Mullet Mohawks were a common haircut in the early 20th century, but they date back to the rural era. A landmark of the 1980s punk rock scene. The trend returned in the 1990s, this time with an athletic spin because so many football players were wearing them. Whether you love it or detest it, there is no denying the timeless appeal of the look. The Mohawk mullet, a hairstyle popular in the 20th century, is another option for those seeking a punk rock persona.

The mullet is a short-front, short sides haircut popular among men. And it’s kept long in the back and middle. You probably comb or style your hair such that it falls somewhere in the center of your head. After that, it will drape down your back.

There isn’t much to it. Instead of elongating the front and rear, you would maintain the sides low. The punk rock appearance is achieved by growing one’s hair. After that, you can do whatever you want with your Mohawk mullet hairstyle, whether it’s braids, beads, curls, or anything at all. The hair on your head is your blank canvas.

What is mullet?

Let’s back up and answer the million dollar question first. A mullet is. Well, what is it? A mullet haircut is characterized by short front and rear hair and longer sides and back. Although mullet haircuts can vary greatly in terms of their specifics, they always share the characteristic of having a lengthy back and sides. The mullet style of hair is popular among both men and women.

However, men are more likely to have one. Despite popular belief, the Beastie Boys are responsible for giving the mullet its current name. They are the Beastie Boys, no doubt. There’s no need on your part to accept our word for it. The multi-platinum alternative rap trio is credited as the forerunners, with their pioneering lyrics even being included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

How to style mohawk on a mullet? 

The modern mullet still features a mix of short and long hair, although the length differences are less extreme than they once were. The rear and crown of the head can be kept longer while the top and sides are kept shorter. Also, if your hair is naturally thick, wavy, or curly and you want to try this look, the shorter lengths around the front can make it much more manageable.

Even if your hair is thin or straight, you may achieve this style with the help of a texturizing paste like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste. Have we mentioned how well it brings out cheekbones and lengthens a round face? Avoid the over-styled look of yesteryear by maintaining a modest length at the crown (just above the nape of the neck).

Color, texture, and/or contrast from a faux hawk or a severe fade can all be used to give your mullet a one-of-a-kind look. See? It’s not so crazy to consider sporting a mullet these days, is it? There should be less fluffing and more edge in punk music. 

Is mullet hairstyle in trending now?

We have collected a list of the top mullet haircuts to give you some ideas. Check out these trendy mullet cuts for both short and long hair to get the perfect style for you! The mullet is a popular men’s haircut in which the top and back are longer than the sides and front. The current mullet, while the traditional style may have originated the trend, has become a popular haircut among barbers everywhere.

The mullet fade is an updated version of a timeless hairstyle, providing a new and adaptable aesthetic. Any man can find success in experimenting with a high, medium, or low fade. Having a skin, bald, burst, or taper fade cut from your barber can further refine your look. You can try something daring like an undercut or buzz cut.

The mullet is versatile enough to look nice with a mohawk, fake hawk, slick back, or comb over. With its long tail and short sides and back, the modern mullet is a trendy men’s haircut. The foundation of the modern mullet is a fade or undercut, while the hair on top can be anywhere from short to medium in length. 

Is mohawk hair style ever coming back?

In Dorchester, Boston, my son and I have a home just two blocks from where a subway line terminates. People of all different backgrounds and ethnicities live in our area. The variety and nuance of haircuts we can witness in a single day is quite astounding. About a year ago, I wasn’t shocked when my son requested if he could get a mohawk cut into his hair.

African-American women are sporting various iterations of the mohawk; first-generation Irish American boys with shaved sides and gelled-up tops; black men sporting locks or braids intricately twisted up along the top of their heads; young men of West African descent sporting detailed designs shaved on the sides and short locks on top; young Vietnamese Americans sporting cut and styled hair. Instead of looking like our Persian and Italian ancestors, my kid and I look more like our Scottish-Irish and German ones.

