Rather than shaving regularly, the majority of celebrities have opted for laser hair removal procedures instead. The fact is that they spend so much time switching from set to set and traveling that they don’t have much spare time to deal with unwanted hair. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, 10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal.

No movie star, model, musician, or stage performer could take the chance of getting pimples and irritation from waxing or plucking their eyebrows or lashes. You will be shocked at how many celebrities have praised the usage of laser hair removal, ranging from Kim Kardashian to Ashley Roberts and even Cheryl Cole.

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Why do celebrities love laser hair removal?

Here are the reasons why do celebrities love laser hair removal

1. Guaranteed result

The results you desire will be achieved through a laser hair removal process performed with the correct technology by a trained and experienced specialist. You would observe spectacular results in the elimination of undesirable body and facial hair as long as a medical laser is applied by a skilled professional.

According to celebrities who have undergone laser hair removal, the process can transform you into a Hollywood star in as little as three to seven sessions.

2.Comfort and hygienic

One advantage of laser hair removal is that it might be more comfortable and hygienic than other methods. In hot weather, less body hair means you’ll be cooler and more comfortable because you’ll be less exposed. It’s yet another reason why laser hair removal is so popular.

You don’t need an explanation for why you enjoy laser hair removal. Simply do it for yourself and because you desire to. It’s something you’ll never want to do again after you’ve tried it.

3. There will be no more shaving, waxing, or plucking

Consider the amount of time (and discomfort) you go through when you shave, wax, or pluck your undesirable hair. The use of laser hair removal allows you to get rid of unwanted hair without having to spend hours in the toilet and without having to worry about unattractive wounds, lumps, and ingrown hairs.

4. It saves both time and money

Laser hair removal saves you both time and money while minimizing the discomfort of being burned during the procedure. The area that is shaved regularly gets hard, and the hairs that develop become more obstinate with each successive shave. All of this can be avoided with laser treatment, which also has the fewest adverse effects.

5. More than just the underarms

Laser hair removal could be performed on various body parts, including the legs, hands, and feet, complete arms, head, face, chest, underarms, stomach, and navel area, lower back, and upper back. The face can also be treated with laser hair removal.

10 celebrities who have had laser hair removal

The following are ten celebrities who have undergone laser hair removal.

1. Deepika Padukone

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Deepika Padukone is one of the Bollywood celebrities who have full-body laser hair removal, as per YouTuber “Beauty & Beautify.” Now, if you think about it, this could be true for any celebrities who have demanding work schedules and lack the time necessary for shaving or waxing.

Additionally, the Youtuber addressed Shraddha Kapoor and stated that female actors must dress in various styles daily for work. As a result, it is important that their bodies remain hairless at all times and that they feel comfortable wearing any form of clothing (e.g., skirt, bikini, and dress).

2. Coleen Rooney

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Coleen Rooney, the wife of celebrity footballer Wayne Rooney, also enjoys laser hair removal. Coleen was said to have taken Rachel Hunter’s counsel and had a course of laser hair removal, and has never looked back. Coleen, who is fair-skinned, stated on Twitter that she was ‘eager to begin the process.

3. Alyssa Milano

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

With photographers and paparazzi continuously taking photographs of them, celebrities must be extremely vigilant about keeping their bodies clean and hairless. Nobody wants to see their favorite celebs covered in excessive, undesired hair (except on their heads)!

Similarly, Alyssa Milano, an American actor and former singer underwent laser hair removal to achieve a flawless appearance, and her experience improved over time.

Alyssa was able to eliminate dense black hair from her arms and legs with laser hair removal. Additionally, she added that the treatment was uncomfortable for her, but the outcome made it all worthwhile.

4. Chrissy Teigen

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

If you adore a woman with a personality, you must admire someone like Chrissy Teigen. Although she achieved fame through her modeling profession, it was her personality that drew us to her.

Chrissy’s attitude is likely what drew John Legend to her. To be honest, it’s the sass plus the fact that she’s an unforgettable beauty with flawless skin.

As with Kim, Chrissy has no qualms about discussing her hair removal preferences. Indeed, she recently expressed gratitude to her preferred salon for keeping her skin hair-free. If the salon made a mistake, we would have seen – Chrissy was on the red carpet wearing a really high-cut slit.

5. Victoria Beckham

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Even the well-known fashion designer Victoria Beckham supports laser hair removal, saying it has greatly improved her quality of life and her self-confidence. Victoria addressed her opinions regarding laser hair removal in an interview, stating that she learned about this “beauty tip” from her friend Eva Longoria (actor from Desperate Housewives).

Since then, she has never considered returning to the traditional methods of shaving or waxing. If you want skin as smooth as Victoria Beckham’s, you already know what to do.

