Ombre was not created by crazy pixie dream girls or trendy young hipsters. But now, more daring colorways of this charming pattern have emerged. The younger generation can’t get enough of the blue ombre hairstyle, which nods to mermaids and fairies through a series of gradations of color.

As daunting as it may appear, all you need is a good colorist/stylist and a blue you like to pull off this look. Be warned that doing ombre at home can be a messy process with unexpected outcomes and may necessitate the assistance of a professional. It’s best to pick the color scheme on your own and have a pro carry it out.

Does colorful balayage look good on dark hair?

20 Blue Balayage on Brown Hair to Try: Hairstyles Guide

Traditional Balayage will add depth and dimension to your dark hair. Black and dark brown hair can both benefit from a balayage, as can any other color. Simple highlights, ombre, somber, fluid hair painting, and the ever-popular balayage are just a few of the many hair coloring techniques available.

The balayage hair coloring technique is the most popular and low-maintenance option. Elegant Dark Hair Balayage Light brown or caramel balayage highlights are the most common. However, no hue is off limits for this hairdo. One of balayage’s best features is that it can be successfully rocked by women of many races and ethnicities. If you’re looking for a new way to color your dark hair, take a look at these examples of the best balayage.

What about blue balayage on brown hair? 

Newer hair color options make it easy to get a look that complements your individuality, whether you want a short haircut like a bob, lob, or pixie or prefer to wear your hair in layers and keep it longer. One can even sport a full-on Mohawk, shave off one side, or decorate one’s nape. As vast as the sky or the cosmos may be, the number of possible color combinations that include black and blue is practically infinite.

The next step is to determine how you want to include life, sand art, unicorns, and the ocean into your routine. All that’s left to do is choose between a quick brush and go, a casual braid, or a more elaborate style that will require more time and effort to master. Add to that a plethora of true dying techniques, such as ombré, somber, balayage, and dip dying, in addition to the time-tested streaking, chunking, highlighting frosting, and all-over coloring.

What are the best versions of blue ombre hair? 

Blue streaks in otherwise black hair are totally captivating. A little variety goes a long way, and blue highlights in brown hair are only one way to do that. As it is more challenging to completely change the color of dark hair without causing damage, brittleness, rough texture, and other issues, women who naturally have dark hair may feel left out of the latest fashions.

Here, you’ll find ten fantastic recommendations in this style, along with a deeper dive into the history of the movement that inspired them. You want to experiment with brown hair with blue highlights, but you’re not sure how to get this look. Blue highlights can be achieved using the same method as other colored highlights.

In order to dye your hair, you’ll need a tinting brush, box dye, a hair lightening kit, a mixing bowl, gloves, an old towel, some tin foil or plastic wrap, and a conditioner. You should conduct your usual hair routine before beginning the highlighting process. Why? The rationale is straightforward: it will help you decide which individual strands to color.

1. Blue undertones in a dark brown cut

This is the perfect hue for the girl who likes blue highlights but doesn’t want them to be too noticeable. Add a new dimension to your hair color, whether it’s light brown or dark brown, with blue highlights. You should have highlights that will bring out the best in your locks and waves.

2. A brown pixie with blue accents

Pixie cuts are adorable no matter what, but with bold blue highlights, they take on a more edgy air. Hair highlights, if applied properly, may add depth and dimension to your look. Blue highlights, while uncommon, are a great way to spice up light brown hair.

3. A light brown base with blue highlights

The placement of highlights does not need to be limited to the side, crown, bangs, or anywhere else on the head. For a seductive effect, conceal the blue highlights in your brown hair neatly, and they will peek out when you move. Don’t you think they’re pretty?

4. Brown hair with pastel blue accents

Hair dyed in pastel shades is really on-trend right now. Brown hair with pastel blue highlights is both sweet and edgy. They look especially stunning when worn with long hair, which they enliven and make more romantic.

5. Highlighted with blue and purple, brown hair

This uncommon and slightly cosmological color scheme features a blend of blue and purple. It softens and romances your hair. Highlighted strands of purple and blue entwined in your dark brown hair will make you stand out. In addition, you can’t go wrong with this look at summer events.

6. Blue highlights and wavy hair

There is no rule that says only straight hair may have highlights. A woman or girl with naturally curly hair can also rock this style. Highlights in a deep blue or any other hue will add a touch of romance and elegance to your wavy bob, lob, or even longer styles like the one in the photo below. White and electric blue are great options for a more daring appearance.

7. Brown hair with a turquoise undertone

Adding teal highlights to dark brown hair is a great way to subtly introduce a blue hue. However, they also function properly with light brown hair. Highlighting your light brown hair with teal blue will draw attention to your style and give you a more edgy, dynamic appearance. Quite incredible, wouldn’t you say

8. Highlights of blue on a brown lob

Though the most common combination is a dark brown base with lighter strands, brown hair with blue highlights can also encompass other color schemes. Dark blue hair added on a lighter base is a way to go in the opposite direction. How adorable!