What is the best way to wear a mullet?

There were several new fashion trends we anticipated coming, including loungewear and home dresses, that emerged when everyone was quarantined for most of last year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Some of these trends we saw coming, like the comeback of the mullet, while others we were not so prepared for.

This newfound popularity of once-forgotten iconshairstylesmade famous by anti-establishment rock musicians and athletes of the ’80s and ’90s is making a strong comeback. Probably because having long hair and playing around with different styles gave us something to do while we were confined.

Below, we explain the ins and outs of this current hairstyle craze, including how to give yourself a modern mullet. For most people, the term “mullet” immediately conjures up images of Billy Ray Cyrus and his iconic mullet hairstyle. While the most recognizable company in the trend of wearing a conservative front and a raucous, colorful back. 

The modern mullet, with its longer back and shorter top, is becoming increasingly popular. In comparison to its extreme versions of the ’80s and ’90s, today’s mullet is much more subtle. Each and every person can feel comfortable donning the updated version. There is less of a transition from short to long hair, and the sides are lengthened.

Today’s mullet is more about styling than the hair itself. With the sides slicked back, it’s easy to see, but untidy; it could pass for long hair. Let’s examine the steps you’ll need to take to join the mullet movement of today. Long hair is a prerequisite. Hair needs to be at a respectable length for optimum performance.

You can’t achieve the authentic mullet look by just skipping the back with the razor. The first step is long hair the whole way around in order to shape it. Decide on the type of mulletwhat it is that you’d like to accomplish. 

A classic, long mullet is sure to get people’s attention if you’re trying for maximum shock value. Closely cropped or shaved on the sides and long and flowing in the back is probably what you want. But it’s the least versatile. Have an idea of how long you want the back and how drastic you want the sides to look in comparison. Make an appointment with a barber or hairstylist.

If you’re going for a drastic mullet, you can likely DIY. Cut it shorter on top and sides till it’s to your liking. Leave it to the experts if you want one of the season’s most popular mullets, of which there is a long list below. You need scissors to get a current mullet haircut, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you should probably not get one. Give that mullet some style. Using a beach hair spray on damp hair and then messing it up with your fingers as it dries will give you the greatest textured mullet possible. 

Second and third-day mullets are the most popular, however, third-day hair, so you can skip washing it every day. To prevent oily hair in between washes, try using dry shampoo. To achieve a specific look, use a pomade for short hair to the front and work it into place, or use a firm hold gel to achieve a spiky appearance. Lauren Knox, the regional master trainer for Davines, puts it succinctly: “the more disheveled and messier, the better,” she says of hairstyles for women. It must not appear overly fancy.

20 best mohawk mullet hairstyles for men 

The mullet was a popular men’s haircut in the 1980s and has since become a cultural symbol. Even while the short in front, long in back haircut has been the subject of some ridicule, it is making a comeback.

The mullet, with its distinctive silhouette and carefree air, has recently gained popularity among football players, musicians, and fashionistas. When it comes to the mullet, it’s all business up front and bash in the rear. Men that aren’t scared to stand out and don’t take themselves too seriously will look great with this cut. Plus, it’s a style that works for a wide range of facial shapes and looks great on almost everyone.

1. To cut a long story short a mullet

As a low-maintenance and elegant alternative to the traditional mullet, the short mullet is an attractive men’s haircut. A short mullet haircut is characterized by shorter hair all over the head, with the sides tapered or undercut. The most typical kind of this shortcut is perfect for guys with any type of hair, including straight, thick, wavy, or curly. Use a sturdy styling product, like pomade, to ensure that your hairstyle lasts all day.

2. These Days’ Mullet

The short sides and back of a modern mullet for men make them easy to style in a hurry. The mullet can be taken to the next level with a perm if your hair is straight, to begin with. Because of this, the appearance will have more depth and substance.

