The ’90s have returned, and with them comes a modern take on one of the decade’s most recognizable hairstyles, the bixie. You have probably already researched the hybrid style, which has been gaining fans since late last year if you have ever felt the need for a dramatic haircut of the type that lobs and bangs can’t quite satisfy.

The bixie haircut, a cross between a bob and a pixie, is a work of art that makes a statement on any head of hair. You can’t help but feel the aesthetic leans coquettish because of all the time Meg Ryan stole the show (her blonde, liberally highlighted bixie cut is the real MVP of You’ve Got Mail).

Given that 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the irreverent close crop (think: wolf cuts and sun bobs), 2022 is the ideal time to chop off lengths in favor of a style that is distinguished not by its length but by its texture, dimension, and individuality. As the temperatures rise this summer, it’s a fantastic way to stay cool (and adorable!).

What is bixie haircut?

The “bixie” haircut is the most talked-about hairstyle of the season, and it has been seen everywhere, from red carpets to street corners. This short, daring cut has been predicted to explode in popularity, and we can see why. It’s possible that the bixie haircut, which falls somewhere between a bob and a pixie, is the shortcut and summer hair refresh you’ve been searching for.

Syd Hayes, a BaByliss ambassador and celebrity session stylist, has said that a bixie haircut is a suitable option for those who are transitioning away from the shag. “It’s also a terrific look for folks who are growing out their bangs or are in-between a bob hairdo and longer.” Unlike the pixie cut, the bixie can be styled with “a stylish, razored fringe and layers with a little 70s flair,” according to Hayes.

This look has been spotted on the runway and is slowly making its way to the red carpet. The bixie haircut is a versatile style that looks well on anyone, whether they are transitioning between hair lengths or just want a new look. Find out what to say to the stylist so you can rock the pixie cut like a pro and other helpful advice here.

Is bixie cut the right haircut for you? 

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with their look frequently, you probably look for fresh ideas for their hair every day. The “bixie” haircut is a new style that is excellent for the bold; just take a look at Florence Pugh, Alexa Demie, and Ciara for examples. Other options are the lob, the pixie, and the buzz cut.

The bixie hairstyle, as the name implies, is a hybrid of the bob and the pixie. New York City hairstylist April Peele described the cut as “shorter than a bob, longer than a pixie, and with the hair off the neck and midface,” according to POPSUGAR. Combining the two trends makes it easier to tailor your look to your features.

It’s also less of a shock to your system if you’ve never had your hair shorter than chin length previously. Clients who want to cut their hair but aren’t ready for the commitment and maintenance of very short hair can find their “sweet spot” with the bixie, as described by Peele. “Or perhaps they desire really short hair but are aware that they are not pixie cut material.”

How to style a bixie haircut? 

Bixie cuts are short, hovering just above the ear, and have tapered ends to reduce bulk and weight for a more streamlined appearance. The pixie cut is characterized by a multitude of layers (whether blended, graded, choppy, short, or long) that break up the overall appearance.

It has the fullness of bob on top and sides and the thinness of bob at the bottom. Bangs are a common feature of bixie cuts. The versatility of this cut is increased with the addition of bangs or shorter front pieces that frame the face. The pixie cut’s adaptability makes it a great choice for ladies of various hair and facial structure kinds. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Ciara, and Kristen Stewart have been spotted recently wearing this trend.

For ’90s flair, try wearing your hair huge and voluminous, sleek and low profile, untidy and tousled, or full of body and waves. A bixie cut can be made your own by experimenting with different kinds and lengths of bangs, such as the side swept, curtain, bottleneck, blunt, and wispy.

A slew of A-listers, including Florence Pugh, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, and others, have been spotted recently sporting this crop. Short hairstyles, such as the bixie, have been trending for a while, but their initial popularity was met with considerable backlash. It was said that ’90s It girls Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore, Meg Ryan, and Cameron Diaz “ruined their looks” by “chopping off their long, lovely locks.”

However, as time goes on, more and more people are cool with women getting “the big chop.” While I understand that trends in beauty and fashion come and go, I’m curious as to why the bixie cut went out of style. The “May I Speak to the Manager?” haircut, as it is sometimes called, is said to have evolved from a more relaxed style.

On the other hand, some might argue that it is perfectly natural for hairstyles to expand and contract as fashion does. In any case, this throwback style is a great option for anyone wishing to trim their hair.

Keep in mind that a bixie is a permanent hairstyle if you’re thinking of getting one in 2022. Even while the look as a whole is meant to evoke a sense of casual cool, there will be some preparation involved. More time and money are spent creating lotions, pomades, and pastes for those with short hair.

Such items will be useful in creating a fragmented yet natural-looking texture. And the best part about this harvest? You can’t possibly wear it incorrectly. Experiment with your hair’s natural texture, and go for a sleek, high-maintenance look by blow-drying it. In other words, if you get a bixie, you may expect to be labeled as “that girl.”