9. Blue highlights in medium brown hair

Applying lovely blue highlights to your medium brown hair can give it more life and vibrancy. What makes this look so endearing is how adaptable it is; you can wear it to a wide variety of parties, formal occasions, and everyday life.

10. Rainbow Funky Hair

Highlight your brown hair with a rainbow of hues for a stunning new look. You’ll enjoy this summer’s trend of blue highlights in brown hair, which is edgy but still quite cute.

How to choose best shade of blue for brown hair? 

20 Blue Balayage on Brown Hair to Try: Hairstyles Guide

Changing your hair color is a very individual decision. Don’t let the variety of options scare you off; with these five guidelines, you’ll be able to choose the perfect shade. Want to see how that color you’ve had your eye on will appear on you? Use our Virtual Try-On to determine the ideal color for you.

Changing your hair color is an extremely individual decision. Don’t let the variety of options scare you off; instead, use these five guidelines to zero in on the perfect shade.

Whether you are a seasoned pro at home dyeing or have never tried it before, picking a new hair color may be a stressful experience. You should base your decision primarily on the hair and skin tones you already have.

1. Colors that are warm should be worn by those with warm complexions

If you’ve read the “How to choose the appropriate shade of brown” article from Garnier, you know that your skin tone is a major factor in determining what hair colors will look well on you. Warmer hair colors, such as golden blond or reddish brown, look great on those with rosy, red, yellow, or olive skin tones.

2. Adapt and utilize

There is a plethora of options for creating a natural or edgy trendy look with the use of creative dying techniques. If you want to look fashionable, give your long hair a dark base and lighter ends.

3. Choose cold hues if your skin is also neutral

Those with “citrusy” complexion tones (pale with a tinge of blue) should choose similarly cool hair colors. This frees you to experiment with the most daring hues, such as a blue-based ash blond hair color or a red hair dye with a purple undertone.

4. Do not deviate too far from your natural

The more natural something appears, the better it will look. Since your hair color typically complements your skin tone, it’s best to stay within two tones of your original hair color while dying it. If you go too light, your natural skin tone will show through, and likewise, if you go too dark. Roots or dip dye are great options for a subtler transformation that will still have you looking on-trend.

5. Small Steps

It’s important to take your time if you want a noticeable color shift. If you want to transition from having dark hair to having light hair, you should start with a more neutral shade. Make sure you give your dyed hair lots of TLC by using products from the Garnier colored hair care collection.

Top 20 blue balayage ideas for all hair lengths and skin tones

20 Blue Balayage on Brown Hair to Try: Hairstyles Guide

You’ve landed on the right page if you’ve been debating a new hairstyle but can’t settle on a single option. This handy reference will walk you through everything from the classics like honey gold bonds and costly brunettes to the latest in odd hair color trends and ideas straight from your Pinterest feed.

This list of hair color trends might help you know what’s hot, whether you want to cross “had my hair colored” off your list of firsts, regain your self-esteem after a breakup, or just look chic and faultless at all times.

Hair color has always been the perfect method to make a large, bold statement in a culture obsessed with rapid satisfaction. Your next hair color might be something warm and rich or something vibrant and fun; it’s really up to you.

That is to say, if you want to try something new with your hair color, you should opt for warmer tones of blondes, brunettes, or reds, and if you don’t want to take the easy way out, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to acquire creative, cool-toned colors.

1. Brne doux d’Or

Here are the top hair colors of 2022: honey-gold bronde. Whether your hair is naturally blonde or you’re considering going that route, the trend right now is toward a more subtle golden brown. Reduce your blonde highlights this season from a toned-down blonde to a golden blonde with oaty, wheaty undertones.

Honey-gold bronde, the ideal combination of blonde and brown, will be quite popular as the cooler months approach. Honey gold ribbon highlights soften the intensity of the brunette’s base color. If you’re looking for maximum depth and contrast in your hair color, you’ve found it. It creates a stunning shimmering look that highlights the greatest features.

2. A sweet and sticky substance

You can easily draw parallels between honey caramel and blondes. One of the most talked-about hair color trends of 2022 is caramel, and for a good reason: it is as beautiful as it sounds, especially if you can’t decide between going completely blonde or completely brunette.

Caramel tones are somewhere in the middle between golden blondes, browns, and even gentle reds. You can obtain a caramel cream shade for your hair this season. The base color will be either a dark blonde or light brown with sun-kissed tones added for depth and complexity. It’s a fantastic compromise between the extremes of dark blonde and ash blonde.

