Balayage will gradually fade as you wash it and as time passes. This is because, over time, the hair naturally sheds the excess pigment. In order to get the balayage effect, a little section of your hair was bleached. A balayage will fade with time, but you may make it last longer by reducing the frequency with which you wash your hair, using sulfate-free products, and staying out of the sun and away from heated styling appliances.

I believe I understand where your worries stem from. After all, I’ve worked in the beauty industry for quite some time. You may have a couple of emotions after getting a balayage: The balayage on your hair has become too dark, and you want it to lighten. You’re afraid about your balayage turning platinum blonde because it’s so light. My first piece of advice in this situation is to relax.

Congratulations if you’ve just gotten back from the salon with a new hue; hair that’s been recently dyed smells and looks amazing. If you’re wondering how to keep the color, we’ve got some suggestions. How you care for your hair after dying depends on factors, including whether or not you had your roots bleached and how often you dye your hair.

Whatever treatments you’ve had done to your hair, the stylists at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted will give you the finest advice on how to maintain its beautiful, healthy appearance. Whether you have had balayage, colored it bright blue, or just selected a new brown tone, your hair’s condition and type will determine the next steps you should take. Remember to write down any instructions they give you for maintaining your color, such as how frequently you need to have touch-ups for your roots or how to deal with fading.

How long does balayage last? 

Does Balayage Get Lighter After Washing and Time: Guide

Don’t panic if you find that your balayage has turned out too dark; there is a way to lighten it. For starters, you need to know that the color needs to be set for at least two full days. That implies the current shade of your balayage will fade gradually over time. Your balayage will fade over time because of the hair care items you use. Since sulfates are a rather powerful component, they break down the dye’s pigments with each wash.

If you had balayage today or yesterday, you might relax knowing that your hair will gradually lighten over the next few days. What we’re talking about is something other if you had your balayage more than a few days ago — say, more than ten days ago — and you don’t like it because it’s dark. In some cases, like when the base color must be changed, lightening a dark balayage is achievable. However, it is a time-consuming and laborious process.

Take it or leave it, but if you want the balayage touched up, I’d recommend visiting the salon where you had it done in the first place. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the salon, it is in your best interest to hunt for an alternative. Check out the salons’ ratings on Google; never attempt to lighten your balayage at home if you have no background in hair coloring; the results will be, at best, unpredictable.

Here, I’ll describe how to lighten an extremely dark balayage. Know first that your balayage has two distinct phases. As I was saying previously, you can’t lessen the base color without visiting a professional salon. You can consider doing it yourself at home if you only need to lighten the bleached section, but only if you have experience dying your hair.

Is your balayage too dark? 

Nowadays, with techniques like dip-dye, ombre, and balayage, you can’t simply dye your hair any old color. The latter technique, called balayage, is the most understated way to bleach your hair. Simply said, balayage is painting on a fresh shade of hair color in swoopy, graduated streaks to get a style that is both subtle and undeniably sun kissed.

French freehand painting techniques called balayage are used to paint the dye onto the hair. The result is natural and sun-kissed but incredibly low maintenance because the color doesn’t begin at the roots, so regrowth is never evident. This is a money-saving style because you won’t have to rush to your regular salon every month for a touch-up. This style is so flattering that even A-listers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, and Kaia Gerber have worn it.

Are you even more bewildered now? We quizzed Jack Howard, the master hair colorist at Paul Edmonds and the guy many Brits give credit for bringing balayage here. To explain, what is balayage? Jack said, “Balayage is a French word that means to sweep or to paint.

The regrowth lines are far less obvious and so contribute less to the overall unnatural appearance than they would be with standard foil highlights. Balayage highlights should start out thin and close to the scalp and gradually build up to fullness as they reach the ends of the hair. If you saturated the entire area of hair from roots to ends, you’d end up with a harsh streak of color, and that’s not what you want for a balayage effect.

Does balayage go lighter or darker after wash? 

It appears that all the most innovative and effective beauty techniques originate in France, and balayage is no exception. It was in the 1970s that French hair colorists invented a highlighting process called balayage, in which different colors are “swept” down the hair in a freehand fashion (“balayer” is the French verb for “to sweep,” hence the name). There are no foils in play.

The desired result is a sun-kissed look that can be achieved on any hairstyle, from lengthy waves to short pixie cuts and even onto the color. Balayage is most often seen as a series of lighter blonde highlights, but any color scheme is possible. This means balayage is a more understated approach to adding shine to your natural hair color. How long does balayage normally last? When your natural color begins to show through, you won’t be left with obvious roots if you have a balayage. The goal of the Balayage technique is to get a look that is completely natural while still being noticeable.

But it’ll fade off at the same rate that your natural hair color would so don’t worry. Because a balayage involves lightening some portions of your hair, the result is permanent, but the color could fade slightly after a few months if not looked after properly (see further down for how to get long-lasting brilliant color) (see further down for how to get long-lasting bright color).