3.Blonde Mullet, Mod and Cool

The temples are faded so the tattoo can stand out, the fringe on the forehead is reminiscent of the French crop, and the tossed-over shirt only improves the look. The next best thing is the pocky-stranded mullet, which manages to be both throwback and hipster.

4. Medium Length, Slightly Wavy Strands

Curls, especially when styled in this slightly touseled but otherwise short and tapered manner, are a great way to add a dash of cool to any look. Similar to a mullet, this cut features faded temples to counteract the heavy density in the back.

5. The Iconic Mullet of Yesteryear

This is a modern take on the traditional male style of the 1970s and 1980s. To pull it all together, the top is given a mixture of curls, while the sides are left longer without any taper or fade. Because of its length and rough quality, the mullet steals the stage.

6. In a Mullet-Fade

The mullet fade is a new hairstyle for men who value convenience and simplicity. The mullet fade haircut is characterized by a short back and sides that contrast with longer hair on top. You may get the best haircut for your style by requesting a low, medium, or high fade from your barber. Gentlemen can take a look one step further by including a skin, drop, burst, or taper fade into their hairstyle. The mullet is a versatile hairstyle that looks great with short or long hair, and both short and lengthy fades.

7. In a Mullet-Fade

One trendy option is the “burst fade” mullet, which contrasts short sides with a longer top. The burst fade haircut, which is popular with both short and long hair, tapers around the ear and drops down the back to the neckline. This faded style is a popular alternative to completely shaving the sides of your head if you want the mohawk look of a mullet. The mullet haircut combined with a high fade can give you an edgy appearance.

8. Scalp Fade Out Mullet

Hair that is medium length or longer on top and in the back creates a young, flowing effect in the long mullet. The long hair mullet is more time-consuming to manage, but it may give men a really fashionable and attention-grabbing look. You can wear this longer men’s haircut with a taper or undercut on the sides and a texturizing product for a natural look and feel.

9. Long, Wavy Hair

The mullet style looks great on curly hair. The curl’s inherent volume and bounce help to smooth out the abrupt front-to-back length difference. By leaving your hair long in the back, you can show off your curls without drawing attention away from your beautiful face. If your style is reminiscent of the 1970s or 1980s, this outfit is a great choice for you. It will make you feel like a retro rock star or a leading man from a classic Hollywood film.

10. Lineup Mullet

Put your stamp on your mullet by painting or drawing on it. If you already have a fade on the sides and back, a lineup is a classic choice that can create a striking contrast between your long and short hair. If you’re in the mood to let loose, talk to your barber about getting a more complex design etched into your temples. Think geometric shapes, minimalist lines, or perhaps something three-dimensional.

11. Mullet with Straight Hair

Straight hair mullets are the most typical kind since they are simple to achieve with scissors. Although it can be brushed to the side, slicked back, or styled sloppy, the straight mullet is at its most attractive when left unaltered and in its natural state. Men with straight hair can look dashing and modern with a fade or undercut, with short or medium hair on top and longer hair in the back. To get the desired fullness and thickness, use a matte cream or wax.

12. Elegant Mullet

The country boy mullet is an attractive haircut for guys because of its textured cut and contemporary vibe. In the United States, especially in the South, the mullet is still very much in style. It’s a laid-back look that works well for both casual and dressy occasions.

13. In a Mullet-Fade

Having a faded hairstyle is a terrific compliment to a mullet. It not only updates the style but also makes upkeep easier. Because the top and rear are now front and center, you need only apply a small amount of texturizing product there.

14. Mullet Hairdo

Some of the most typical examples of the mullet fade are curled mullets. Still, if your hair is straight, a mullet perm is your salvation. It stands out as strong and distinct by itself. So, you need only massage a texturizing product into the curls to emphasize the texture. Moreover, it’s possible to achieve an androgynous look with this cut.

15. Mullet-like Haircuts

The shaggy mullet is a hybrid of the mullet and the shag. Hair gains volume as it is ruffled and fluffed up. A modern shag mullet is an excellent option for folks with fine, limp hair.

