Copper balayage is a fantastic option if you want a new hair color that will help you get noticed. This on-trend color is rapidly gaining popularity, and with good reason: it complements every hair and skin tone. No of your original hair color, you’ll find inspiration among these 30 gorgeous copper balayage hair color ideas. Finding a good hair colorist is the first step if you want to try copper balayage.

This is because balayage is an art form that calls for practice and expertise to master. Assuming you’ve located the proper individual, they’ll be able to advise you on the optimal copper tone for your hair. The next thing to do is pick the desired shade for your copper balayage.

Going for a lighter shade of hair color when you naturally have dark hair will help you blend in more naturally. Darker hair colors make a striking contrast with light hair colors. You should make an appointment with your hair colorist once you’ve settled on the ideal hue. 

What exactly does copper balayage hair look like? 

30 Copper Balayage Hair Styles for Women: Guide to Care

Hair colors in an orange-brown metallic shade with undertones of brown or copper are the next big thing. Maybe you’re sick of seeing the same old brown, blonde, gold, and rose hair colors over and over again in your feed. But the good news is that copper hair color is here to lift your spirits. This shade resembles a darker and richer version of ginger hair.

The hue matches the ferocity of your own spirit. Because of this, you can rest assured that you will never have a boring day when you sport this hue. And if you have the mistaken notion that copper only comes in one color, allow us to set the record straight. In that case, read on to learn about some of the most beautiful copper tones for your hair.

It wasn’t simply the before and after pictures that sold me; I treated my investigation into the procedure and its attendant aftercare and maintenance as though I were going to undergo major surgery. The thought of dying your hair a color that is drastically different from your natural tone can be intimidating.

How to get copper balayage hair? 

It’s time to turn up the heat. It’s not only you, I can relate. While most people are choosing to tone down their hair color now that the weather is warming up, I say bring on the heat and spice! Shiny coppers, rich reds, and strawberry blondes project an air of authority and assurance.

After all, from Lucille Ball to Isla Fisher, redheads in the entertainment industry have proven to be a major source of inspiration. If you’re sick of the standard blonde or brown balayage and are ready for a change, this red balayage inspiration is just what the doctor ordered! Kick back with some popcorn and prepare to be inspired by these stunning brunettes.

What are the do’s and don’ts of having a copper balayage hair?

One of the most striking hair color trends is copper did in the balayage process, which adds depth, luster, and luminous reds to the hair. You’re familiar with the sun-kissed blonde balayage styles, but you’re curious about how to push things to the extreme. Everything you need to know about giving your customers a copper balayage is laid out here.

An overview of balayage is provided in the following new window. Painterly highlights Open in a new tab is achieved by sweeping the hair lightener. Opens in a new tab or color through the hair’s mid-lengths and ends. Balayage is typically created without the use of foils. The lift can be improved by using a method called foliage, which involves wrapping the freehand ribbons up the nail.

1. “The dye job turned out darker on my hair than I had anticipated.”

This is a typical hair dyeing mistake, especially for brunettes, and it’s a bit more difficult to cure than going too light. There is yet hope, though. Instead of reaching for a harsh color remover solution that can leave your hair with an inconsistent color tone (or, even worse, damaged hair), try using a clarifying shampoo first.

Clarifying shampoos, also known as purifying or detox shampoos, are designed to eliminate the buildup of color and styling products from dark hair. (Don’t use a clarifying shampoo designed for use with dyed hair; the goal here is to remove as much color as possible.) It’s best to shampoo the overly dark regions multiple times for the best results. 

2. It’s the last straw; I’ve bleached my hair too much

To be honest, bleach may be really damaging to hair. If your hair has been bleached and something has gone wrong, handle it with extreme caution. Get a haircut first to get rid of the damaged ends, and your hair will grow back stronger and healthier.

After the worst of the damage has been trimmed away, you can try the Light Works Bond Building Cleansing Treatment, a series of six treatments you use once a week to restore strength to hair that has been weakened by the highlighting process and keep it from breaking.

Replace weekly with regular shampoo; use less frequently if you have color-treated hair. In addition, try a concentrated hair treatment like Pro Boost in place of your regular conditioner. Get plenty of water to give your hair its vigor back (this is single-use and should be used weekly). Finally, I highly recommend beginning the use of Tame smoothing cream immediately if you are not already doing so.