Semi-permanent dyes are a good option for those with naturally light hair who want to try balayage with darker tones. Additional methods of highlighting hair color Get informed about your alternatives before you call to schedule a balayage. Examples of more distinctive color transitions include the ombre (dark hair to light) and somber (light hair to dark hair). Or, there’s nothing greater than true, contrasting colors (where you can see where one color finishes and another begins).

How often should you use purple shampoo on balayage? 

Blondes understand that getting the ideal blonde color and maintaining it may be expensive and time-consuming. While your stylist is responsible for the blonde toning treatment, you are responsible for the upkeep of your hair color at home, particularly during the warmer months. And that’s where purple shampoo with toning properties comes in handy.

The heat, chlorine, salt water, and other elements of summer can be extremely damaging to blonde hair. Purple shampoo is essential if you want to maintain your blonde’s cool tone and avoid brassy hair. We’ve put up this guide to appropriate color maintenance to help you out. Here is the lowdown on purple shampoo for every type of blonde, from its intended purpose to how often it should be used.

Blondes can get rid of brassy, yellow tones with the use of purple shampoo, a colored shampoo that does just that. Hair can gradually take on unattractive tones of yellow, orange, and red, even if your stylist applies toner to remove them temporarily at the salon. For new blondes, the fact that blonde shampoo is purple may come as a surprise, but there’s an easy explanation.

Redken artists Adina Doss and Jaclyn Harwood were interviewed to provide further context. Doss says that “any color you wish to cancel out is exactly across from it” when using a color wheel. Purple is the color just opposite yellow on the color wheel. To get rid of the yellow, purple is used. It’s almost like a method to brighten the hue to a colder tone, adds Harwood. A colored purple shampoo will therefore remove the warmth that results from having yellow hair. So, shampoo with a violet tint can reduce brassiness in more than just blonde hair.

Brassiness is eliminated from blonde hair with Redken Blonde’s Shampoo and Conditioner. Given the process used to achieve the blonde color, those of us who have hair of that hue requires a purple shampoo. “When I elevate a client’s hair,” Doss explains, “there is an undertone that comes up that I like to call ‘raw blonde.'” I use a color treatment called a toner, specifically Redken’s Shades EQ, to get my clients to a richer, higher-quality blonde by neutralizing any undesirable undertones, such as yellow, yellow-orange, or even red.

The toner used by the colorist brings out those undertones, but you may notice that they have returned between appointments. To make the necessary tonal adjustments at home, purple shampoo is an absolute necessity. To lighten your hair, your stylist at the salon should always use a toner. 

How to lighten a dark balayage? 

Does Balayage Get Lighter After Washing and Time: Guide

Always get tested for allergies. You should get tested at least 48 hours before exposure. To section hair, use the “hot cross bun” technique, which involves dividing your hair into four sections by running a comb down the center of your head and then across from ear to ear.

This is because you can develop a sensitivity to the ingredients of a product at any time, even if you’ve used it before or regularly color your hair. Apply a barrier ointment like Vaseline to the hairline to prevent coloring the skin. This will allow you to work with one part at a time.

Step 1. It has finally begun to color you.

To get the balayage look, the hair colorant should be applied solely to the hair’s lengths and the places you desire lightened, while the roots should be left untreated.

Step 2. Start with manageable chunks of work

To keep the hair in place as you go through each individual segment, use hair grips.

Step 3. Fingertips recommended.

To avoid getting it in your hair’s roots, avoid rubbing your scalp. For the most realistic result, use your fingertips to apply the color and mix it in with light, downward strokes.

Step 4. Hold steady

Use your fingers to comb through the hair in each section to fully saturate it.

Step 5.Cleaning and treatment

Leave the hair dye on for the recommended amount of time before rinsing it out and treating your hair with a moisturizing treatment.

How to care for balayage to make it last longer before fading

Does Balayage Get Lighter After Washing and Time: Guide

There are some things to keep in mind after getting your hair colored so that you don’t waste your time and money. An integrative strategy for hair care and the color is the first step. It’s not just about what happens after your color service but also about what happens before and during it.

You might be freshening your natural hue, or you might have decided to take the plunge and try entirely another color. No matter the motivation, you’ll want your new color to hold up as long as possible. Positive News Keeping your hair color in good shape is easier than you would think. You sound ready to embark on your journey. 

Think about these suggestions to maintain your dye job looking as good as the day you got it done. “Professional color is prepared differently from box color. It is quite concentrated and heavy in ammonia, which can be harmful to the cuticle,” explains Paglionico, adding that darker hues—like black and brown—are the toughest to get out. Every person has unique requirements for their hair color because of their hair type and the color they choose for themselves.