6. Kim Kardashian

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Kim Kardashian, who is constantly in the spotlight, does not have time to wait for her hair to grow out before getting it waxed. Given her constant presence on camera, she is unlikely to be able to take a day off.

In comparison to some other celebrities who have undergone laser hair removal, Kim is open about her experience. Indeed, the entire Kardashian family was caught on camera discussing the subject of hair removal.

Kim, on the other hand, prefers an afro. As a result, Kim has subjected a large number of skin areas to the laser. To begin, she underwent procedures on her legs, arms, armpits, and bikini area. Interestingly, she also underwent laser hair removal on her neck and brow.

Kim identifies herself as Armenian. As Kim points out, being Armenian typically entails extra effort when it comes to waxing. However, this is nothing that a few laser hair removal sessions in New York City or abroad cannot resolve.

Kim occasionally laments the removal of her baby hairs from her forehead when she is sentimental. As she asserts, those teeny-tiny baby locks gave her a youthful appearance. Therefore, based on her example, before scheduling a consultation, ensure that you are prepared to part your hair permanently.

7. Ashley Roberts

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Ashley Roberts, one of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrities, has also spoken out about her laser hair removal experience. She says laser has saved her life (cosmetically speaking), as her legs felt like cactus prior to laser.

She stated that she had to shave her legs twice a day to accommodate the variety of gowns and red carpet appearances she attended.

Here’s another reason to seek this extraordinary treatment.

“Prior to laser hair removal, my legs felt like cactus, and I was required to shave those bad boys (her legs) twice every day.”

8. Patrick Starr

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Patrick Starr is a popular beauty guru on YouTube. His films gained a lot of attention after he became a makeup consultant at MAC, owing to his daily glam rituals. His channel currently boasts a following of more than four million.

And because he spends most of his time wearing heavy makeup for the various photo shoots he does or the videos he produces, it’s critical that his skin has an even and smooth texture.

Patrick underwent multiple sessions of laser hair removal. He began by lasering the hair on his neck.

Interested in learning more? You can check out a video he made of one of his sessions on his YouTube channel. Though he admits that the process is initially difficult, he claims that the discomfort subsides after the first few sessions.

9. Lilly Ghalichi

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

‘The Sunset Shahs’ by Lilly Ghalichi Lilly Ghalichi, an American reality television star, stated the following in a blog post about her laser hair removal experience. “When I was a child, I had the worst hair removal experience. I used to shave armpits and bikini area and ended up with severe redness, inflammation, and ingrown hairs.

I was miserable, and it was particularly embarrassing during the summer. Being hairy is difficult for a woman! God bless technology and laser hair removal! When I was in college, I began laser hair removal. I’ve applied it on my armpits, bikini area, and entire face. This is the only area I have ever worked in, but I am really pleased with the outcomes.”

10. Hoda Kotb

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Hoda Kotb, like several other celebrities who undergo laser hair removal, received the treatment on her arms during one of her “Today Show” live broadcasts. She reported the process as being frigid, almost as if she had been hit by a rush of cold air. Regardless, she was astonished by the end result.

What are the body parts where celebrities get laser hair removal?

10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

The following are the areas of the body where celebrities have laser hair removal.

1. Neckline

“Many guys, particularly celebrities, use laser hair removal to address their lower necklines,” says Malcolm Parker of Cynosure’s national accounts department. “Richly pigmented males are more prone to razor burn, also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, and eliminating these pimples is a top priority for people who are on camera.”

Laser hair removal on face and lower neckline is a quick and painless procedure. Because the Elite iQ uses gold standard wavelengths for hair removal, patients of all skin types could be treated safely and efficiently.”


“Celebrities want feet and toes to be as well-groomed and stunning as the rest of their bodies,” says one source. “That implies a beautiful pedicure, but also getting rid of unsightly hair,” says Katie Cheng, Cynosure’s chief marketing officer. “Genetics governs the growth of hair on our feet and toes, just as it does on the rest of our bodies, but we can thank modern technology for its eradication.”

The Elite iQ laser is used by both male and female celebrities (as well as their admirers!) to remove unwanted hair from their toes and feet. Laser hair removal treatments are simple and quick, and they will permanently decrease unwanted hair, giving you the courage to go barefoot on the red carpet and flaunt that pedicure or those lovely open shoes.”

3. Ears

“Hair inside ear has a purpose, but hair on the outside of the ear is plain unneeded,” says Joshua Smith, field marketing manager for Cynosure. “As men get older, ear hair can be a problem, particularly for males celebrities.