3. My face is flushed with anger. So. Much. Red.”

30 Copper Balayage Hair Styles for Women: Guide to Care

Don’t freak out if you end up disliking your new fiery hair color. It is recommended to wash your hair daily with hot water and a clarifying shampoo (not a color-safe shampoo) to prevent the color from fading. In the meantime, a cool-toned gloss can help you fix your hair color temporarily and add magnificent shine until you’re ready to dye your hair again.

The yellow tones (and brassiness) in blonde or gray hair can be neutralized using Tint Reviving Gloss in Crema, a semipermanent cool violet color. Since violet is the color wheel’s antipode to yellow, the two work together to balance the former’s brassiness. Brunettes might benefit from the neutralizing effects of Color Reviving Gloss in Espresso, which adds cool, ashy tones to the hair. To maintain your hair color, use a shade with neutral or ash undertones. 

4. “I’ve gone green in the gills. Help is needed, so please send it.

Blondes who dye their hair a cool brown shade with smoky undertones sometimes end up with a greenish tint. Your mid-lengths and ends may take on an unflattering greenish cast if the brown you’ve chosen is too ashy. If you’re looking for a long-term answer, the color wheel may hold the key.

We’ve already established that it’s best to find complementary hues that are diametrically opposed on the color wheel. When it’s safe to color your hair again (wait at least two weeks), go for a warm brunette shade with reddish or golden overtones, as green is the opposite of red on the color wheel.

Choose a darker brown that is the same level (see item 3 for more on levels of color for more information) as the brunette that didn’t turn out right.

5. My ancestry is so, so, so, orange

Let’s get to the bottom of this before your “hot” roots set you off in an angry frenzy. (Is it too early?) Hair with “hot roots” is overly vibrant or heated at the base, near the scalp. When you pick a shade that is lighter or redder than your current one, you may experience “hot roots,” a condition in which the new color brightens and alters your hair’s texture only where it hasn’t been dyed.

To repair orange hair or just roots that are lighter than the rest of your hair, use the color wheel. Where does yellow’s polar opposite reside on the color wheel? Violet. Color Reviving Gloss in Crema, a cool violet shade, can be applied to the roots to cancel out brassiness, and once it’s safe to color your hair again, you should choose a shade that is either the same as your present shade or one with cooler or more neutral tones.

6. Instead of getting sassy, I got brassy

If your hair has been previously dyed, you may not get the desired result if you attempt to dye it yourself. How to immediately eliminate brassiness, as well as some permanent measures to avoid the problem in the future – Include hair color correction in your regular maintenance.

If you want to reduce brassiness in your hair but aren’t quite ready for another permanent dye or bleaching procedure, Color Therapy or a toning glaze will do the trick. The yellow and orange tones in your hair could use some aid from this cool-toned color depositing hair mask. The Perla color is perfect for those with blonde or gray hair. Those with brown hair should go for the Caffe hue, which features ashy undertones.

You should avoid getting too much chlorine in your hair. It’s best to either avoid getting your hair wet while swimming or to rinse it well afterward. Regular use of pool chemicals, combined with prolonged exposure to sunlight, can cause your hair to turn an unattractive brassy tint if you’re not careful.

7. ‘My hair dye has disappeared’ however, I have only recently finished using it

You know that the time between hair colorings will cause some fading. And yet, you only dyed your hair a few days ago with box color, and it already appears dull and faded. Just because you didn’t leave the dye in long enough or used a wash that stripped the color too quickly is no need to panic.

The next time you think about reaching for a permanent hair color (which could make your hair too dark), consider a Color Therapy treatment instead. With this treatment, your hair will be silky and nourished while also receiving a significant color boost; you may even be able to extend the time in between colorings.

How to maintain your copper balayage at home? 

30 Copper Balayage Hair Styles for Women: Guide to Care

One of the most striking hair color trends is copper hair dye done in the balayage process, which adds depth, gloss, and vibrant reds to the hair. You’re familiar with the sun-kissed blonde balayage styles, but you’re curious about how to push things to the extreme. Everything you need to know about giving your customers a copper balayage is laid out here.