1. A lack of time for color processing

Not allowing adequate time for the hair dye to process is a common cause of premature fading. Having gray hair, either on your own or that of a client highlights the importance of this. The cuticles of gray hair are more tightly packed. Therefore it takes more time for them to open and absorb the molecules of hair dye.

2. Calculate the hair’s porosity

It’s crucial to examine the hair’s condition before dyeing it. You may be asking how to know what the hair requires. The Wet Stretch Test is the quickest and most straightforward method for diagnosing hair health. The lack of protein, moisture, or both can be determined with this easy test.

If your hair is lacking in either protein (keratin) or moisture, your hair color may fade quickly. A protein or hydrating treatment may be necessary before coloring dry or damaged hair (think: split ends). This will “fill in” the hair’s cuticle, providing a better anchor point for the color molecules and ensuring the color lasts for as long as possible.

3. Hair dyes don’t last as long in hard water

Nearly 65% of Americans are predicted to have hard water in their houses. Calcium and magnesium, two minerals common in hard water, provide significant challenges when attempting to achieve long-lasting hair color. Over time, they can accumulate on hair and block color molecules from penetrating the cuticle. Malibu-C Crystal Gels are ideal for people who live in areas with hard water since they effectively dissolve mineral deposits without damaging the hair.

4. Deficiency in emulsification

One of the keys to an effective and long-lasting color service is emulsifying the hair at the shampoo bowl. Apply a small amount of water to the hair and begin massaging it to create a nice lather; this will begin the emulsification process. By correctly emulsifying the hair, you’re breaking up the oil-based color and ensuring the hair has absorbed as much color as possible before closing the cuticle.

5. Washing with hot water

When it’s time to wash the dye out of your hair, use water that’s just a little bit warmer than room temperature. Too hot of water might cause the cuticle to open deeper, allowing for some of the colors to drain off throughout your shampoo procedure. WASHING HAIR WITH HOT WATER DAMAGES the hair; therefore, use lukewarm water instead. The color in their hair will fade faster if you wash it with boiling water.

Watch 5 best tips to prevent brassy hair | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the does balayage get lighter after wash

Is there a noticeable change in hair color after Balayage?

The result of a balayage, which includes lightening specific portions of hair, is long-lasting. However, the color may fade slightly after a few months if not carefully maintained (see further down for how to get long-lasting bright color).

After a Balayage treatment, what happens if you wash your hair?

The hair color may be washed out by shampoo in the first few days after your session because the hair cuticle is still open. In some cases, this can hasten the rate at which the highlight fades. If you wash your hair the day after getting highlights, all of the dye will be stripped out, and the highlights will be wasted (literally).

When Balayage stops looking good, what next?

You should not wash your hair for at least three days after obtaining a balayage. The goal is to let the cuticles close and the color set. It’s also not a good idea to do any vigorous exercise or get wet during this time because of the risk of damaging your hair.

The usage of bleach in Balayage—does it exist?

A lightning process, such as bleaching, is necessary for balayage, as it is for all highlighting methods. Hair bleaching can be harmful, so it’s essential to take good care of your hair before and after balayage if you want the color to endure and your strands to remain healthy.

Do you notice a lighter hair color after using hair dye?

It’ll light up [in time], but it’ll still be darker than your goal. How you arrived to be in a dark place is also a factor. Estroff warns that it’s “near impossible” to go back to a very light shade of dye once the hair has been darkened. You’d have a better chance if you darkened your natural hair color.


The first thing you do when you arrive home shouldn’t be to wash your hair. However, if you absolutely must get in the shower right away, don’t worry; doing so won’t diminish the quality of the dye. After getting a professional hair color done, how often should you wash your hair? If you have been washing your hair daily, you will need to make some changes to your routine.

If you want to keep the color from fading too soon, you should wash it less frequently than that (every two to three days). How do you keep the new color in your hair during washing and conditioning? Some items are formulated to clean your hair without removing the dye, while specialized conditioners can help maintain its health and beauty. Shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair might prolong the life of your dye job.

Keep the water temperature from getting too high when you’re washing your hair. The hair cuticle opens up more as the temperature rises. While it’s ideal for hot oil treatment, it won’t prevent your dye from escaping and dulling your hair’s color. If you can stand it, give your hair a brief blast of cold water at the very end of your hairwashing routine. Dyeing your hair can leave it looking dry, so taking care of it afterward is a good idea.

Not reflecting as much light as it otherwise would means the color may appear less vibrant. If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should use a deep conditioning mask once a week (or after every other wash). Only three to five minutes of application is necessary to give your hair a noticeable boost.

If you want your hair to remain healthy, you should avoid using heated styling equipment as often as possible. Since this is challenging to maintain as we head into the cooler months of autumn, it is essential to purchasing a heat protection spray.

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