“Traditional hair removal treatments such as shaving and waxing may not be enough for high-profile individuals, especially those who wish to appear younger; thus, they choose for a more current approach such as laser hair removal!” After all, why wouldn’t they? They’ll never have to worry about ugly ear hair again after a few short laser treatments!”

4. Armpits and Arms

Blossom Hashemi, an aesthetic nurse practitioner, adds that celebrities desire convenience. “When they need to be camera-ready at a moment’s notice, laser hair removal is the only long-term treatment that keeps their arms looking smooth and beautiful.”

But the story doesn’t end there! Celebrities absolutely do not want to be seen with armpit stubble while waving to paparazzi on the red carpet in a strapless gown; consequently, laser hair removal in the axilla continues to be among the most common areas of the body for celebrities to get laser hair removal!”

5. Back

“Back hair may be exceedingly tough to shave on your own, whether it’s spotty patches or the whole gorilla look,” explains aesthetic nurse Corey Ordoyne. “As a result, most male celebrities with hairy backs seek out laser hair removal that permanently reduces the prevalence of undesirable back hair by damaging hair follicles at the source.

It’s a win-win situation for patients and their significant other! However, not all laser hair removal devices are made equal; if someone has had treatment in the past and the hair has grown back, it’s possible that inferior equipment was utilized. So choose the correct service provider and have the hair on the back of the hairy person in your life removed!”

6. Happy Trail

“For female celebrities, the so-called ‘happy trail’ on the lower belly is anything but happy. “Although some patients seek medical advice to check their hormone levels, many find that this is not a medical issue,” explains Brogan Bair, director of customer success at Cynosure.

“When it comes to removing unwanted hair growth, celebrities always opt to laser hair removal because it produces the fastest and most desirable results.” Because celebrities are frequently shot and have their bodies photographed, many opt for laser hair removal to permanently minimize unwanted hair growth rather than shaving and risking obvious and severe razor burn!”

What are the benefits of Brazilian hair removal?

The following are some of advantages of Brazilian hair removal.

1. It helps you save time

Brazilian laser hair removal saves you time because you will no longer need to visit a salon monthly for waxing services.

2. Smooth and hair-free skin

In the opinion of several women, Brazilian hair removal is the most effective and longest-lasting method of getting smooth and hair-free pubic skin.

3. Effective

Brazilian laser hair removal is a popular therapy because it is more successful than Brazilian waxing when compared to other methods. When it comes to improving the appearance of your skin and reducing the growth of unwanted hair, it outperforms all other techniques of pubic hair removal by a lot!

4. Permanent outcomes

Most people experience a permanent reduction in their hair growth as a result of this condition. It can achieve permanent hair reduction outcomes of up to 70% without inflicting any damage to your skin or surrounding tissue, and it is non-invasive.

5. There are no risks associated with it.

In comparison to other procedures of hair removal such as waxing or shaving, Brazilian laser hair removal carries no risk of allergic reactions or unpleasant ingrown hairs.

Watch actress Alya Manasa’s laser hair removal journey | Video

Is it more common for celebrities to wax or laser their bodies?

Celebrities are our hairless role models, with innumerable swimwear shoots and barely-there attire. Other celebrities keep their waxing professionals on call while Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen travel to SEV for their laser treatments.

What are the lasers that celebs use?

Many celebrities and non-celebrities alike testify by the rejuvenating powers and excellent results of the Fraxel laser. Learn more about Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing and how it could help your skin.

What types of laser treatments do the Kardashians undergo?

Kim chose the 4D Lift, which is among of their most popular treatments. “It’s a one-of-a-kind combination of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments that work on all levels of the skin,” explains Melissa Haloossim, a nurse practitioner who launched the clinic 3 years ago.

Which hurts more: the laser or the waxing?

While laser hair removal isn’t as unpleasant as waxing, it is more so than depilatory creams or tweezing. Many people describe laser hair removal to snapping a rubber band against their skin; that’s not all that bad.

Is it okay if I take pain relievers before laser hair removal?

During your laser hair removal treatment, you will be relaxed and stress-free. Advil or ibuprofen, taken half an hour to an hour before the hair removal procedure, could help alleviate any pain.


10 Celebrities That Do Laser Hair Removal: Secret Guide

Hair removal using lasers is beneficial to both men and women. It is the ideal way for removing unwanted hair and making them “set ready” for movie stars, regardless of how little time they have to prepare. The celebrities with laser hair removal listed above are only a few examples of people who are open and confident about what they do to their skin and bodies to look beautiful.

Most other celebrities, no doubt, are uncomfortable discussing such topics and hence do not come forward to give such information.

If you’re considering about getting laser hair removal, do some preliminary research first. Make an appointment with a dermatologist who can help you with both the decision and the procedure.

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