An overview of balayage is provided in the following new window. Painterly highlights Open in a new tab is achieved by sweeping the hair lightener. Opens in a new tab or color through the hair’s mid-lengths and ends. Balayage is typically created without the use of foils. The lift can be improved by using a method called foliage, which involves wrapping the freehand ribbons up the nail. To achieve a copper balayage that shimmers against a darker red base, softer red tones are applied.

1. Make a pre-lightening mixture

Applying a pre-lightener in broad balayage strokes can help the copper tones stand out. With an adhesive mass designed specifically for this technique, Blondor Freelights Opens in a new tab is the ideal product to use. Consequently, there will be no smearing, bleeding, or transfer, only clean, careful lifting.

2. Brush on the balayage

After applying the lightener a few inches below the root, concentrate on the mid-lengths and ends. A partial balayage Opens in a new tab, which simply lifts the top or face-framing layers, which is a great option if your client wishes to draw attention to a specific area.

It’s a wonderful method for making highlights that shine and flatten in the light. When the appropriate base color has been achieved, wash the hair with Blondor Seal & Care Opens in a new tab and apply a neutralizing shampoo.

3. Feature the best coppers in your voicetone

To achieve the desired effect, select a copper hue that best suits the needs of your client. Use Color Fresh Opens in a new tab on 6/45 or 7/47 to create a semipermanent hue if they so desire. Color Touch Opens in a new tab on 7/4 or 7/43 is your best bet for a semipermanent glow with maximum shine.

Alternatively, you can use Koleston Perfect Opens in a new tab on 7/34 or 8/34 for a permanent, vivid color. Or, you might use a zero-damage Shinefinity glaze on either 05/43 or 06/43. The selected formula should be applied over previously lightened areas, and a darker root shadow at the top may be added for emphasis.

4. Cleanse and cuff their hair

The hair should be washed and neutralized after the color has been established. Protect your hair’s color with INDIGO Color Brilliance Shampoo. A new window or tab opens, then INDIGO Post Color Treatment. To clarify, Shinefinity is pH-balanced. Thus, neutralizing is unnecessary if you have glazed their locks.

5. Recipes for copper balancing hair color

Wella Professionals copper balayage on brown hair, done in the back of a woman’s head.

Top 30 ideas to stun with copper balayage

30 Copper Balayage Hair Styles for Women: Guide to Care

Bob haircuts that stop at or below the chin are known as “chin-length.” Medium bobs, which can reach the chin, are another name for chin-length bobs. Any face shape can pull off this bob length, but those with a narrower face profile will really love it. This bob cut will help you achieve the appearance of a wider jawline.

There is a risk that individuals with bobs of this length will feel limited in their styling options and resort to the tried and true “it’s too short, I can’t do anything but leave it straight” routine.

1. Rough rose balayage

So, you’re finally going to Coachella this year after years of wanting to go. But hold on! You need to do something to your hair in addition to putting together the appropriate boho chic clothing. You’ll look like a Coachella Valley princess in this dusty rose balayage of ashy brown and pale pink.

2. Balayage with the fragrance of a raspberry sorbet

Does anything beat a refreshing bowl of delicious sorbet on a steamy summer afternoon? Certainly not! The raspberry sorbet balayage will make you the center of attention. The appearance is made all the more striking by the way the pinks and purples flow into one another.

3. Radiant balayage

As the old adage goes, there’s probably a bright side to every cloud. But if you’re going to aim for something, why not aim for gold? This amazing balayage design features chocolate brown hair that has been enhanced with a gorgeous golden tone at the ends.

4. Balayage on sun-kissed blonde hair

In spite of the fact that dark colors are in style during the winter, once summer rolls around, everyone wants to add a little gold to their hair. The sun-kissed golden balayage color will make you look like a true beach babe. Make your hair into texturized waves for a shaggy style and pair it with a leather jacket.

5. Balayage with smoke and mirrors

This gorgeous balayage cut is sure to get people talking about you. A look that is the very embodiment of smoke and mirrors, with black hair at the roots transforming into ashy grey and eventually beautiful blonde. To make the look more three-dimensional, curl your hair into huge, bouncy curls.

6. The balayage supernova

Do you ever find yourself gazing up at the stars and realizing why they serve as such a consistent source of artistic inspiration? Consider this gorgeous balayage color technique. Her naturally black hair is a work of art, highlighted in a variety of blues and purples.