5 important things to consider when getting bixie cut 

A stylist from the 1990s has returned to present a new take on one of that decade’s most recognizable hairstyles: the bixie. The hybrid style has been popular since late last year, and you have probably already looked into it if you have been craving a dramatic haircut of the kind that lobs and bangs can’t quite satisfy. The bixie is a creative hybrid of the bob and the pixie, and it looks well on a wide variety of hair textures.

Moreover, the style leans seductive, though this may just be a result of the numerous Meg Ryan scenes seared into our collective memory (let’s be honest, Meg Ryan’s blonde, liberally highlighted bixie is the real star of You’ve Got Mail). Wolf chops, sun bobs, and other irreverent close-crop styles seem to be all the rage this year.

2022 is the year you cut your hair short and embrace a new style where texture, dimension, and personality take center stage rather than length. What’s more, it’s a fabulous method of maintaining comfort (and style) when the summer heats up.

1. A bixie chop with delicately layered bangs

This pixie ends just below the ears, making it a floaty option for those with fine or straight hair. Having longer bangs allows you to experiment with different looks and adds visual weight to the face. The signature head-hugging contour of the bixie cut is prominent throughout the cut’s supple layers.

2. Bixie cute with a gamine crop

The grown-out pixie (also known as a baby bixie) is a short style that works well with thin to medium hair. Bailey says that if you have thick hair, you can still rock the style, but it’s important to find the right stylist to perform the cut since they’ll need to sculpt away enough weight to make the cut balanced (which will also help with wear if you end up opting for a grow-out).

It’s a lot of work to keep super short haircuts looking good on thick and coarse hair, says Rubenstein. If you’re going for a real shortcut, a light, adaptable volumizing spray (like Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray) will help you maintain some style. If you need to tame a curl, Rubenstein advises blow drying with your hands or a smaller round brush, then finishing with a flexible pomade. One of my favorite waxes is R+Co Continental Glossing Wax.

3. Bixie with a side sweep, a la the 1990s

Bring back the freewheeling spirit of the ’90s with a fluffy, playful pixie cut. With proper layering, you can achieve a full-bodied style that’s flattering on oval, square, and round faces without adding unnecessary weight to the ends. The bangs parted to the side and worn down and over the forehead, giving the impression of an old-fashioned hairstyle.

4. Bixie cut with extra fullness in the crown

The pixie cut’s short layers are perfect for creating a little extra height at the crown. The extra height of this style is especially great for those who have a round or square face since it makes their features appear longer and their overall profile smaller. Bangs should be worn to one side to highlight the sharply angled back and sides. The length that is left down past the nape of the neck is a great touch for a more well-rounded look.

5. Sleek bixie with a side part

You can get a sleeker look with a pixie cut without having to settle for the traditional heavy layering and jagged blending of the style; instead, try opting for a cut with imperceptible layers. This sleek bixie is perfect for oval and square faces thanks to its side part and point-cut invisible layers, which reduce the appearance of length throughout.

Top 20 ways to stun with bixie cut 

Short hair should fall over the ears if you have a round face. Short haircuts are usually simple to achieve with the use of mousse and a hair dryer. When bangs are styled asymmetrically to one side, it makes a round face appear narrower. Raking your fingers through your hair creates vertical lines that give your style an edgier look.

Almost all of the short hairstyles that work well with round faces have A-line profiles, as shown above. The side-swept bangs typical of bobs, pixies, and graduated cuts with a feathery finish help visibly extend a round face. Apply this as a starting point for a simple yet effective short hairstyle.

1. Finger waves with a bixie cut

If you want to look like Viola Davis on a night out, get a pixie cut and have your hairdresser add finger waves. Apply a top-tier hairstyling product for long-lasting results.

2. The iconic bix cut

This is the picture that immediately comes to mind whenever the term “classic bixie hairstyle” is mentioned. This choppy yet stylish cut was seen on Rowland Blanchard at Paris Fashion Week.

3. Pixie with lots of hair

Though somewhat more involved than a traditional pixie, this nevertheless manages to exude an air of enchantment. It exudes an aura of refined sophistication. This style has a timeless quality that belies its modern vibe.

4. Bixie Cut

In need of a short haircut that will turn heads? Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence, ask your stylist to give you a layered cut with a long fringe on one side.

5. Haircuts in the style of the bixie, with bangs

The pixie cut is a great choice for anyone looking for a haircut that emphasizes their eyes and forehead. It complements both short and long bangs, as well as full and sweeping side bangs. You may either go for blunt bangs or add some texture, says Hayes, but it all depends on your face shape.

6. Bossy bixie cut, swept back

Actress Florence Pugh went through a hair makeover, cutting her long hair into a pixie style. In this shot, she’s going for a casual style by slicking back her hair.

7. Deep vein bixie cut for thick hair

Is this the most well-known bixie ever? The pixie cut has been popular for decades, yet the name hasn’t always been used to describe it. In fact, Diana, Princess of Wales, often sported a chic layered cut of around mid-length.

8. Determine the secret card trick

To perform this trick, have a member of the audience select and recall the color of a playing card. The card is returned to the deck and reshuffled. In spite of this, no one is surprised when you pull out your volunteer’s card and know exactly where to look.

