVB are not only harmful to hair texture, but they can also destroy color tone and cause dryness and frizziness in hair. We will discuss some of the types of damage, the sun can do to your hair and scalp. 

Colour damage 

The natural color of your hair can also be affected by sun rays. If your hair is exposed to the sun most of the time, the original color of hair will get faint and your hair will turn into some golden tone. Because the UV rays will bleach down the original color of your hair.  

If you have dyed your hair, then you should protect it from an extra amount of sun rays because dyed hair is already fragile. If you excessively expose them to the sun then the color will wash out and make the hair look dry.  

External damage  

The outer layer of the hair i.e. cuticle provides moisture to the hair and protects the shine and smoothness. But prolonged exposer to the sun will damage it. And it will not able to protect the hair completely, resulting in dryness or frizzy texture of hair.  

Internal damage  

As UVA and UVB rays damage the outer layer of hair and you can lose the shine and silky texture of hair. So if you continue to reveal the hair to the sun, it will come up with great hair damage or baldness. Your hair may internally get weak and split ends will start growing. Hair may become easily breakable and you will lose all your shiny beautiful hair because of negligence. 

Continued contact with the sun will damage the protein of the hair. Protein deficiency will create dullness and hair loss issues. So when you are going outside in an open environment, apply something to prevent any hair damage.  

What are the signs of sunburnt hair? 

Different types and textures of hair can face different hair issues from sunburnt. Sun damage is dependent on the build of your hair. Mostly straight and colored hair is prone to sunburnt because they are sensitive and have less level of resistance than dark and curly hair. 

Dark-colored hair tends to tolerate the sun rays without being damaged but light-colored hair is very fragile to bear any UV rays. Similarly, thick hair is stronger and less likely to get any harm from the sun. But if you note any change in color, texture, or dandruff in hair, do contact a dermatologist or perform home remedies to control it.  

These sun damage signs may include; discoloration of your natural hair, silky-shinny hair turned into rough and dry strands.  Lots of split ends start to occur and hair becomes brittle and easily breakable. The fine texture will convert into cracks and frizz will appear that make you very uncomfortable. If you find these signs in your hair then it’s time to apply DIY or consult your doctor.  

7 Tips to prevent sun damage 

It is better to prevent yourself from any long-term hair damage by changing your hair routine or covering your hair while going outside. Because prevention is better than cure, you just have to organize everything in such a way as to avoid your contact with the sun directly. There are general tips to avoid any inconvenience you encounter after sunburnt.  

  1. Apply hair oils like olive oil and coconut oil once a week. It prevents your hair to become dry and rough, in any weather and environment.  
  2. Add home remedies like onion water treatment or egg-yogurt treatment to your routine. It nourishes your hair and provides them with proteins that act as a shield when you are exposed to the sun.  
  3. For a quick fix, you can use a hat or scarf to cover your head from any sun rays. Whatever the weather is, you can protect your hair by wearing clean hats and headcovers. Its also become a style and you will be able to save your hair.  
  4. If you are a swimmer then you have to wash the chlorine from your hair too. As chlorine can damage your hair and its roots. Use head caps while swimming. 
  5. Add vitamins and minerals to your daily diet that are good for hair health. You can also use hair supplements that are specially made to protect hair. 
  6. Avoid using straighteners and iron curlers because they weaken the hair and roots. And the hair will quickly be affected by sun rays. If your hair is dyed then do use color protection shampoos that also help you prevent any sun damage.  
  7. Do not wash your hair daily. Daily washing with shampoo will make your hair easily prone to sunburnt. As hair becomes brittle and dry so use dry shampoo if needed.  

We hope these tips you help well in your daily routine and you can easily avoid any damage from the sun directly.  

Does Sun Damage Hair and How to Prevent It Guide

How to repair sun-exposed hair? 

Like your skin, the hair also needs to be treated well. There are no hard and fast rules or expensive treatment, just use some hair care products or ingredients available at home to protect them from sun rays. We are gladly discussing them on our forum but if the situation worsens then you should visit any dermatologist.  

1. Use dermatologist-recommended products 

Whether you have one-tone hair or dyed one, you should use products that are good for your hair. Consult the doctor because every product is not made for your type of hair. Use shampoo +conditioner that has essential oils in it.  

Apply serums and oils that are suitable to your hair type. Make it a routine to use them if you want your hair to be grown well. Apply as directed and do not skip any step for any inconvenience. Use SPF products that behave like a shield from sun rays. Nowadays lots of choices are easily available in the market like sprays and root powders too.  

2. Hair trimming  

Trim your hair after every three months. They will not only look fresh but also the split ends will be cut off which has stopped the growth of hair. Removing dry and rough ends will make your hair healthy and beautiful. 

3. Use head masks 

A good diet is necessary for good health, same like protein masks or fruit masks is a need of your hair. Regular masking the tough hair will make them bright and shiny. Before applying any mask, search all the ingredients it has and does it is suitable for your hair type. Many brands and hair companies have launched their hair masks in the market. Just buy them and apply regularly to avoid long sessions with the doctor.  

4. Moisturize the hair 

Due to a tough work routine, your hair may become dry and dull. Use water in your daily life. Use serums and dry oils in your scalp and roots after washing. Add Moisturiser to your daily routine that makes hair smooth and shiny. Drink more than eight glasses per day to hydrate yourself. Massage your hair while washing with the fingertips to circulate the blood in vessels. Massage from warm oil once a week.  

5. Avoid ironing  

Hot curl rode and ironing gives style to your hair but excessive use can make them dry and rough. Heating is dangerous for hair whether it’s sun rays or straighteners. So prefer heat-free styles for your hair. Comb your hair with a wide toothbrush to avoid breaking of hair.  

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to does sun in damage hair and how to prevent it 

Does the sun cause decoloration?  

Yes, prolonged exposure to the sun will wash out the natural color of your hair. Sun will gradually bleach down the color of your hair and make them rough and dry 

What should I apply to sunburnt hair at home? 

Try massaging your hair weekly with essential oil. Use egg and yogurt to nourish your sun-damaged hair. Avoid excessive ironing and washing.  

Why my hair is becoming dry? 

Sun rays directly affect the moisture of the hair. If sun rays fall on your hair for a long time, it hits the outer layer of hair and makes it frizzy and rough.  

Can trimming make my hair look better? 

Yes. The split end will be cut off and there will be less damaged hair after cutting. Apply SPF to protect new hair coming out from the roots. 

Do supplements make hair grow? 

Use supplements recommended by dermatologists to maintain the good health of the hair. It also helps to grow new hair and make them look shiny and healthy 


When it comes to self-care and grooming, hair is considered to be the main part of building your strong personality.  So it is important to protect it from environmental and weather changes.

Sun provides you with vitamins but excessive exposure will lead to any inconvenience. Try to change your lifestyle and add healthy supplements and a massage routine to nourish your hair. If staying in sun is necessary, use a hat and apply hair serums to protect them. 

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