7. Shocking mermaid hair dye

Picture this: mermaids made entirely out of neon light. With neon-blue and neon-pink iridescent tails. I know, right? Imagine this, and then imagine it again with your hair styled like this. In order to get this stunning, once-in-a-generation style, she had her naturally blonde hair dyed with bright blue and baby pink highlights.

8. Balayage with a dark chocolate flavor

You can forget about your diet plans as soon as you see the dark chocolate ganache dripping down the sides of that cake. People are often fascinated by dark chocolate. Make a statement with your hair and go for a brown balayage style. Gorgeous light brown and auburn streaks contrast beautifully with the hair’s natural dark brown color and add depth.

9. Balayage in a caramel macchiato shade

Seeing how dependent so many people are on coffee these days makes me fear that Starbucks is the capitalist tyrant ruling our life. But try to see the silver lining! It brews delicious coffee in a wide variety of aromas and tastes, which can subsequently serve as a source of creativity when choosing a new hairstyle. Consider this stunning balayage on a blonde. The combination of brown and blonde creates a look as entrancing as the first sip of coffee in the morning.

10. Fluorescent rose balayage for valentine’s day

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with gusto or think it’s a corporate plot to get you to buy more stuff you don’t need, you have to admit that the day is delightful just for the excuse to deck the halls in red and pink. This rosy balayage on brown hair is the perfect way to flaunt your affection for the color pink.

11. Gradual blonde balayage

If you want others to see you as refined and collected, then this balayage style is suited for you. This long straight bob really brings out the beauty of the golden balayage that was done on the dark brown hair.

12. Pink bébé rosé balayage

I’m sure you wine-loving ladies are aware of how lovely a bottle of rosé can be. So, that’s the inspiration for this balayage technique. This cut looks like it was taken straight from a bottle of sparkling rosé; the dark burgundy locks are accented beautifully with a subtle pink tint.

13. Brilliant Balayage Blonde

Do you ever wonder why blondes seem to have all the best times? Get this style and see for yourself. Blonde highlights are painted haphazardly over dark brown hair in this trendy balayage cut. To make the most of the balayage effect, style your hair in undone, textured waves.

14. Balayage in rose gold

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing rose gold things. This includes physical stores as well as online retailers. Hairstylists all over the world are experimenting with this trending shade. This one-of-a-kind rose gold balayage is sophisticated and fashionable.

15. Blonde Balayage with a Stunning, Cool Tone

This brown balayage haircut will give you the “warm winter evening spent by the bonfire in a log cabin” look. The unified appearance of light and dark brown tones down the heat. Hair can be done in loose waves, and a thick sweater can replace any other clothing item.

16. Baby-Pink Balayage

Taupe, for the uninitiated, is a stunningly unique color that sits between pink and brown on the color wheel. When performing a balayage on medium brown hair, this stunning color works wonderfully as a highlighter.

17. Infernal-Red Balayage

This fiery red balayage will help you express your inner fire and shine through your hair. This stunning style is the result of a gradual transition from a dark auburn at the roots to a vibrant lava red at the ends. Curling your hair and wearing a monochromatic ensemble is a surefire way to turn heads.

18. Balayage in a shady green hue

This lush balayage style is as lovely as it gets, bringing you closer to nature. The forest green balayage really pops against the black hair and makes for a gorgeous appearance. If you want to look like a lumberjack who lives in the middle of the woods, you should wear flannel and leave your hair unstyled.

19. The Unicorn’s Breath Balayage in Pastel Hues

Everyone has a soft spot for mythical creatures known as unicorns. (If not, what is wrong with you?) Even if you don’t get the ability to fart glitter and poop rainbows like them, at least you can copy their wonderful hair color. Use pale blue and pink to highlight your blonde hair for a lovely, multicolored balayage effect.

20. Balayage in a golden hue that evokes the morning sun

The stunning sunset colors are a topic of universal admiration. However, do you know what’s sadly underappreciated? Sunrises! This balayage technique in sunny yellow was inspired by the transformation of the night sky into a dazzling display of color just before sunrise. This stunning style is achieved by a gradual fading of the ginger roots to copper and finally to yellow.

21.Balayage using UV Light

First things first: if you haven’t heard Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans, do so immediately; you’ll thank me later. Now that we have that settled, we can focus on this stunning balayage technique. Her hair is jet black, and the effect generated by applying a coating of a vivid violet tint over it is out of this world.

