Bleaching and coloring your hair more than once can cause it to become dried out, porous, and overly processed. Hair with this type of texture is notoriously difficult to dye, and when it does, the results are less than desirable. Color molecules cannot be trapped inside the hair shaft when the hair is damaged and porous, so the color bleeds out and fades rapidly when applied to damaged hair.

Ideally, you’d like something to make your porous hair look and feel more manageable while also improving the longevity and saturation of your dye job. Simply using a protein filler for hair will solve all of your problems.

Fixing porosity hair and making the coloring process more even have been made easier thanks to this wonderful solution for some time. The hydrolyzed proteins in a porosity equalizing hair filler adhere to your hair and fill in any holes, resulting in thicker, smoother strands.

What is a protein color filler?

The use of a protein filler prior to the dyeing process is common in order to avoid uneven results and to protect the hair from chemical damage. The neutral version of this product is the most popular and easiest to use, and it is available in a variety of colors. Colorful’s Neutral Protein Filler is the most well-known product in this category.

Porous hair that doesn’t take the color evenly can benefit greatly from this protein filler. For a low price, it’s easy to use if you like to do your coloring at home. Pre-color treatment is the most typical application of this product, especially if you have porous hair. Inconsistent results: Damaged and porous sections of your hair process color too rapidly, resulting in uneven coloring.

In order to provide an equal application of color, protein fillers can be put into your hair prior to your hair-coloring appointment. If your hair has been bleached, this product will help heal some of the damage and protect your hair from further chemical harm when you color it again. If protein fillers are used prior to coloring, they help porosity bleached hair take color more evenly and keep it in for longer.

5 best benefits of using neutral protein filler

You can apply a protein filler treatment to prevent your hair from being damaged. Using protein hair fillers, you can rebuild the linkages in your follicles that have been broken. After you’ve colored your hair, protein hair fillers seal in color with chemicals like protein hydrolysates.

To get the best results from protein fillers, apply the treatment as soon as possible before applying color to the hair. Preparation for chemical procedures, including hair perms and body waves, may benefit from the use of protein fillers. After the coloring or chemical processing, you can use it to fix any harm that was done.

1. Brands

Companies like Colorful Professional, Herbal Extracts Plus, and Nexxus make protein hair fills. Protein hair fillers are usually reasonably priced, with oz. Bottles selling for less than. Hair supply stores and online retailers both sell protein hair fills. Protein hair fillers are available from a number of different manufacturers at Sally Beauty Supply.

2 .Usage

To use the protein hair filler, read the instructions on the package carefully. The majority of the time, you’ll use a pea-sized amount and work your way down the length of your hair with it from root to tip. This product can be left in your hair before dyeing or going through a chemical process. The chemical bonding strength of hair dye can be improved by mixing it with a large number of protein fillers.

3 . Tips

Protein hair fillers can also be used to condition the hair deeply, which is an added benefit of many of them. Dilute the protein filler in water after shampooing. Filler and water should be combined at a 2:1 ratio. You should wait two to five minutes before rinsing with the mixture. Use a spray sprayer to apply protein hair filler more easily.

4. Warning

Don’t overdo it on the protein hair filler when you’re dying your hair. Do not overdo it; otherwise, the mixture will be too fluid for application. Also, be careful to select a protein hair filler that complements the color of your hair. There are some brands that are neutral, but there are others that are tailored to the type of hair color being treated.

5. Recommendations

To get the best results from protein fillers, apply the treatment as soon as possible before applying color to the hair. Preparation for chemical procedures, including hair perms and body waves, may benefit from the use of protein fillers. After the coloring or chemical processing, you can use it to fix any harm that was done.

How to use protein color filler properly?

It’s easy to get your hands on protein filler, which is also known as hair color filler, at most professional beauty supply stores. Corrects hair that is overly porous, green from chlorine pools, and faded at the ends with a protein filler.

To fix a color job gone horribly, you can buy red, blue, and yellow primary colors, as well as clear. Choosing a clear or neutral color will help to balance out your hair’s porosity, which is important for home dye treatments.

Step 1. Proteins play an important role

Every hair product on the market has been infused with “super protein” in order to persuade consumers that the product they are purchasing would aid in the growth of their hair. The issue is… Protein in hair products serves a single purpose: to strengthen your hair through a temporary repair of the hair follicle.