3. Tiny wrinkles

It’s so last year to use big fonts for emphasis. Tinker, more subtle highlights are all the rage this season. You should ask your hair colorist for a blend of finely woven highlights and lowlights if you want your hair to look like Khloe Kardashian’s bright blonde this summer.

This allows you to achieve a dramatic all-over blonde look without going overboard. To tone down the highlights further, you can ask for baby lights that aren’t too chunky or blended. This trending hair dye works best on shorter to medium hair. In this upcoming winter, they will be such. The question then becomes, “Why to wait?” Take a screenshot to show your colorist.

4. Inviting dark-haired women

Although traditional brunette is always fashionable, the trendiest shade of brown for hair this year is a warm brown. If a brunette is considering getting highlights, she should stay away from bold tones. They ought to go for the rich golden blonde or one of the softer tones like caramel or chocolate.

This results in a rich brown hue with undertones of amber or perhaps gold. Highlights based on pigments of deep chocolate, golden, copper, and even red pigments but in warmer and richer tones can also be requested from your hairstylist. Simply put, a warm brunette appearance is a sun-kissed appearance since it imparts a lovely bronzed shine. These well-balanced highlights will reflect just the proper amount of light to make your hair appear fuller, shinier, and more vibrant.

5. Costly dark-haired female

Several well-known blondes, like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid, have recently gone brunette. Simply said, a luxurious brunette hue is a brown hair color that has been darkened and enriched to create more depth and dimension, making it look more like black or red. When going for a high-end brunette look, you should aim to achieve depth and dimension by incorporating a variety of darker tones.

You and your hairstylist should have a lengthy, in-depth conversation before you commit to a drastic change like becoming a brunette. In addition to the visual aids, you should state that a uniform color scheme is not required. Dimension and depth are required. In order to avoid any unpleasant shocks, it’s a good idea to talk about the highlight and low light tones in advance. You should let the hair colorist style your hair in a way that best shows off your new look.

6. Dark brown

If you’re a fan of the color red, this season is the time to experiment with darker, richer tones. In the coming winter, bold colors like auburn will be all the rage. These dark red hair colors are the perfect finishing touch to your winter wardrobe.

The color red is a great choice if you have a darker skin tone or brown eyes. All you need to do to make your eyes pop is that. The startling contrast that red produces makes it a great choice for those with blue or green eyes. You can use it alone to give your hair a dazzling sheen.

7. A warm, inviting shade of red, like cinnamon

Cinnamon red is the color to try if you’re not quite ready to commit to a full-on red appearance. One of the most popular hair color trends, cinnamon red, is a warmer version of the traditional red. When choosing a hue of red, it’s essential to have a precise mental image in mind.

Be sure to consult your hairstylist before settling into the chair. There are many different shades of red, so it’s important to find one that complements your natural skin tone. Shades of red cinnamon range from a mild ruddy brown to a pumpkin spice orange to a rich auburn. It bridges the gap between the darker browns and the warmer copper tones.

8. Dark-colored diamond

If you want to look powerful and glamorous, all you need is a deep black hair color like a black diamond. When compared to other hair colors, black is unrivaled in terms of the allure and authority it conveys.

Shiny black hair, in particular, conveys the impression that one is vibrant and energetic. Snow white hair requires snow white skin, which means going with black hair color. Plus, anyone with darker skin can wear black to accentuate their natural tones.

9. Balancing the brunette

Balayage hair color for brunettes balayage technique is used to add highlights to dark brown hair, giving it a “brunette” appearance. The French coloring method known as balayage is ideal for putting on subtle, warm accents for dimension. This method of dyeing hair can produce a healthier, more enriched, yet still-brunette appearance with noticeably softer and gentler strokes of color.

10. Glacier-like whiteness of winter

This new hair color, which can be described either as winter white or frosty blonde, is not going away anytime soon. A fresh take on the traditional blonde hairstyle was a hit with the masses. If you want to stand out from the crowd, all you need is a single, uniform hue like this one. Those with naturally dark hair should give serious consideration before attempting this blonde’s intensive technique.

11. Genuine silver

Silver hair is quite fashionable right now, so don’t be afraid to show yours off. You can go for a silver hairstyle that symbolizes independence and strength even if you’re in your 30s or 40s, and it won’t look out of place. It’s quite bold and stunning when worn with long hair. You can visit a hairstylist for advice on how to best highlight your best features. Either go for the time-honored salt-and-pepper appearance or take special care to avoid yellowing by regular cleaning and glossing.

12. Dark brown, like a mushroom

This season, mushroom brown will dominate fashion. In fact, if they want to change things up without going over the top, all the natural brunettes should be asking for a mushroom brown hair color. Mushroom brown, a neutral tint that combines light and dark brown tones, is an excellent choice. To get this look, the colorist will need to add dimension and tone by painting lowlights and highlights onto a brown ash background.