9. Bixie cut with waves

Helen Mirren’s bixie hairdo has length at the back, lots of layers through the top, and sweeping bangs at the front. It appears effortless with loose curls that can be recreated using one of the best curling irons.

10. Drooling over the bixie cut

Michelle Williams’s low-maintenance bixie cut is a perfect example. To tame unruly hair, all you need is one of the best hair straighteners.

11. The bixie curl cut

Like both the bob and the pixie, the bixie can be worn short or long. Naomi Campbell, a model, advocates for a long, curly pixie cut by showing how beautiful she looks with one.

12. MTV Bixie cut grunge

Kristen Stewart is the only person I can imagine wearing this edgy bixie haircut successfully. The bangs, which frame the face, are a softer contrast to the edgy roots and airy layers. woman&home We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us, Syd Hayes of BaByliss, Ryan Forsythe of Trevor Sorbie, and Adam Reed of L’Oreal Professionnel.

13. Pixie cut with blunt bangs

These days, ladies with round faces can look their best in a variety of short haircuts, including this pixie style. The short, blunt side-burns draw attention away from the cheeks and into the eyes, making the round face appear more oval. The disheveled top and choppy fringe add just the right amount of volume.

14. Cute pixie style for heavy hair

Curly, fussy hairstyles are not the ideal option for ladies with round faces because they draw attention to your cheeks and accentuate their curves. That’s why this pixie cut is so highly recommended by hairstylists everywhere. A round face will look fantastic with this creative pixie cut and piecey bangs. It generates a sharp, aesthetically pleasing line across the face, softening and refining the overall appearance of the face in the process.

15. A blond nymph with a tangled headband

Women with round faces can always rely on modern high-contrast short haircuts. Create a new look by combining long and short layers and smooth and chaotic finishes. Try a spiky pixie cut and a flattering light ash color if you’re feeling bold.

16. Brown bob haircut with a side part and a tousled style

A side part and bronde color make short haircuts for round features, like the disheveled bob, adorable. Use hairspray to add texture and shape locks with your fingers to achieve a girl-next-door appearance.

17. Chopped-off bob with side pulling bangs

Are you looking forward to a new hairdo? What do you think of this cute shortcut? Your round face will appear longer thanks to your new blonde hair with shadow roots because the top of your face will no longer begin at the hairline. Isn’t it pretty?

18. Short sided pixie with flared earrings

That’s an amazing transformation! If you want to hide the fullness of your lower face and chin, a choppy pixie cut with wispy bangs is the way to go. The sideburns frame your round face, while the layers on top give your new do height and volume.

19. Features of a short, layered cut

Just avoid drawing attention to your cheeks if you want your round face to appear less full. A short, layered haircut is perfect for drawing attention up to the top of the head. Accentuate your outfit with some striking details to make it more eye-catching and on-trend.

20. Short, layered bob ideal for a round face

A haircut with piecey layers is great for thin hair because it makes the hair appear thicker. Having highlights, which are not only visually appealing but also provide the illusion of fuller hair, is also helpful.

Watch Short Pixie Haircut and Hairstyle for women | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the pixie haircut

This is why the A-line bob is the best option for your hair when you leave quarantine?

He describes the A-line bob cut, which is longer up front and shorter in the back, as “effortless and breezy” for a woman who values simplicity. “The cut has a lot of natural motion on the inside, which allows the style to fall effortlessly.”

Tell me about the Bixie cut?

By fusing the two styles, you get the volume of a pixie cut with the length and versatility of a bob. The bixie is a stylish and carefree hybrid of these two cuts.

Stacked haircut is a style that involves stacking?

The stacked bob is a shorter hairstyle popular in the classic 1960s. It gets its name from the way its back is rounded and full-bodied, thanks to the employment of neatly trimmed graduated layers. The adaptability of the stacked bob ensures that it will remain fashionable forever. Bob may be worn at any length, from very short to very long, and it can even have lovely bangs.

Which is more like a bob or a wedge haircut?

To compare and contrast, what characteristics distinguish the bob from the wedge cut? Wedge bobs and stacked bobs are otherwise identical; the only distinction is in the layer thickness. The stacked bob’s layers are longer and smoother, hence the name. Have your hair cut so that it is at least as long as your chin.

What about a Bixie cut for thin hair?

The pixie cut is suitable even for those with thin hair. Hair with soft, lengthy layers appears fuller and has a more lovely texture. Make good use of your hair products, too.


The “bixie” haircut has been seen on and off the red carpet as the most talked-about hairstyle of the season. This short, daring cut is predicted to explode in popularity, and we can see why. The bixie haircut, which sits in between a bob and a pixie, may be the perfect shortcut and seasonal hair change you’ve been searching for.

According to Syd Hayes, BaByliss ambassador and celebrity session stylist, “the bixie is a fantastic move for anyone transitioning away from the shag haircut.” To paraphrase, “it’s also a terrific style for folks who are growing out their bangs or are in-between a bob hairstyle and longer.” As an alternative to a pixie cut, Hayes says the bixie may be styled with “a stylish, razored fringe and layers with a little 70s flair, something that we’re seeing on the runway and seeping into the red carpet, too.”

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