16. A Blonde Highlighted Tossed Mullet

The key to this low-maintenance mullet is the thick, full hair that is used to create the characteristic tousled style. The edginess is amplified by the fact that the contrast of black and blonde is so typically “hipster.” And, last, that beard stubble is useful.

17. A Mullet with a Short Top

Of course, we’re familiar with “log top” and “short sides,” but the addition of a mullet in the back is a bold statement. The top color is what differentiates flat hair from spiked hair. Therefore it’s a good example of how to merge old and current styles. The volume is kept constant by a little taper at the side.

18. Confucian Moptop

When done right, the Asian mullet is a trendy haircut in Korea. This mullet hairstyle is hip and current since it typically contains a fade or undercut on the sides and short to medium-length hair on top. This hairstyle works well on Asian guys who exude confidence and charisma.

19. Haircut The Asian Mullet

A wavy mullet is a great option for guys who desire a trendy new cut. The mullet haircut is a layered cut with a little shaping for those with curly or wavy hair. The addition of waves to your mullet gives you a distinctive look that others won’t be able to replicate. Use a matte substance, like clay or sea salt spray, to get beachy waves with a soft finish.

20. Curly, unkempt, and long the mullet.

Mohawk mullets are a new hairstyle for badass dudes who want to make a statement with their hair. The mohawk mullet is a versatile and sensual hairstyle that can be worn either spiked up or to the side for a daring look.

Even while some men enjoy trying out new styles like undercuts or buzz cuts, the mohawk mullet fade is the standard for today’s gentleman. You can receive a high, medium, or low fade when getting a taper haircut. In contrast to the sloppy appearance of a low or medium drop fade, the high skin fade will get you very close to the definitive mohawk. Use a textured hair product to hold your hair in place all day long.

People also ask questions and answers related to the mohawk mullet

To what extent are mohawks and mullets dissimilar in terms of hairstyle?

Both of these cuts have a longer center part and shorter side bangs or fringe. In contrast to the mullet, the tail on a mohawk is notably shorter. In contrast, the hair on top of a mullet’s head is shorter than that of a mohawk.

Why do people get a mullet cut?

Whether one identified as a yuppie, punk, jock, or biker, the mullet was a common hairstyle. It shouted, “Hey, look at me,” a message usually conveyed by displays of fun and flamboyance.

The origin of the term “mullet”

Although Homer may have been the first to write about mullets when he portrayed the Abrantes, a clan of spearmen, in The Iliad as having “their forelocks trimmed, hair grew long at the backs,” the name “mullet” wasn’t officially coined until 1994, according to the Beastie Boys song “Mullet Head.”

Can you tell me how long it takes for a mullet to develop?

That’s a question only you can answer, as the length of time it takes to grow your hair out depends on your individual rate of hair development. In spite of this, a mullet takes at least six months to grow on the average person.

Which person responsible for the mullet’s widespread popularity?

The Oxford English Dictionary states that American hip-hop group the Beastie Boys “apparently coined, and certainly popularized” the term “mullet” to describe this hairstyle when they used the terms “mullet” and “mullet head” as epithets in their 1994 song “Mullet Head,” which together described the haircut.


The mullet haircut, popular among men in the 1990s, is seeing a major renaissance in popularity. But this time, it looks like it’s here to stay. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered what men’s haircuts with medium length actually look like. Below, you’ll find all you need to know about mullets, including how to successfully sport one without looking dated.

The hair is short on top and in the front, but it is long in the back, making this a hybrid medium-length hairstyle for men. The mullet’s distinctive form lends itself to a pithy definition: “all business up front, all party in the back.” The mullet haircut, popular in the 1990s, is making a comeback and shows no signs of going away. The trend, which was initially adopted by athletes and celebrities as a statement against the fashions of the day, has since entered the mainstream. In contrast, today’s mullet cuts have a shorter top and long sides and back.

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