13. Colors of the Jewel Box

Fantasy hair colors, sometimes known as jewel tones, will also be popular in 2022. There’s no better color palette than jewel tones for the adventurous soul. But what exactly does “jewel-tone hair color” mean?

Fuchsia, emerald, amethyst, and eggplant are just examples of the vivid colors that may be found in jewel-toned hair colors. Every one of them is breathtaking, not to mention currently fashionable. Vivid colors are the hallmark of jewel tones. Keep these points in mind as you search for the perfect combination of fantasy colors to complement your skin tone.

14. Featured in this money article

The money-piece highlight is another popular hair color trend of the season. To emphasize one’s facial features, some people choose to have “money piece highlights” placed along their front hairline. It’s been dubbed “the smallest approach to give maximal highlighted hair” since it requires very little time and resources yet yield very noticeable results.

To emphasize a money piece, it’s common to dye the hair around the face a contrasting color. As a fun way to frame the face and add a subtle shine to the crown area, money piece highlights are a great choice. Most people use it to improve the appearance of their existing color, but the benefits are much greater. Money piece highlights are a quick and easy way to enhance your features, draw attention to your eyes, and give yourself a polished, natural glow.

15. Radiant mahogany

Classy crimson highlights liven up a mahogany complexion in this brunette’s hair and eyes. Since 2021, this style has been a hit with the public and is here to stay. This is a reddish-brown shade that looks stunning when applied to dark hair because it allows the natural color of the brunette to shine through. Before settling into the chair, have a conversation with your colorist about the plethora of sizes and tones available.

16. A flat brown

If you’re on the fence about going blond, a matte brown is a great middle ground. Matte brown can help you take that first, terrifying step toward being daring. One of the many benefits of matte brown is that it complements a wide range of complexion tones. It’s important to consult with your colorist before settling on a final shade and highlight level because there are many different variations of brown.

17. Tones of rosy pink and apricot

Do you recall the year Khloe Kardashian shocked the world by going from brunette to baby pink? Add some peach or pink highlights to your light blonde hair if you want to ease into the world of fantasy hair colors.

18. Flashes of illumination

If you’ve been wearing the same hair color for a while and are ready for a change, bold colors like pink or blue will make a statement. They were introduced as part of a quarantine study but ended up staying. If you don’t want to go all out with a bold color, you can still show some under-hair color when you pull your hair back in a ponytail.

19. Tropez sand

As Kylie Jenner discovered, sand Tropez is the way to go if you’re into multitone blondes. Indeed, sand Tropez has been around for some time and is here to stay. It has the ideal proportions of ash and gold. This coloring method is a masterclass in blending lighter and darker tones of hair color to achieve a realistic sandy and beige color. Get this shade of hair dye to feel like you’re always on vacation.

20. Inverse balayage

Because it is the “opposite” of the balayage (hand coloring) procedure, reverse balayage is one of the lowest-maintenance hair colors. For those with vivid highlights who want a shade that would help their hair grow out more smoothly, a ro

Watch Midnight blue violet black hair tutorial | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the blue balayage on brown hair

Can blue dye be used on brown hair?

If you have brown or black hair, you can use semipermanent blue hair color to add a slight blue tint that will stand out most in direct sunshine.

When can you use blue shampoo again after getting Balayage?

Blue shampoo isn’t necessary until week 3, but feel free to incorporate it into your routine sooner if you’re experiencing a lot of undesirable brassiness.

Was I wondering if your Balayage technique will work on my brown hair?

The answer is yes; you can get a stunning look with balayage highlights on dark hair. Inquiries about the Color Crew are always welcome; we like responding to them.

If you dye your hair blue, how long will the color stay?

Even though black and brown hair are safer, they will nonetheless fade over time. Jesse suggests giving your hair a new coat of color every two months to keep it looking fresh. He suggests a toner and a color-safe shampoo make this process easier.

Too much time with blue shampoo? What could possibly go wrong?

If you keep the blue shampoo on your hair for too long, regardless of whether your hair is damaged or healthy, you may end up with a detectable blue tint instead of just neutralizing the brassy tones.


Any hair dye, permanent or semipermanent, will do the trick if you want to turn your blue hair brown. This means you can skip the bleaching step. But you should hold off on re-dying your hair until you would have done it anyway, as this will result in less blue pigment remaining in your hair. Now, remembering the blue tone you now have can help you obtain a uniform and even brown.

A brown four works best if the blue is really dark. A brown six can be used if the color is a very pale blue. Brown no. 5 is the perfect concealer for any midtown. You may easily get rid of that faerie hue by selecting the appropriate color and shade. There’s a straightforward explanation for why.

The deeper the blue, the darker the brown you’ll need to apply to cover it up completely and achieve a uniform color. It makes no difference how you got your blue hair to begin with. These two choices are your only real options: Browning that doesn’t fade Dyed brown, semipermanent.

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