22. Balayage in Lavender

In fact, you can find lavender in just about everything—lavender perfume, lavender soap, lavender oil, and even lavender tea. If you infuse something with this beautiful flower, it instantly becomes more exquisite. I mean, why not give that gorgeous color a shot on your hair? If you want to seem like a cute flower child, highlight and balayage your natural dusty brown hair with a lavender color.

23. Purple Balayage

Here’s another balayage that’ll make you happy because it features flowers. Do a balayage on your blonde or light brown hair.

24. Balayage with Plum Blossoms

Try out a plum balayage for a look fit for a queen. Just balayage some deep purple into your black hair, and you’ll have an instant aura of seductive mystery. If you wear your hair in a sleek, long bob, everyone will be curious about who you are.

25. Balayage in a dark shade of red

Here we have a shade of hair dye that isn’t really mainstream. That’s too unfortunate because it’s just gorgeous. Amazing maroon balayage on black hair makes it look both playful and elegant.

26. Balayage in Deep Purple

Deep purple is not only the name of the band that popularized heavy metal rock but also magnificent hair color. Create a stunning hairstyle by balayage your black hair with various purple tones. Your hair, after being curled gently, will resemble the stars.

27. Bubble Gum Swirl Balayage

Do you have a serious addiction to the color pink and other girlie things? Okay, then, have a look at this gorgeous balayage haircut that you can do! This balayage hairstyle, with its pink bubblegum swirls, is absolutely adorable.

28. Luxurious blonde balayage

If you’re familiar with the CW show Gossip Girl, you know that Blake Lively’s character, Serena van der Woodsen, had stunningly beautiful golden hair. This balayage cut and color scheme are spot-on recreations of her signature shaggy blonde ‘do. You can do no wrong when you sport voluminous, textured waves and a head full of voluminous, textured hair with rich blonde highlights running through dark brown hair.

29. Balayage in the style of the Silver Fox

It’s been said that if you’re going to do anything, you might as well go all in. This balayage technique is quite impressive. Make a statement as the fierce mother you are with this silver balayage hairstyle. It could take a few sessions to get this hairstyle just right. The work is justified, however, because of the fantastic elfin appearance you achieve.

30. Balayage with a Bloody Mary

Although the Bloody Mary is a pretty repulsive beverage (#sorrynotsorry), it has the most stunning scarlet hue. The color scheme of this balayage haircut was clearly inspired by this cocktail. Highlights in a vibrant red hue pop out dramatically against her black hair for a look that is sure to captivate.

Watch Hair transformations : trendy copper red balayage | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the copper balayage hair

When applied to hair, how long does balayage last?

Balayage is one of the lowest-maintenance methods of coloring your hair. Most balayage hair colors will last for roughly four months.

Is it difficult to care for copper balayage?

Remarks from Joel Warren Blonde’s hair are easier to maintain than dark hair, but it still requires some effort. In order to move from a dark shade to a blonde, one must bleach out all of the natural pigments in the hair. Maintenance is higher for red because it contains brown molecules, which are more easily removed in water.

To what extent is it possible to keep copper hair color intact?

To keep the copper color looking its best, you should use a weekly mask and color-safe shampoo and conditioner after getting it dyed.

How challenging is it to care for copper hair?

Copper is a high-upkeep color that requires constant attention. Copper is not as durable as other hair colors like brunette since it fades more quickly when exposed to water. There is a commitment involved in getting salon treatments and toners on a semi-regular basis (every 6-8 weeks).

If you dye your hair copper, how long does it take for the color to fade?

A touch-up every six to seven weeks is to be expected if you color your hair all over, depending on your natural hair color.


Everyone is curious about the secret to the stunning balayage look. For a good reason, it’s now trending: it looks incredible. Starting with what color to use, how long it will take, what supplies you’ll need, and more are all covered in this comprehensive manual.

You may find out if the color will work with your complexion and if the style is suited for you. The trendiest new hair color this fall is a vibrant shade of burnt orange. The French word balayage literally means “to sweep,” which is how the highlights are applied in this technique. Highlights are painted onto the hair with a copper-based pigment. Balayage, in contrast to foil-based highlights, can be applied directly to the hair.

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