Protein molecules in treatment can strengthen your hair if utilized correctly. Is it going to be hard? Yes. It doesn’t seem to fit. Yes. Even more critical than the application technique is the follow-up care you provide your hair following a protein treatment. Different proteins have different functions (ex: silk, wheat, collagen). One treatment is worse than another. Make sure you do your homework before making a decision.

Step 2. Use protein properly in your haircare regimen

Debunking the Theory of Protein Sensitivity To open the hair follicles, you’ll need to apply heat after you’ve washed and applied a protein treatment to your hair. Strengthening proteins can be bonded to the hair shaft during this period. Hair might become dry and brittle if you use a protein-rich leave-in conditioner or other “surface-treating” product.

Hair that is already brittle and hard is more prone to breakage, which defeats the point of utilizing protein in the first place. And then there’s. It-Will-Stay-That- Before using a moisturizing conditioner to restore the hair to its original softness, this treatment may cause you to believe that your hair is sensitive to protein. Moisture/protein balance is the term for this.

Step 3. Keeping an eye on the weather

A deep moisturizing conditioner may not make your hair feel as soft as it normally does, even after a protein treatment. Within a few days, your protein/moisture balance will return to normal. All you have to do is keep moisturizing your hair on a daily basis. Longer-lasting and better outcomes Adding protein fillers to bleached hair before coloring helps it take the color more evenly and help it last longer.

Results that are consistently the same: No matter how much bleaching or past color buildup has damaged the color, it will still look very near to the color on the box. You can get professional results at home using protein fillers, which make your job easier. The hair’s overall look has improved: In addition to adding shine and volume, protein fillers also fill in hair’s porous ends for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

How to use a neutral protein filler?

Hair is restored to a healthy state by repairing and strengthening the structure of the hair. Towel-dried, unwashed hair should have a generous amount of the product applied from roots to ends. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. Shampoo and condition hair after rinsing thoroughly. It’s important to keep your hair in good condition.

1. One-step protein treatment for damaged hair: Nutress Hair

Deep conditioning hair treatment with protein to repair hair breakage and hydrate dry, damaged hair with the NUTRESS HAIR MOISTURIZING ONE STEP PROTEIN PACK Nutritional protein hair pack treatment from Nutree aims to nourish, protect and improve the health of your scalp.

A one-step application of NATURAL MOISTURIZERS and PROTEIN. Using a product that has both protein and moisturizers ensures that your hair is properly hydrated while the protein strengthens and protects it from breakage and damage. TECHNOLOGY – NuFusion – To only protect and repair where it is most required, prioritized protecting chemicals naturally target the hair and scalp.

Styling alternatives with no buildup are possible thanks to lighter, more effective chemicals. Blend of Nutress Protein and Moisture To repair and remodel hair, a team of highly focused unique proteins works together. Optimum protein and moisture retention are essential for long-term hair resilience, so smoothness, repair, and limited breakage are key goals.

2. Envy your nails with nail envy nail strengthener treatment from OPI, the original Nail Envy treatment

Contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for manicure-ready nails that are longer, stronger, and harder than ever before. Awards: Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2015, Best Beauty Awards 2015 OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener can handle even the most damaged and weak nails! Prepare to have everyone envious of your nails.

As an alternative to NAIL POLISH, all OPI Nail Envy products can also be used as a stand-alone treatment. With a variety of efficient solutions, the OPI Nail Envy series provides targeted nail strengthening treatments. With a product famous for its ability to strengthen natural nails, OPI Nail Envy comes in four neutral shades. With Subscribe and Save, you can ensure that you never run out of your favorite OPI nail product.

3. FOr damaged hair, tgin miracle repairx curl protein reconstructor (cpr) repairs, protects and prevents heat damage.

By restoring hair’s protein content, Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor works to thoroughly cleanse and strengthen hair. Inhibits the buildup of hair and scalp products. Hair protein is replenished to encourage strong, shiny, and supple hair development.

The hair cuticle is smoothed and nourished by this delicate product. Helps to maintain a healthy scalp and promotes hair development. The products do not include parabens, sulfates, or animal testing.

4. Face brightening serum, retinol serum, and hyaluronic acid serum; total skin reset day & night

A trio of skin-improving juggernauts. To brighten, lighten, smooth, and hydrate the skin, apply the Vitamin C Serum first thing in the morning, followed by the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Get your hands on the Retinol Serum in the evening and follow it with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum to combat fine lines and wrinkles, fade age spots, support elasticity, and calm your face’s surface.

They are all dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types and colors. You can feel comfortable about the ingredients they use because they’ve been carefully selected. As soon as you wake up, apply a Vitamin C Serum and then a Hyaluronic Acid Serum on your skin. Apply Retinol Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the evening. For best results, apply 3-5 drops to clean, dry skin on the face, neck, and décolletage.

Retinol makes you more sensitive to the sun, so wear sunscreen every day. To get the best benefits, use a moisturizer after serums. True brilliance is yours for the taking. You can expect nothing less from Tree of Life if you’re looking for pure, effective, and attainable skincare products.

It’s all about quality. Because we’re so confident in our products, we’re offering a 30-day refund policy. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, you can return it and get a full refund.

5. Repairing treatment, olaplex hair perfector 

Hair is restored to a healthy state by repairing and strengthening the structure of the hair. Towel-dried, unwashed hair should have a generous amount of the product applied from roots to ends. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. Shampoo and condition hair after rinsing thoroughly. It’s important to keep your hair in good condition

7 best protein color filler to buy

It’s a little-known fact that protein is required by both your hair and your body. Bleaching your hair is a practice that can cause severe harm to your hair follicles. If you want to repair the damage to your hair, you’ll need to learn about the best hair protein treatments.

To get rid of your natural hair color, bleaching breaks down hair proteins, which damage your hair in the process. Your bleached hair will benefit from protein treatments that nourish and fortify it, returning your hair to its natural state in just a few sessions. Hydrolyzed protein is utilized in this procedure to strengthen and thicken hair while also improving its texture and appearance.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to repair dry and damaged hair. The best protein treatments for bleached hair have been gathered in this article to help you take better care of your hair in general. Find out by scrolling down!

1. Treatment with Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating

Getting a new hair color, whether it’s red or blonde, is a lot of fun. However, you must bleach your hair in order to prepare it for coloring. Nevertheless, what about the lingering effects? Not to worry! Elizavecca CER100’s collagen-infused protein treatment can revive your lackluster tresses.

Ceramides, allantoin, pig collagen, and soy protein extract are used in the formulation. The dermal layer and hair follicles are held together by collagen, while the cuticles are smoothed and shined by ceramides. Added benefits include improved hair texture and damage healing from the nutritious combination of vitamins, minerals, lipids, and low sodium-enriched soy protein. This easy-to-use at-home protein treatment streamlines your hair care routine.


  • Non-oily feel
  • Conditioner for hair
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Frizz is minimized by detangling
  • Increases radiance
  • In a trice
  • Residue-free
  • The aroma is intoxicating.
  • Suitable for dyed hair


  • Expensive

2. Highly Protein Intense Repair Treatment for Extremely Damaged Hair

Does the bleach brigade include you? Hi-Pro-Pac has a powerful protein hair treatment that will keep your shine going strong. In just 2 to 5 minutes, this salon-quality protein hair mask restores your hair’s luster and strength.

Hair breakage can be avoided because it aids in detangling. Hydrolyzed collagen in the composition provides nourishment and strength to your hair, reducing frizz and preventing split ends. The wheat amino acid in the mix gives gloss and smoothness to the finished product.


  • Strengthens the hair
  • Cuticles are softer after using them.
  • adds to the overall volume
  • Repair the ends of your hair.
  • Cruelty-free
  • In a trice
  • Manages hair that is prone to tangling
  • Detangles
  • Nourishing
  • Toxic-free


  • It can cause allergies if it weighs hair down.

3. Treatment for restoring the strength of your bonds

BoldPlex hair protein treatment for bleached hair has arrived. When using this product, your hair will be healthier and stronger because of the bond-repair technology in its scientifically unique mix.

It nourishes and strengthens each strand from the inside out, restoring its natural luster. Besides that, it’s a great way to repair and soften color-treated hair that’s been overworked by heat styling. Aside from that, it strengthens the hair follicles and improves moisture retention, as well as soothing damage caused by styling.


  • Nourishing \sMoisturizes
  • Ties up flyaways
  • Color-safe
  • Paraben-free, Vegan, Mineral oil-free, Phthalate-free, Formaldehyde-free, Sulfate-free, and Budget-friendly


4. Smoothing brush by Nutree professional

You can’t go wrong with Nutree Professional’s protein smoothing brush if your hair is crying out for help. Bleaching damage can be minimized with this product’s potent formulation, which contains natural substances. Improve and strengthen hair with the help of cacao, shea butter, and acai berries.

Long-lasting smoothness and frizz-free hair are two of the benefits of this procedure. Is your nose sensitive to scent? No need to be alarmed! Because of its chemical- and odor-free nature, this product is safe for those with sensitive skin and allergies. It also helps rebuild hair cuticles and preserves moisture, repairing damage for up to two months without weighing it down.


  • Non-greasy
  • Increases radiance
  • Hydrates hair in a matter of minutes
  • Formaldehyde-free \sOdor-free \sAnti-frizz


  • The scalp may become inflamed.

5. SH-RD Protein Cream is the best leave-in treatment

This SH-RD leave-in protein therapy is essential for repairing bleaching damage. With a protein mask, your porosity hair is revitalized, damaged damage is repaired, and gloss is restored.

Hydration is retained in the cuticles thanks to its silk amino acid and hydrolyzed protein complex mix, which seals in moisture and strengthens from the inside out. Vitamins B5 and E, along with rosemary, all help to speed up blood flow to the scalp, which in turn helps to keep hair from falling out and makes it more durable. Hair is protected from UV radiation, heat, and chlorine damage by the formula’s combination of ingredients.


  • Hydrating \sSoftens
  • Static-free \sAnti-frizz
  • Protection from the sun’s rays, heat, and tangling


  • Expensive due to its greasy appearance

6. Botanic Hearth Hair Bond Corrector is the best choice for color-treated hair

Use this hair bond corrector from Botanic Hearth to transform your hair and see the results. A silky sheen is imparted to your dry, damaged, frizzy, or unruly hair, and the strands are revived as a result.

Hydrolyzed keratin protein, aloe vera juice, and pro-vitamin B5 are just a few of the humectants included in the composition. Flyaways are kept at bay with the help of these moisture-sealing substances. By strengthening and nourishing the hair, this hair-repair treatment prevents further damage from occurring.


  • Preventing fizziness is essential.
  • Increases radiance
  • Hair is softer and more manageable after using a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Hair loss can be prevented.
  • Untangles tangles of hair
  • Cruelty-free
  • All hair types are welcome here


  • This fragrance’s overpowering aroma lingers.

7. Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack is the best one-step treatment

Buttress has created an aggressive protein treatment for chemically damaged hair. Hair is softer and more lustrous, thanks to the conditioner’s beneficial conditioning characteristics.

To avoid hair breakage, the moisture-locking composition strengthens and moisturizes your dry hair strands. Using the NuFusion protein combination, your hair is repaired and restructured while also retaining more moisture.


  • Retention of water
  • Stabilizes the hair’s follicles
  • Anti-breakage treatment
  • Extensive physical preparation
  • Protection from microorganisms
  • The texture is smooth and creamy
  • Lightweight \sColor-safe 


  • Expensive

Watch Do you rinse out protein filler before coloring | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the protein color filler

What are some ways to employ protein-colored filler?

Add half the container of protein filler to the hair color mixture and mix to ensure an even distribution of color. Once you’ve finished with your hair, apply the mixture to the ends. For 15 to 20 minutes, apply the mixture to the hair. After that, use water to lather your hair and then rinse well.

Is filler required for protein color?

More than three gradations of light to dark necessitate the use of a Color Filler. When it comes to examples: There is a 5-level change between your present 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde and your desired 5 Light Brown.

Is protein filler bad for hair?

In order to provide an equal application of color, protein fillers can be put into your hair prior to your hair-coloring appointment. In the event that your hair has been severely damaged by bleach, it will be repaired and protected from further chemical harm if you color it again.

Where do I put the protein filling that I buy?

Apply 1-2 ounces to towel-dried hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse is not necessary. As is customary, paint the area as desired in order to stimulate new hair development, mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of hair color into a strand and pull through.

Is it possible that a protein treatment might alter the color of hair?

Using the Two-Step Protein Treatment procedure as a pre-treatment before dyeing your hair is highly recommended. Before coloring, this removes hair porosity, making it easier for the color molecules to stick to the hair and reducing fading of the color.


Curl communities around the world have taken notice of this product, which was originally designed to enhance the longevity of curl formations by repairing previously damaged protein bonds, adding body and volume, and balancing porosity along the hair’s length, despite the fact that it is an excellent pre- and post-color care treatment.

Make sure to keep your hair well-hydrated in order to keep your curls in good shape, especially for those with drier hair. In the event, your curls are drooping or lacking “muscle,” a protein treatment or regular addition of protein to your hair’s diet may be beneficial.

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